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When all that's desired is to do good in a cruel World with so little power, what measures might be taken to create change? Afflicted by something more than just psychosis, one rogue hero seeks a path of getting that power to help people in need. Henle's getting rougher by the day and it's starting to look like Bast isn't the only problem on the streets. In the end, it all comes down to Frameshift.

Parts of this tie into my main project, though they're only minor things that are neither particularly easy to find nor important to the plot. In context of the main story, however, anything you might feel is left unexplained can be understood from the information coming to a CYS near you sometime in the sort-of-near future.

Thanks to all of those who patiently helped me as I stumbled around the merciless World of scripting, especially BradinDvorak.

hAha sozry, 4 eny m¡§keš this my fist storey pleas   r8 ni5ely!!1







NOTES: The sick, twisted experiments of a mad scientist on the Advanced Editor, executed in a state-of-the-art underground laboratory. Stopping at nothing, he seeks to push the poor piece of lovingly crafted code to it's brutal limits. Test subject #23 shows promise, he says, though it will inevitably be discarded. He broke the other 22. Will nothing sate his thirst until perfection? We can only hope the Advanced Editor makes it out without too many scars: be they emotional, computational, or physical...

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To Kill a Mocking Writer

Azbaz looked around as 50,000 strips of mercilessly shredded egos danced in the wind, caressing his horrified face between flecks of blood raining from the searing sky. That was when he realised the World was Godless... No God could ever will such a brutal World. In that single point of insanity, just as his laughter rose to a terrifying crescendo amid the piles of bodies, he heard his calling to become one with savagery, and he liked it.
Bit grandiose.
Inside the sealed vaults of these pages lie my bordering-on-abusive notes about stories. My notepad doesn't like being as full as it already is and started threatening to send letters the NWRC (Notepad Working Rights Committee) the other day. We all know what they're like.Within, I explore both the amazing and the abysmal in search of the sweet taste of any hot, salty tears I can squeeze out of the each miserable author who's spent a measly hour 'writing' a 'story' barely worth being the obituary to their shortly approaching demise.

(While 'nice' pushes it a bit and is positively the most boring word in all of description ever, I do actually try to be fair.)

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A Question Of Time. on 3/16/2018 5:49:56 PM
You say "weird" as if you didn't bastardise our precious language with an odd obsession with 'z's and not nearly enough 'u's. Oh yeah, and saying aluminium like aluminum. Hang on, let me make that comprehensible: 'bastardize'. Funnily enough, I did try it with a 'k' first, before realising it looks wrong and that my mind is slowly being polluted by this site.

A Question Of Time. on 3/16/2018 1:29:19 PM
I'm always sceptical when someone uses the phrase 'social experiment'.

Public Libraries on 3/15/2018 3:25:06 PM
Waterstones is so dope

RIP Stephen Hawking on 3/14/2018 6:22:45 AM
Take down that profile picture then!

Anyway to change "My Inventory" color? on 3/12/2018 3:02:08 PM
Yeah I was planning to: just need to follow it through myself to make sure it works and cut it down/try to make it more foolproof first. E: Oh yeah, and work out how to do the whole inventory toggle thing.

Anyway to change "My Inventory" color? on 3/12/2018 2:57:44 PM
Just in case anyone else is interested:

Text in purple indicates what you should swap out for your own specific names, descriptions, etc. Moving on to the breakdown:

1) Create a variable called 'ANYITEM', as well as 'HASITEM' variables (swapping ITEM for the actual item name you want). Also, create 'USEITEM' variables for each item you want and an 'ITEMFAIL' variable. If you really want to personalise your game, you can even create ITEMFAIL variables for each item so you can customise what the text says at the bottom of the page when the player uses an item on a page they aren't supposed to where it has no effect. I love little bits of polish like that but they take ages so fair enough if you just want one ITEMFAIL.

2) Copy and paste this sexy bit of script into your global page:

# BD's Dank Greedy Toggle Function that he kindly gave me $PAGETEXT := "" + $PAGETEXT

# Inventory Heading IF %ANYITEM >= 1 THEN $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "



# Descriptions IF %HASITEM1 = 1 THEN $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + ""



This is an example and needs personalising to work. I have included 3 trial items into the code, but more can be added. Firstly, onto Inventory customisation: To change the font or colour of the 'Inventory' text, or even what the text says, go to the inventory heading subtitle (#Inventory Heading, near top) and you can add things like Inventory

Don't know how familiar you are with HTML, but you'd need to put it within the font tag, just next to the font size. E.g: IF %ANYITEM >= 1 THEN $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "


...would give you a red font. I won't go into font family as it's easy to look up, but it's implementable in the same way. Save the script for now and close.

3) Create a new page in your story, title it 'LINKS' and set up a link from the first page to this new page. On the LINKS page, set up a link for 'Pick up ITEM' for each item, with the destination leading to the page you actually pick up the item. Go into the link script for each link and copy and paste:


...changing the ITEM to the actual name of the item you want to pick up (you get the idea by now).

4) If you have a page where you want an item/items to be picked up, open it up. If not, create one. For identification's sake, I will call this the "ITEM PICKUP PAGE". I'm going to assume all items can be picked up on the same page because it's easier, but the same steps can be followed for different pages.

Copy and paste this at the bottom of the page:

%%HASITEM1%=%0% %%%%HASITEM2%=%0% %%

Just to show you how two items would string together if you could get two on a page- hopefully you know about one page scripting with all the %%VARIABLE%=%1%Blah blah%%%%VARIABLE%=%2%other blah%% stuff. Copy and past for however many items you want on that page, correcting the item names. Don't delete the spaces- they're important.

5) Go into you storygame preview, click onto the LINKS page, and right click somewhere on the page. Go into 'view source page' like a legit hacker (I've seen Die Hard 5, I know what that shit's about), then press ctrl+F and type in the link description for your first item's 'pick up ITEM' link. You should now be looking at something like this:

Pick up ITEM

Copy that number in the middle- 631 in this case. Go back into the ITEM PICKUP PAGE and paste that to replace 'NUMBER. You can now pick up the item in the story viewer and toggle it in the inventory.

6) To create a 'USE ITEM' link, make a link on the LINKS page, doesn't matter where it links to, and copy and paste the following code into the link script:


...changing the numbers as explained in the script. If you're only using one ITEMFAIL variable, skip to the next step. If not, obviously you'll need to change the variable name in the script to whichever specific variable corresponds to that particular item's use.

7) In the page script of the page you can use an item on, copy and paste:

IF %ITEMFAIL := 1 $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "That item cannot be used here."

You can personalise the message and do the same thing in step 6 if using more than one ITEMFAIL variable.

Also, in EVERY link leading to a page that an item can be used on, you must put in the copy and paste this into the link scipt(s):


Again, go into the story viewer>LINKS page>right click>View page source. ctrl+F and type in the use item link description, copy the whole line of code this time (looks something like this: Use ITEM), go to the global page and paste to replace where the respective 'ITEM LINK(S) HERE' is. Then change all the couple quotation marks (") in that line of script to single ones (').

You can now use items. You can alter the use item link script in the LINKS page to do anything you wish the item to do. You can create 'drop item' links etc. in a similar way.

8) Almost there! Now you just have to rinse and repeat for each item (it gets alot easier once you have all your items and their links done and all their script in the global page, I promise). So for each new item you have to copy a button. General formula is:


BUT, you need to change the number next to "para" to correspond one above the last number, so it goes 'para1, para2, para3...' for the button scripts in ITEM1, ITEM2, and ITEM3. I've already done this for the first three, but you need to continue doing this if you want to add items.

Next, copy and paste a description script for the added item. General formula is:


Again, change the number next to "para" so it matches the number for the button of that item, this time there are two "para"s yo need to change.

And, of course, you'll need to set up 'pick up item' links and 'use item' links for each one in the LINKS page and use the script shown above. To enable the player to use an item on more than one page, just add to the script in the 'use item' links in a similar way shown: using the page ID to adjudicate where the player should be sent and what variables should be changed (always change the 'USEITEM' variable to 0 though).

Anyway to change "My Inventory" color? on 3/11/2018 4:46:08 PM
I can give you all the code to copy and paste and a breakdown of what to do. Yes, I probably will get around to making an article for this, and explaining it to you would be fairly useful for making that article actually.

I can show you a very rough-around-the-edges version of the one I'm working on. Test Storygame. Click on this and go to the purple link (ignore the red one, I was going to use that but realised it would take ages to change the links all over again to my updated version).

Try out the 'Pick up ITEM' links and see what you think of the item system. This isn't how it will actually look- in my WIP you just click on pictures to pick up items, not ugly links. You can insert images, but mine are empty as I'm still creating images for my items.

If you're interested, just send a PM my way and I'll see what I can do.

Like I say, can't take much credit for this- most of the code is stolen from/kindly helped by Zikara/BD.

E: Added a 'Pick up all items' link in red. Little buggy but gives you an idea of what an inventory with multiple items would look like. Thought I'd mention the whole look can still be polished a lot, and of course you could toggle the whole inventory on page like it does with the item descriptions if you want.

Anyway to change "My Inventory" color? on 3/11/2018 4:25:24 PM
E: Nm saw your other post above

Organization for Variables on 3/11/2018 10:45:11 AM
Oh right, thank you. I'd seen that it still saved script without problems if you make script with variables not created yet but I assumed it wouldn't actually be able to run the code.

Organization for Variables on 3/11/2018 10:23:08 AM
Good shout. Whenever I have to create a load I start using "ZNAME" or "ZZNAME" etc. for all those shitty, weedy variables that check for one thing once, but it would be useful.