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The Outbreak: Early Stages

The Outbreak: Early stages is the first game in the Outbreak series about a U.S. Lieutenant Colonel trying to prevent the disease from spreading but will he choose to fight for his country or escape to his family. The choice is yours to make. Any act will determine the fate of your squad.

 This is my first story on the site, so enjoy

Federal bureau

Play as a gas station owner that was dragged into a federal bureau mess. You must travel to various locations around the globe, help agent Burkley recover his stolen goods and solve a plot that could potentially end the world as we know it.


A mystery game about another human race that responds to a distress signal from Earth. A race that has been to earth before. They are trying to figure out what happened to the earth humans.

The Slenderman

A story that will determine whether you survive a massacre or not and maybe even find out who you are

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