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Hi. I'm boring. You can probably just skip over this profile if you're looking for interesting profiles to read. There's also a lot of links, but they aren't properly hyperlinked because I don't like the basic text editor and I seem to be editing this profile thing often. The only one you really need to look at is this one - - because that's true of pretty much every story I have. XD 


Made my profile pic myself. It's a nurse from Silent Hill. I've never played the game, but I was offered an art trade with a really awesome artist and this was my end of it. 

If you're more curious about my art,

I have commissions open. *shrugs*
(I'd be down for a trade of some sort too. You write a short story of some characters, and I'll draw you a picture.) 

I also have an interactive ask-blog story set up. Everything's already planned out, all the story, all the little bits of characterization, and all the worldbuilding from magic to history and mythology to governments. As time goes on, a plot will play out, and you can send in asks to find out about things that happened in the past as well.

I'm a jack of all trades, master of one.


Just A Doll

It's hard seeing the one you love descend into madness.

Alchemy Brothers

This takes place a little before the comic I'm making called Alchemy Brothers. Hence the name of the story game. (There's not much to the comic yet. It's really quite pathetic so far. I'll link it when there's something decent to it.)

Anyway, there's some minor fourth wall breakage, skeletons and monsters with magic hats and gloves and science/technology, good vs bad, all that.

If you just click through without using your items, I'm afraid it's going to be a bit more on the linear side. More than half of the story is accessible only be using Energy Manipulation in different ways on different pages. There are 9 possible endings. 1 without using Energy Manipulation at all. 

~There is some eye-killing changed coloured text. 
~1st person present tense

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Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/15/2018 7:05:49 PM

F, and then if there's enough time, D 

New Trophy Winners on 1/15/2018 12:12:27 AM

Guess I'll have to wait another 3 years. XD 

Congrats to those who got it though! 

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/14/2018 7:33:36 PM

D. but make sure to plunge the knife in a spot where he'll die instantly. We don't want him screaming. 

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/12/2018 9:13:30 PM


Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/11/2018 10:18:09 PM

A, and have Archie grab the hatchet. I don't want earl with his hands on that thing. If archie won't take it himself, then F. Just as long as earl doesn't get his hands on it. Or helen.

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/10/2018 10:28:36 PM

B. and explain that the point is to escape right now. If they come out and pose a bigger threat by not killing them, then go ahead and kill them. Until they become a threat however, they should be left alone. 

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/9/2018 7:58:29 PM


(if I remember correctly, that lead to the other side with the staircase. It's an alternate escape route in case they butcher the guard stealth thing. If I'm incorrect, then A.) 

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/8/2018 10:03:02 PM


Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 1/8/2018 3:00:30 AM

We're going to need more reinforcements, it's a tie again.

Order restructuring on 1/8/2018 2:12:34 AM

I second this. 
There's something similar on another site I've been to, and that happens monthly. I don't think this site is quite populated enough for that frequently though. Maybe every 6 months? That would give enough time for an order to start to clearly pull ahead of the rest, but not so long that we're in our current predicament. Checking the news and updates, it seems that the commendations and such have been around for roughly a year, and with the sages so far ahead I think that a yearly basis for the randomization would be a bit too long. 

Maybe a bonus 10-15 points or something to all the members in the order that's in first place when it gets randomized again. Something to have people start nagging other people in their order to get to work doing something.