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It sucks when someone irl finds your profile

Backseat modding Anthem

I herby make myself a backseat mod.

Because my opinion makes it just.

I know the rules.

Don't have the power.

But you bet I kiss that ass by the hour.

If you cross me, then I'll fucks thee.

I'll try to take you down, to raise my respek up .2 points.

I am a backseat modder. 

I am almighty.

Maybe some day I'll get a personal Trophy

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It's you and her against the world.

Entry for Endmasters Romance contest.

Down the Chimney he will come with a great big smile! You help ghosts with their problems. That's most of the story. Please leave which ghosts you helped in the comments.

Lonely boy

Just a short story on the thoughts of a lonely kid. May add another act to it but just wanted to get the beginning out.

Also please leave the first ending you got ^_^ .


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown." H.P Lovecraft

​It's going to take reading most of the paths to get the full story.

Special thanks to temporaryaccount for beta reading.


If you hate playing as a bad guy, then your probably going to hate playing this story.

This planet is your playground, they are your legion.

Colonists are due to arrive on your new home soon! So prepare with what you're given and the circumstances that you're put under.

Own slaves, be a pirate, be a native savage, be a guerilla fighter that's bloodthirsty for colonists , or take them down from within.

As long as you're a master over someone then you've technically won. 


Also I'm sorry if you're salty about the grammar but I worked to the last minute of the deadline for this one so didn't have anytime at all for revision. I'll unpublish this and work on it some more afterwards.

Entry for the December contest with the prompt: Villain protagonist terrorizing a space colony on an alien planet. 


Paths are set in different time periods of the town.

I'll make this into a full story someday.

Entry for December contest.

Inspired by French Revolution.


later use

Boiling point

End it.

Bound by Fear

Crowd Pleaser
Dead People

Cystian High: Under the Motto

this took a lot of fucking lurking

Dead of the West
Zombies bitch

Eyes and Hands
There's a new student in your school. Leave the first Ending you received in the comments please.

Fallen Hero


Can one truly be neutral and Emotionless?

A expirement I guess.

Guild Drama

Based on my experiences in MMO Guilds.
May make this into a mini series

It's Da sound of da Police!

Literature Club

Doki Doki Fanfiction


Take a moment and sit with me

Marks of Evil

Everyone dies in the end.


Going to to try to experiment with crossing over Metro and the Divsion.

Running Free

Don't get lost in the woods.

Salt and Oak

So one day I was thinking back when I used to play Roblox and would roleplay the shit out of the servers.


One such server involved ships and the Sea




apoc rising 


after the flash

apartment life.  Robber

battle of Gettysburg


mining voxels down

lumberjack tycoon 

survival islands griefing with fire

zombie island rescue with help from aircraft carrier

zombie city, Survive infected until train comes

Solem for the Dead

Let's go on adventure

Spongebob Squarepants

Did this while taking a load.

Sticky fingers

You can't wipe whats already stained. Heavy Inspiration from 500 days of Summer.


Oh yea, this isn't a love story.

The Four Realms

lol Ebon

The Gender Game

Pick your Gender or Sexuality.

Warning:Highly Offensive and Graphic Material.

Up Again

There was a story of a hero who had traveled the lands and helped those in need. Now though time has passed and he has gone missing.

Find him.




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Digits awsome story on 9/11/2018 6:17:40 PM
Stop bullying me, I tried very hard on that attempt. Anyway here’s my second one, I hope you all choke on it. The sandy deserts have been said to spread on for miles and miles beyond what the eye could see atop one of the tallest dunes. One could walk for hours, maybe even days and never have the chance of finding actual civilization. Only those seasoned with traversing these lands with experience would be able to enter and leave unschathed. The countless bones of the deceased who were unfortunate enough to run out of water or other provisions, could be found now and then by the occasional traveler. There were even entire caravan wreckages that could be found, attacked by desperate stragglers or bandits looking for quick coin with the valuable goods those caravans would carry. The deserts, in themselves held hundreds, maybe even thousands of travelers at any given time of the day. One would ask why anyone would willingly travel those deserts when the the odds were usually stacked against their favor. The reason for this was the two kingdoms that bordered each side of the desert. It was these two kingdoms that were vastly different from one another, in the way they ran their governments and in the way they treated their people. On one side you had the Kingdom of Getan. Rich in wealth, but divided heavily in wage gaps, this was the place in which you either lived in absolute luxury, or were condemned to a life of enteral squalor. Government officials were recommended of course by the wealthy, so laws and edicts passed were always in their favor. The poor served their purpose, forever assigned to servitude and heavy labor duties, though those assignments themselves were the very backbone of the solid economy that Getan was able to Boast with. On the side of the desert, was the Kingdom of Jereis. Usually one could dispute and argue on whether a kingdom was truly fair or not when it came to governing its citizens. Fair was a understatement though when it came to the righteous lands of Jereis. Laws and Edicts were taken to the word for almost every case, and the punishments for breaking such rules would lead to severe punishments in which this Kingdom had a such a reputation for. Hangings were common, trials by combat even more so. In a kingdom that was once ravaged by anarchy and bandits, it took one solid and dutiful man to clench his fist over what he could, with his legacy defining the future of what Jereis would eventually become. Getting into a official position was fair, but the process was rigorous and thorough. Countless recommendations were needed, and a spotless reputation needed to be maintained. The Black Guard kept heavy eyes for signs of corruption or fraud, anyone found executing such a vile acts would be sent to the Red Palace. No one ever saw the bodies dead or alive, of anyone sentenced into the Red Palace once they were to enter. Crime was almost non existent, the Black Guard handled almost all matters, whether it be a petty dispute all the way up to acts of high treason. Comparing the process of entering the Black Guard compared to gaining a official office was almost night and day. No one knows who exactly is on the Black Guard, with their vow to never shed their identities or remove their masks and cowls. Life as a average citizen was both filled with hard labor, but also with immense freedom. Workers for whatever branch or section they worked in needed to fill a quota. Failing to meet the quotas led to reprimandation, and sometimes a change in profession. The cog in which Jereis ran on couldn’t be hampered by inefficiency from its citizens. There was almost no surplus in money, the wage gap of the citizens was almost non existence, which the Jereis government didn’t mind at all. The reason for this was simple. If anyone in in Jereis were to ever make enough wealth to be able to flaunt at their own expense, then they would immediately pack their bags and move to Getan, in hopes of having more freedom and power with their higher class. Renegades, bandits and all the other scum that found a way to delay their inevitable execution in Jereis would also flee to Getan, or even just the deserts themselves if they were desperate enough. The Black Guard had no jurisdiction past the lands of Jereis, though it’s not like they really cared or wanted it anyway. Those were grew tired from the never ending poverty of Getan would try and cross the deserts in order to get to the lands of Jereis, for a better chance of stability and freedom. So, with the the refugees, merchants, bandits, and common travelers all sharing the desert for its ancient roads, there’s no reason in why there wouldn’t be a influx of voyagers. One such Voyager was Hannah, and her Earthen Rock companion Brutus. Hannah has long since traveled these deserts back and forth as a mercenary with her companion. A native from a foreign land far away from is region, she now could call the deserts her home if she wanted too, save for the occasional inn visit at each kingdom. A look at her face one could see a young, eager looking individual who took her contracts to heart, and saw them through to the end. It wasn’t even the money that she was after, the obvious answer to anyone was just the fun of adventuring, though she herself would never admit this for a odd reason. Though her companion never seemed to mind the danger that she put him through, though rumors about the duo bring up slavery and such ill topics, the duo were very much the best of comrades. Even with the deserts taking away her forearm when she was still just a new blood, she still roams as a regular. On the search for new adventure and connections to be made and severed. This was the story of one such adventure. p.s. im gay

Digits awsome story on 9/11/2018 10:48:34 AM
Once there was whale. The majestic whale swam very majestically. So majestically that all the townspeople watched it with awe. The whale sadly though did not swim forever. The townspeople had to eat the majestic whale, or else they would starve. The End. @mizal Ok you can let me out now.