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Greetings mortal. So you wish to know about Chaelruz the Shadow Prince? Very well then, I am He Who Lurks in the Shadows. I am the Remnant of Darkness. I am the Writer of Edgy Profile Descriptions.

Anywho, if for some strange reason, you feel compelled to message me, go for it. I don't mind PMs at all and am just here to keep in touch with some old friends. I don't really intend to get terribly involved here, but I might post some writing every now and then for feedback's sake.

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An Account of my Religious Trip on 6/20/2018 12:56:20 PM

Thank you. I'm not currently working on any storygames, but I'm giving a fantasy novel a go. The premise starts with "what if a world was ruled by a deity who did not normally interfere but was incapable of forgiving even the smallest of sins?" and the plot centers on humanity (specifically a few characters) trying to survive the onslaught of a new species that the deity created to brutally replace humanity.

An Account of my Religious Trip on 6/19/2018 12:34:26 PM

Perhaps it could. I'd just have to figure out what choices the readers would get to make and how to balance description with invoking the audience's imagination.

An Account of my Religious Trip on 6/19/2018 4:23:26 AM

The following is completely factual.

On Saturday, we set out from our homes. After flying to a distant land, we drove deep into the mountains and arrived at the compound. What was left of the day was spent settling in, having dinner, and learning what we were to do. Sadly, there was no Kool-Aid.

One thing I noticed about the compound right away were the defenses. Though the locals were friendly to our cause, the compound was surrounded by thick, concrete walls topped with razor wire. The doors to the buildings in which we would sleep were heavy and made of metal. All the windows also had metal bars as well. Then, there were the precautions. A guard and an alarm were present, but we were told to keep our doors closed at night and to stay inside until 4:30AM. At first, I wondered what all the security measures were for, but later on in the week, one of the elders told tales of children snatched away in the night.

On Sunday, we partook in worship with some locals sympathetic to our cause. Most of us did not understand the service as it was in the strange and alien tongue of a fallen empire. Even I who have studied the language for years only understood bits and pieces. We then had lunch before descending from the mountains to do what we had come to do. For three days, we did God's work. The work was quite satisfying and we ate like kings. I remember on the third day, we were served a special kind of sausage that the locals make. I was told it was pork, but it tasted like no other pork I've ever had and when someone asked what part of the pig it was from, the elders laughed.

When the three days were done, we retreated to the mountains away from prying eyes and returned to the compound. Wednesday night, when we got back to the compound, I did not sleep well. As I tried to sleep, the women in the compound kept making all manner of infernal racket. Once the women finally quieted down, something began to scratch at the door to where I slept. I was awake and alert for a good while but eventually, I managed to sleep through sheer exhaustion and the notion that whatever was on the other side of the door could not get in.

On Thursday, we awoke, had breakfast and partook in worship once more. After that, we split into three groups. A handful of us dreamed of world conquest and the second group went to educate the children inside the compound. As for the third group, I didn't pay them too much attention, so I can't say what they were up to. Once all that was done, we had new responsibilities. My responsibilities primarily consisted of retrieving certain items that  had almost been lost.

The rest of the day was spent in merriment and leisure ending with us consuming the blood and body of the one true God in order to display our allegiance. There was little done after that, but a few of us stayed up trying to devise ways to make the world our own. That night, the beast came again to scratch at the door. I paid it less mind than before as I knew the scratching would amount to nothing. It was only when the scratching changed and it sounded as if the beast was trying to figure out how to open the door that I was somewhat unnerved.

Friday morning, some of the others discussed hearing screams and the sound of alarms during the night. I vaguely recalled alarms and a sound like an animal in pain, but I didn't hear any screams and all our number were accounted for. After breakfast, we journeyed to the jungle and split into groups to venture in. Deep inside, we soared amongst the trees before seeking the leaves that bleed. About half of my group returned with hands stained red. Perhaps what we did that left our hands stained was wrong, but it simply had to be done. The opportunity was just too good to pass up.

Nothing of note occurred after that. We went to a hotel closer to the airport in preparation for the return home rather than return to the compound and the beast. On Saturday, we headed home, resolving to continue serving our God. I had a great time and look forward to next year. I'll have to remember to bring the Kool-Aid myself as it seems they simply do not have it in that distant land.