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This place seems cool. Although in all likely hood, I'll prolly have all these fabulous ideas for storygames, and get like ten pages, and then get overwhelmed/lose motivation and be a forum attention whore no one wants around. Comics are more my style. Those I can totally do easy. But I figure I might as well try something new. 
Made my profile pic myself. Whatever it is at the moment, it's prolly an oc or bastardized fandom oc mutant thing, where it's only loosely based off something like Undertale or Off. Most likely an oc though. If you're curious about them for whatever reason, feel free to message me. 


Alchemy Brothers

This takes place a little before the comic I'm making called Alchemy Brothers. Hence the name of the story game. (There's not much to the comic yet. It's really quite pathetic so far. I'll link it when there's something decent to it.)

Anyway, there's some minor fourth wall breakage, skeletons and monsters with magic hats and gloves and science/technology, good vs bad, all that.

If you just click through without using your items, I'm afraid it's going to be a bit more on the linear side. More than half of the story is accessible only be using Energy Manipulation in different ways on different pages. There are 9 possible endings. 1 without using Energy Manipulation at all. 

~There is some eye-killing changed coloured text. 
~1st person present tense

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Contest SHAME 4: SHAME SHAME Pants City! on 9/17/2017 12:11:45 AM

Glad I'm not the only one. 
I only had about 2 more pages for something that could possibly pass as an entry. So close, and yet so far away. 
I guess I'll never be dueling again. XD 

$ITEMSTATE on 9/12/2017 2:47:57 PM

I want to make it so that when you use an item, you cannot access it again until you get to the next page. 
I tried putting on the link back to the story from the item '$ITEMSTATE01 := 0 ' where the item being used was item01, and it came up with a service error. Take that out of the 'back to story' link, and it works just fine again. 
I tried having the link back to the page from the item add a point to a throwaway variable, and then in global script if the varible = 1 then itemstate01 = 0, but it was still on the page when after using the item when I went to go test it out. 
(on global link, I have IF $CHAPTERID != 2 THEN  BEGIN  $ITEMSTATE01 := 1 END , where chapter 2 is where all the item pages outside of the story itself resides, so it'll stay missing for pages attached to the item, but come back when you move on with the story.)

One, curious as to why $ITEMSTATE01 := 0 causes a service error when you're exiting the said item. Or why neither of the things I tried worked in general.
Two, I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to let me know if there was a way to do this and how. 

2017, year of watery doom on 9/11/2017 3:38:19 AM

Dude surfing Irma like a suicidal idiot

And a plane flies with passengers between the arm and the main body of the hurricane. 
untilstarsfall:“ dickslapthestate:“ keepitmovinshawty:“ aheartmadeofkyber:“ So Delta flight 302 flew in to San Juan, picked up passengers, and threaded one arm of Irma on the way out. The pilot basically said “hold my beer” and took on a...


Variable Page? Help! on 9/11/2017 1:05:51 AM

On the variable itself you can have it 'show on all pages' which means it'll just hang out at the bottom of every page. 
Or if you don't want to do that, create an Item. Let it be picked up on the first page. For the page you set for it to go to, have %%HEALTH%% %%INTELLIGENCE%% (or whatever the variables are called), and it will show the current values for those variables where you have it set on the page.

Fun stuff on 9/5/2017 3:36:11 AM

So my step-brother has been living with my grandparents for a while now. Registered adult, should be getting his own place, but hasn't. He got pissed at my blind grandfather for some reason and decked him, and threatened him with a knife. Normally I live right there in the same town, ya know, easy to get there and at least attempt to help somehow. But this had to happen while I was on vacation 8 hours away. Right before I even got to the hotel. So I was stressed the whole trip. He got arrested, my step dad went to court for him, and now he needs a place to stay since he can't stay there anymore. So what happens? Naturally, my family offers him a place here!
In my house.
I don't want him to be out in the streets, especially with all the smoke and ash and all that, but I would rather he wasn't in my house either. Hopefully he isn't here longer than 6 months while we find him a group home or something. And of course, there's already the stress of school starting up again, and worrying about family who lives in Houston. 

Ooooooon the upside, it's my birthday? Went to an amusement park with my family a couple states over in order to escape the smoke here, only for more wildfires to start over there so when we got there the smoke was worse than it was at home. It was pretty cool regardless. I must admit, I am a bit of a screamer when it comes to the high intensity roller coasters. 
My friend is freakin' amazing and decided to do an animatic based on a couple of my characters for my birthday using this song. I can't stop grinning when I think about that. ^_^ 

Teal Deer - My life is shit (though not as shitty as it could be, which I'm thankful for) and I'm having fun anyway. So screw you life. Bpppppt.

Scripting this time! on 9/4/2017 3:21:59 AM

IF %WEIU > 1 THEN $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "My hand..."
ELSE IF %WEIU > 1 THEN $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT  + "I quickly ... "
ELSE $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "I don't have ...."

If I'm understanding this correctly, this should work, yes?

Scripting this time! on 9/3/2017 12:29:01 AM

IF %STR = 2 THEN IF %WEI = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "My hand..." 
IF %STR = 2 THEN IF %PRE = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I hit ..." 
IF %STR = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I hit a person..." 
IF %PSP = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I quickly..." 
ELSE IF %PSP = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I don't have..."

I tried it the first way you suggested, tried to the one mentioned above. Tried altering it a bit myself to see if maybe you'd just stopped halfway through. No matter what I do though, I don't get the text for anything other than if psp, str, and wei = 2. 

Scripting this time! on 9/2/2017 12:21:30 AM

Well, yes. I realized that. Like I said - "I won't be doing ALL combos, as that'd be ridiculous, but a few here and there to spice things up would be nice." And there prolly won't be anything more than maybe half a handful that depend on 3 variables. All the ones that depend on just 1 will be there. Quite a few that depend on 2, but not all combos. And there's also groupings, if you're using the attributes associated with the right glove (strength, speed, etc), then you can't use any that are associated with the left glove (mental abilities, willpower), or any with the hat (miscellaneous, elemental) So there's a group of 5, 3, and 5 that you can mix around with and combine with itself, but not the other groupings. 

Alright, that was a lot simpler then I thought it'd be. Didn't realize you could stack 'ELSE' like that. Thank you. ^_^ You're a life saver. 

Scripting this time! on 9/1/2017 2:16:45 PM

I do have that on a page. When you do what you're explicitly told not to do, and one of the only non-hero endings. (small sample)

I say, starting off softer and increasing to a shout.  
%%STRU%>%1%With that I jerk free of his grip and hit with a flat palm to his sternum, leaving him breathless. %%%%PREU%>%1%I keep my hand flat as I chop at a specific point in his right shoulder that dislocates it and his skeletal arm crashes to the ground. He retrieves it and uses it as a shield against another blow before putting it back on.%%%%BALU%>%1%I then hook my foot behind his knee and push, his height setting him off balance and letting him crash to the floor as I stay upright. He struggles to his feet. %%%%PSPU%>%1%My foot is blindingly fast and I land a kick, then a third and a fourth. %%

This is the most fluid I could have that way. If you look, no matter what combination you get, it does make sense. No random starting words that might've connected to something else that isn't there. This is also a lesser fight, where what your stats are don't affect anything at all besides the words on the page. For the big main fight, I wanted to go fancy. Different combinations mean different courses of action, and the injuries from those actions are still present in the epilogue, including hospital fees or going to court because of the various people you've seriously injured.  


Scripting this time! on 9/1/2017 2:03:13 PM

I have a couple pages where I just have on-page variables, but for energies that'd stack or affect one another, I found it rather limited and stunted. If this ends up being too terribly complex (I have 13 of these attribute variables to work with, different combinations. I won't be doing ALL combos, as that'd be ridiculous, but a few here and there to spice things up would be nice. If it's too complex, I'll have to stick with on-page stunted text and wait for this until after the contest.) This would be an example of what I'd have, if this code were to have been able to work.

IF %PSP = 2 THEN IF %STR = 2 THEN IF %WEI = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "My hand is blindingly fast as I swing hard, catching a person in the chest with enough force to knock the wind out of him and send him tumbling backwards, knocking over another two people. The weight behind the hit might've been enough to fracture his sternum, and I worry about him. My intent is to keep them away from the person with me, not send them to the hospital. I'm distracted by my worry, and I feel a blinding pain as someone lands a left hook to my jaw."

IF %PSP = 2 THEN IF %STR = 2 THEN IF %PRE = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I hit the same spot on a person's chest rapidly with enough force to set him off balance and take a couple steps back out of my immediate fighting range. A different person takes their place."

IF %PSP = 2 THEN IF %STR = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I hit a person hard and fast, but my hits aren't very concentrated. It does damage though, and although he seems determined, it appears he'll withdraw soon." 

IF %WEI = 2 THEN IF %PSP = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I quickly place my hands on someones shoulders and jump, bearing all my increased weight on those points, knocking them off balance and they start to fall. Before I loose my balance as well, I quickly extend my legs to the ground again and let go. It'll keep people from coming from that direction for a moment, but I'll have to deal with him again later as I turn my attention to someone else in the mob."

IF %PSP = 2 THEN $PAGETEXT:= $PAGETEXT + "I don't have force to put behind my hits, nor really much precision. I try my best to aim for soft spots that temorarily take them out of the fight, but they'll ultimately be just fine and coming back. I'm mostly just conserving my energy for a longer fight until Ammon comes to help me fend off the mob trying to lynch my newfound friend whom I don't know their name yet. Or perhaps if he doesn't come, I can outlast the mob and when they've drained their own energy stores we can skedaddle outta here."