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GEDs on 1/7/2017 1:29:01 PM

That is generally what I've learned.

GEDs on 1/7/2017 3:07:46 AM

Jesus Christ, did I just write all that because I thought I needed to represent my reasons for getting a GED? I think I need to get some sleep...

GEDs on 1/7/2017 3:06:06 AM

But that's not entirely accurate. In my case I was in a position of either completing my diploma at around 20 or 21 and getting a job at a fast food place, or quitting and getting a job at a fast food place and then getting a GED and by the time as 21 getting into the police force.

I wouldn't have had to have quit early if my parents didn't decide to put me into christian private school that equates memorizing the bible and being near godly nice to fellow students to math and science. That was middle school and I got held back two years then kicked out because of it. Lets just say my parents didn't think putting was a good idea anymore. So then 9th grade comes along and I'm 17 going on 18 in a few months, and I'm supposed to be in 11th grade, so I think "fuck it, I'm not planning to go to college so why not quit while I'm ahead". And so I did, and I'm glad because it.

GEDs on 1/7/2017 2:43:06 AM

Most definitely

GEDs on 1/7/2017 2:42:45 AM

Having a GED doesn't prevent you from going to college. Might prevent you from going to good one, but if you want to go to good college and become a doctor or a lawyer, caring about GEDs really wouldn't matter.

But the question I was asking was about why we have a stigma against GEDs in the first place.

Didn't mean to come off as an 15 year old edge lord who hates school "cause it sucks!!1!".

I'm coming from this as a 19 year old guy in between jobs, who happens to be studying to get a GED.

GEDs on 1/7/2017 2:36:50 AM

No I just like this username better really.

GEDs on 1/7/2017 2:00:46 AM

Obtaining a diploma or a GED?

From my experience of high school theres only one two kinds of work ethic, the kind that makes one go and get a part time job, and the one to get straight C+'s so as not to annoy your parents about how shitty high school is.

Edit: i bad at spelwng

GEDs on 1/7/2017 1:47:55 AM

I've never truly understood the amount of distrust it comes with. Why does sitting in public school (or private depending on the school) doing practically jackshit just to coast by and get a HS diploma, mean more than actively pursuing and obtaining an optional high school equivalency degree.

Just me wondering.