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Playing on steam, coding in Unity, buffing up for future navy enlistment, bout nothing else.

Extraordinary Reader is a thing? Which soccer mom gave out that award.

I despise weeb fags over anything else.

I have a graveyard right here.  Of the people that are absent. This is merely so I don't forget these people

James Croker- That fox dude

Applegirl- Inspiration to Weeb story makers everywhere

Kiel- We all know where kiel went

Charaxes- Totally wasn't a Alt

CastleLover- Loved Castles

Morgan- Rant Master 

JamesCroker- That fox dude

GMBcarat- Made the first modern CYS illustration

Hayesa- Lost track of his Alts, hes still around prob

DerpBacon- Loved RP's and was uber cynical

3173v5- Worst name ever

Delta- Hes gonna come back

Lupa- Plz come back

Ronhill- Would rather have sex with Garret then Triss 



Active list

ZackHero- Made him cry from total defeat in rap battle

Seto-  You'll lose those points someday

Mizal- Fav Prff Rader 

Bucky- Trump would call his contests rigged

Steve- Jelly of his features

Ford- Your snapchat stories are wack

End- Never can figure out which path in your stories you yourself would choose

Malk- biggest weeb ever

Brad- Sell coding lessons already

Mason- most changed in highschool award

Sent- Never does TL:DR but we all enjoy those paragraph rants

Tim-Hes TIm

Chris- We need to finish that story

Killa- Why 7/11 instead of Circle K

Will- Made Educatment fun

Briar- Give us some more gladiators already

Betaband- Man of a few words


Color coded cuz Im a dirty bean

Blood is thick.

So is Heroin.

My gambling addiction will the death of me.


ill usually be playing CSGO or Guild Wars 2 to get my gaming fetish relinquished


Backseat modding Anthem

I herby make myself a backseat mod.

Because my opinion makes it just.

I know the rules.

Don't have the power.

But you bet I kiss that ass by the hour.

If you cross me, then I'll fucks thee.

I'll try to take you down, to raise my respek up .2 points.

I am a backseat modder. 

I am almighty.

Maybe some day I'll get a personal Trophy

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Lonely boy

Just a short story on the thoughts of a lonely kid. May add another act to it but just wanted to get the beginning out.

Also please leave the first ending you got ^_^ .


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown." H.P Lovecraft

​It's going to take reading most of the paths to get the full story.

Special thanks to temporaryaccount for beta reading.


Paths are set in different time periods of the town.

I'll make this into a full story someday.

Entry for December contest.

Inspired by French Revolution.

Boiling point

End it.

Bound by Fear

Cystian High: Under the Motto

this took a lot of fucking lurking

Fallen Hero

There was a story of a hero who had traveled the lands and helped those in need. Now though time has passed and he has gone missing.

Find him.

Guild Drama

Based on my experiences in MMO Guilds.
May make this into a mini series

It's Da sound of da Police!


Take a moment and sit with me

Marks of Evil

Everyone dies in the end.


Going to to try to experiment with crossing over Metro and the Divsion.

Running Free

Don't get lost in the woods.

Salt and Oak

So one day I was thinking back when I used to play Roblox and would roleplay the shit out of the servers.


One such server involved ships and the Sea




apoc rising 


after the flash

apartment life.  Robber

battle of Gettysburg


mining voxels down

lumberjack tycoon 

survival islands griefing with fire

zombie island rescue with help from aircraft carrier

zombie city, Survive infected until train comes

Solem for the Dead


Spongebob Squarepants
Did this while taking a load.

Sticky fingers

You can't wipe whats already stained.

The Gender Game

Pick your Gender or Sexuality.

Warning:Highly Offensive and Graphic Material.



Walking past the gates

Perception is key

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CYS-Steam Group get together on 9/22/2017 10:12:51 AM

I would love nothing more than to destroy all you filthy scrubs in csgo in which I reign supreme. I could do a total war campaign in mediveal. A quick areana of unturned is aslo a good alternative.

That is if I can get my computer working in October.

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 1:23:04 AM

Which is why we have romance Fanfiction for counter balance.

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 1:04:46 AM

This site always gets large bursts of people whenever someone decides to advertise it on reddit.

Most people end up becoming too busy to pursue writing on here or like beta, just get tired of actually writing or lose interest because what kind of sane individual writes for fun.

It also dosent help that CYS type stories aren't really mainstream in the writing community or at least in my opinion

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 1:02:24 AM

Crocker was a funny dude and was always active on the forums. Then he just disappeared off the face off cys in 2016.

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 12:57:58 AM

I miss James.

The Spamming Joke on 9/19/2017 5:27:31 PM

I for one adore your tsundre attitude. 

Dab on the haters as our lord and savior Jesus Paul says.

Imagination on 9/19/2017 10:08:45 AM

I imagine harems and gunning down any men that try to take them from me.

Contest SHAME 4: SHAME SHAME Pants City! on 9/16/2017 2:40:09 AM

I'll redeem my self in the next contest, hoping for romance. Plz Dx

Wizard Morality on 9/13/2017 6:09:45 PM

That blood blending shit from that old hag in Avatar was pretty evil, think thats evil in all instances.

Mobile CYOA. Do you like them? on 9/12/2017 6:20:49 PM

Most of the COG games are overpriced for what they are in my opinon.

The Zombie Exodus series was honestly what I actually really enjoyed, even they they fucking charge 5 dollars for each part.

Edit: I find irony in that COG is blocked at my high school's computers yet this website isn't.