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Rangers of Lindenvale OR the Assassins of Dunkirk on 7/17/2017 7:16:54 PM

That's some great advice everyone thanks! Perhaps I'm being a little too ambitious. I'll write out an intro that is more of an action scene / introduction to your character. Then maybe dial back the scope for some smaller, character establishing stories that will lead up to a much bigger one.

Rangers of Lindenvale OR the Assassins of Dunkirk on 7/16/2017 9:32:57 PM

Hey guys! 

So as promised, I am posting my introduction to the Rangers of Lindenvale OR the Assassins of Dunkirk. The reason I say or is because I don't know who I want to "Chronicle" (hehehe) first. The general idea is an ancient feud between kingdoms is going to erupt once again into a great war. So you're either a ranger from Lindenvale or an Assassin from Dunkirk for this first story. You'll be in the middle of it all of course. 

So what I'm looking for is which story you find more interesting. And any feedback you can think of / any ideas you have for the story. Read the intro below.


The Rangers of Lindenvale or the Assassins of Dunkirk

A Story by Chronicle


Description: Four kingdoms have ruled over the known world for as long as anyone can remember. It consists of three continents surrounded by ocean and a great mountain called Dunkirk that lies in the middle. The large continent that lies west of Dunkirk houses the Kingdoms of Aurelay and Lindenvale. To the north on a large mountainous island you’ll find the United Clans of Udenvale. Finally to the south lies the mysterious Kingdom of Faurenheim.


The kingdom of Aurelay is a land of honorable men, proper women, fine wine and summer festivals of great renown. They value tradition above all else, holding tournaments every so often, with a royal family as old as the land itself. Once the military might of the land, the noblemen and women of Aurelay have grown complacent in their superiority and now find themselves threatened by their old enemies in Faurenheim once again.


Lindenvale also resides on the western continent. A mostly flat country with a large farming population. Lindenvale relies heavily on Aurelay for protection ever since the Great War. In exchange for that protection, Lindenvale provides food to Aurelay. Some say the King and Queen of Lindenvale are puppet monarchs. Others believe they have the struck the perfect deal in the face of a larger, stronger neighbor. Despite the fact that they rely on Aurelay for protection, Lindenvale has a deadly covert unit called the “Rangers of Lindenvale”. They are said to be as skilled as a knight, as well read as a scholar, and as nimble as an assassin.


The united clans of Udenvael are found due north. Their lands are nestled between tall pines, grand mountains and cold winds. Full of fighting men and women, these clans vote on the line of succession and often the vote falls in favor of who they consider the strongest. Currently the honor of the strongest clansman is actually a woman. High queen Ingrid Ulfric is as beautiful as she is vicious. Some say she is the reincarnation of their wolven god Yolt. The united clans have been in conflict with all of the kingdoms, but especially Aurelay. Lately they have been raiding Lindenvale, who hasn’t recovered from their losses in this post war period.


Look to the South and you’ll find the Kindgom of Faurenheim. Once a major threat to even Aurelay, Faurenheim waged a great war to conquer the four kingdoms. History will tell you that an alliance of between Undenvale, Aurelay, and Lindenvale was what eventually stopped Fuarenheim’s advance. But the current monarchs know better. They look to the solitary mountain in the center of world. Where a series of small keeps dot the rocky crags. They know that Faurenheim fell due to two major factors. Yes, the first was the grand alliance that saw even the wild northerners take up arms. The second…a series of well-timed assassinations, vicious rumors, poisoned food supplies and general mayhem put in motion by the mysterious group that calls Dunkirk home. Now, years of they incited the Great War, Faurenheim is nearly ready to strike again.

Your story begins in (Lindenvale or Dunkirk).

Hello All! on 7/16/2017 9:17:21 PM

I'm Chronicle, 

I've always wanted to make a choose your own story game. So I am working on my first one! Any tips or just a hello would be welcome! I'm going to post my introduction to my story for you guys to read and give feedback. Looking forward to the long road ahead to crafting this story and getting to know you all.