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This place seems cool. Although in all likely hood, I'll prolly have all these fabulous ideas for storygames, and get like ten pages, and then get overwhelmed/lose motivation and be a forum attention whore no one wants around. Comics are more my style. Those I can totally do easy. But I figure I might as well try something new. Anyway.


Made my profile pic myself. Whatever it is at the moment, it's prolly an oc or bastardized fandom oc mutant thing, where it's only loosely based off something like Undertale or Off. Most likely an oc though. If you're curious about them for whatever reason, feel free to message me.

If you're more curious about my art,

I also have an interactive ask-blog story set up. Everything's already planned out, all the story, all the little bits of characterization, and all the worldbuilding from magic to history and mythology to governments. As time goes on, a plot will play out, and you can send in asks to find out about things that happened in the past as well.

I'm a jack of all trades, master of none.


Alchemy Brothers

This takes place a little before the comic I'm making called Alchemy Brothers. Hence the name of the story game. (There's not much to the comic yet. It's really quite pathetic so far. I'll link it when there's something decent to it.)

Anyway, there's some minor fourth wall breakage, skeletons and monsters with magic hats and gloves and science/technology, good vs bad, all that.

If you just click through without using your items, I'm afraid it's going to be a bit more on the linear side. More than half of the story is accessible only be using Energy Manipulation in different ways on different pages. There are 9 possible endings. 1 without using Energy Manipulation at all. 

~There is some eye-killing changed coloured text. 
~1st person present tense

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Morgan's All Purpose Argument Thread on 11/18/2017 3:02:09 PM

Mostly their conclusion are that while there is a difference, it's still a new enough field of study that they can't pinpoint the exact locations of that difference. Commonly, there are children who say that they don't feel like their sex, before even being exposed to what transgender is.




Do You Read User Profiles? on 11/18/2017 12:07:48 PM


Do You Read User Profiles? on 11/18/2017 12:06:16 PM

Wow, after seeing how many people check out user profiles, I suddenly feel very self conscious. I thought it was a thing that almost no one did. 

Morgan's All Purpose Argument Thread on 11/7/2017 8:20:17 PM

I hadn't thought of single occupancy. Which is kinda stupid on my part. That does sound ideal. 

If under certain circumstances someone with a dick could enter the woman's restroom, that undermines any sense of safety. So while trans women might feel a bit safer, quite a few of the cis woman would feel quite a bit less safe, because it presents the opportunity for some bastard to abuse the loophole. There aren't any security cameras allowed in bathrooms, which presents the opportunity for a lot of not-so-great things to occur. I'm arguing for the feeling of safety for as many people as possible. 

EndMaster’s Inclusive Story Contest on 11/7/2017 7:44:34 PM

A) Even if it's not in time for the contest, I'll be doing a lot with this universe. I've been planning things out with it for months, including 31 characters, governing system, animal life, a little bit into mythology, how exactly things work and how anomalies can be explained or created, genetics pertaining to magic and the restrictions on magic, my own system of alchemy including said magic.  

B) Why not? They/them is awkward, xe/xir automatically sets some people off, and she/her when there's not boobs present also sets people off. He/him is the easiest way for the fact that everyone is the same sex to be presented without it turning it into a major freakout. It's supposed to be a minor detail, just a part of the world and something you realize as the story goes on. 

Later on in the story, in the comic section of it, they'll be traveling to a connected universe. Everyone has their double - if one dies, the other does. Same personality, same soul. The beings in world one eat/drink/etc and require magic to keep together but don't actually have systems to process food or create magic. They're hollow transparent people or skeletons. Beings in world two have the systems to process food, but the world they're on is toxic so their energy comes from world one, and they produce magical energy which world one uses. There's a lot of codependency between the two, that being the most simple example. Whereas world one has all he/him pronouns, world two has all she/her. Still no squishy bits of either sex though.

Obviously, completely other universes won't have the same language as we do. So what we're seeing of the story is more of a translated version of what's happening, and there's always a little complications in translations. There's only one pronoun that exists in either universe. I could have had both be entirely male, or both entirely female. But that would've been boring.  

EndMaster’s Inclusive Story Contest on 11/7/2017 1:10:38 AM

Does it count as gay if the entire world is? 
I mean, technically there's no dick/boobs/squishy bits for anyone, and it's simply he/him pronouns for everyone. Skeletons, glass-like people / solid ghost-like people. 
Souls bond, and sometimes upon separation another piece splits off and grows like an egg, collecting and gathering surrounding elements to form a basic body over the course of several weeks.

Morgan's All Purpose Argument Thread on 11/7/2017 12:45:23 AM

A cis man who's been raped also has to use the mens bathroom, there isn't any avoidance of dicks for the people who have them when it comes to bathrooms. In this case, there should be another 'safe' spot. What that would be, I do not know.  For a trans woman, if she's undergone surgeries to remove said dick, should be just fine in the womans restroom. You could argue that because a man can't feel safe in a bathroom, women shouldn't have that luxury over men. But honestly, I think there should be as many safe spots for as many people as possible, even if it's something small as restroom. We'll just have to figure out other safe spots to include in buildings for other people that are as common as restrooms. 

Morgan's All Purpose Argument Thread on 11/6/2017 2:49:36 PM

Further elaborate your question? Not sure I understood it right. 

I did mention most sentences. There many where using they//them is natural. But if I'm talking about one particular person in a group, they/them can get very confusing rather fast as to whether I'm just talking about that person or the group as a whole. Or talking about a specific singular person, the use of they/them when telling a story may make it confusing as to whether there were other people there or not.

 If someone does not introduce themselves as something else, then I will assume it is cis, because that is most common and normally a safe assumption, and when they correct me I'll continue with what they want to be called. And I've met people who get offended that I'd have to ask about their gender when it should be obvious, and people who start ranting at me when using gender neutral pronouns when they haven't told me their pronouns. So yes, I do assume gender, but I'm not doing it to be a jackass, and I'll easily change what I call people if they want me to. 


Morgan's All Purpose Argument Thread on 11/6/2017 2:09:25 AM

I'm a bit late to the party. Wups. 

Anyway, vaguely scanned through the thread. Pretty long, wow. Mostly replying to this, and also replying to the OP/what owl was ninjaing in, and then some additional ramble. 

Some things should be separated by gender, others by sex. I believe they're two separate things for a reason. 

I know people who've been sexually abused, and for the born-female the bathrooms are their safe spots. A no-dick zone. I mean, if someone was going to rape them, they probably wouldn't give a damn about bathroom signs. I imagine it's like being afraid of the dark, even when you're in an area that you know is safe like your house. Just a distinct feeling of fear, or with the bathroom, of safety. For those with multiple bathrooms in their home, they aren't separated by sex because you already feel safe in your own home and there's no need for it. Not entirely sure if it's the same for male bathrooms. Dunno if that can be a safe spot for dudes. 
There are those who absolutely loath what they're born as, and the repeated reminder of that in things like bathrooms can be demoralizing. I can see perhaps adding a neutral bathroom in addition to male and female, or perhaps separating it by no-dick, and then dick-or-no-dick for the other. 

If it pertains to your genitals, it should be separated by sex. There's several different things that pertain the sex specifically, and doesn't matter what your gender is. 

If it's anything else, it shouldn't really matter at all. If you're applying for a job as a clerk or something, the only reason why something asking about gender should be there is so they know what to refer to you as, and it should be a fill-in-the-blank rather than a box to check because that'd be more than just male or female. Otherwise it's as relevant as asking what your favorite genre of music is. 

I personally don't care what people call me. He, she, that one person. Whatever you wanna say. If you ask me directly about it, I'll say I'm cis-gender, but that's mostly because it's the easiest answer. I honestly don't give a damn.
They/them pronouns irk me a little in most sentences because of grammar, so most of the time I'll ask if I can call them xe/xir as an alternative gender neutral instead. I'll use they/them if they're adamant about that specifically though. Not that big of a deal. 

I know 2 transgender, 3 gender neutral, and a few undecided peeps irl. Pretty cool people. 

Rick and Morty on 10/4/2017 10:58:28 PM

My favorite part about the show is the subtle characterization. I don't really get most of the references or jokes, but the characterization and things you don't see in most shows is interesting. There's a quite a bit of subtleness if you look for it. Seems like the two ends of extreme simultaneously. 

Generally the part of the episodes that focus on people like jerry are predictable and stereotypical - everything turns out alright, things are fixed, it all gets better. Whereas the ones involving rick and/or morty tend to be more complicated and questions morality or makes plain some of the stupid stuff that's in place irl that no one really thinks of, and there's always something wrong, something that just leaves an off feeling that'd different from what you get with the normal happy endings.

*spoilers* There's a lot of subtle hints and clues that foreshadow things too. On the evil morty episode going through ricks memories, there's a baby morty. Morty's 14. And rick's been gone from the family for 20 years. Therefor, rick couldn't have seen this morty as a baby, and unless that was a complete accident, that means there's going to be something about rick's first morty, or a past morty. And that the show doesn't follow the same set of rick and morty - I'm pretty sure there's at least 3 different sets of ricks and mortys the show has followed. The episode with Mr Poopy Butthole, as stupid as the name sounds, and then the one where somehow Jerry comes along and he's left at jerry daycare. The number on the tickets in the beginning is c-136 I believe? Whereas the normal set the show follows is c-137. Those probably aren't the only ones. It just plays around with a lot of concepts and things you don't see in other shows.

I also have a hunch that maybe evil morty is doofus rick's morty.