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It sucks when someone irl finds your profile

Backseat modding Anthem

I herby make myself a backseat mod.

Because my opinion makes it just.

I know the rules.

Don't have the power.

But you bet I kiss that ass by the hour.

If you cross me, then I'll fucks thee.

I'll try to take you down, to raise my respek up .2 points.

I am a backseat modder. 

I am almighty.

Maybe some day I'll get a personal Trophy

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It's you and her against the world.

Entry for Endmasters Romance contest.

Down the Chimney he will come with a great big smile! You help ghosts with their problems. That's most of the story. Please leave which ghosts you helped in the comments.

Lonely boy

Just a short story on the thoughts of a lonely kid. May add another act to it but just wanted to get the beginning out.

Also please leave the first ending you got ^_^ .


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown." H.P Lovecraft

​It's going to take reading most of the paths to get the full story.

Special thanks to temporaryaccount for beta reading.


If you hate playing as a bad guy, then your probably going to hate playing this story.

This planet is your playground, they are your legion.

Colonists are due to arrive on your new home soon! So prepare with what you're given and the circumstances that you're put under.

Own slaves, be a pirate, be a native savage, be a guerilla fighter that's bloodthirsty for colonists , or take them down from within.

As long as you're a master over someone then you've technically won. 


Also I'm sorry if you're salty about the grammar but I worked to the last minute of the deadline for this one so didn't have anytime at all for revision. I'll unpublish this and work on it some more afterwards.

Entry for the December contest with the prompt: Villain protagonist terrorizing a space colony on an alien planet. 


Paths are set in different time periods of the town.

I'll make this into a full story someday.

Entry for December contest.

Inspired by French Revolution.


later use

Boiling point

End it.

Bound by Fear

Club Wars

Come Alive

They're watching us

Crowd Pleaser
Dead People

Dead of the West
Zombies bitch

Eyes and Hands

There's a new student in your school. Leave the first Ending you received in the comments please.

Fallen Hero


Can one truly be neutral and Emotionless?

A expirement I guess.

Guild Drama

Based on my experiences in MMO Guilds.
May make this into a mini series


You're underground.

The circumstances are unknown.

Either way, you must escape.

It's Da sound of da Police!




Literature Club

Doki Doki Fanfiction


Take a moment and sit with me

Manifest Destiny

Prequel to Scum. Much better and much longer. Hope you Enjoy

Marks of Evil

Everyone dies in the end.


Going to to try to experiment with crossing over Metro and the Divsion.

Running Free

Don't get lost in the woods.

Salt and Oak

So one day I was thinking back when I used to play Roblox and would roleplay the shit out of the servers.


One such server involved ships and the Sea




apoc rising 


after the flash

apartment life.  Robber

battle of Gettysburg


mining voxels down

lumberjack tycoon 

survival islands griefing with fire

zombie island rescue with help from aircraft carrier

zombie city, Survive infected until train comes

Solem for the Dead

Let's go on adventure

Sticky fingers

You can't wipe whats already stained. Heavy Inspiration from 500 days of Summer.


Oh yea, this isn't a love story.

The Gender Game

Pick your Gender or Sexuality.

Warning:Highly Offensive and Graphic Material.

Vermin Redux

You're stuck knee deep in the revolution now.



War to end all Wars

WW2 Game

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Day 8: Ancient Civilization on 5/28/2019 1:43:15 PM

Post entries here

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story on 5/25/2019 3:47:39 PM

Quotes for reviews for each entriees


"The only reason fic really beat you was because he put more time into world building, but then again you were busy working, Add more world building and more fleshed out dialgoue and you can probably nab first place next time. You really did well on the descriptons.


Serpent, I can see you tried, you really did. And in some parts of this story I actually liked it. But you made some of the dialogue ridiculous, and some of the situations ridiculous. I’m not going to give you the one day hell punishment, because I know you tried your best with this. But take all of this advice into consideration when you work on your next entry because I actually want to see how you’ll improve.

C6; I liked your writing, and the plot element about infected people getting enhanced from their annoyances. But you had to many coincedances and the ending seemed a bit rushed, still readnig it was fun and I can see you winning first place if you fixed a few things here and there, good job with your entry.

Fiscean: You knew you were gonna win you fucking slut, dont try to hide it. Everything was great, the worldbuilding, the charachters, the descriptons, the length. It was just the POV switches that made me have to go back and re-read a few things here and there, but the quality was great and I want to read more of what you have to write, good job for getting first place.

1st: Fiscean




Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story on 5/23/2019 11:22:25 PM

Post submissions here for those invovled

CYS Biographies on 5/21/2019 10:44:31 PM

Post my tasks here for those in discord 



Legions (Tiny men) on 4/7/2019 11:22:43 PM


Legions (Tiny men) on 3/22/2019 11:31:41 PM

Been seriously working on this story recently as I try to get it finished in a reasonable time frame.

Let me know what you think of this first page.


Growing up as a child you always spent much of your free-time with your granddad during the summers in which you were out of school. You had always looked up to him in ways that you’ve never have to any other person, even your own parents surprisingly.

Thinking back now, you wondered why your Grandpa would never get annoyed at you when you kept on going into his workshop to snoop and watch him work on his latest project whenever you had finished helping your grandma with chores. Concentration on his labor could almost never be broken, as long as you didn’t yell out or do anything dumb. You could watch him work for hours as he turned blocks of boring clay into beautiful miniature figurines and sculptures that you looked as if a magician had a hand in creating such beauties.

The items he created looked so real, so life like that you just wanted to examine each of his creations to find every single miniscule detail that he molded or painted. Even at that age though you knew how fragile the creations could be, so you always took great care with the miniatures that your grandad allowed you to play with when you politely asked if you could.

"Grandpa, can you teach me how to make these toys too?" You would ask innocently from time to time.

Laughing, he would ruffle your hair with his clay stained fingers.

"Trust me my boy, there's a lot of tedious steps involved in this craft, you would just get bored."

You would pout heavily at this and shake your head. "No I Wouldn't Grandpa! please show me how, pretty please!"

No matter how much you complained and pouted, your Grandpa would just be amused at your tantrums, and return back to his work. You would end up relenting and just continued watch him again as you always did, hoping that you would be able to learn yourself just by watching. But the way he moved his hands, the way he shaped the clay, you tried it on your own countless of times and never were you able to match his precision and finesse with that soft material.

It angered you at times, although that envy that you held slowly started to fizzle out as you got older, as did the trips you would take during the summer to your Grandpa's workshop. You could honestly say you just stopped caring, and although the amazement of his craft never faded from your thoughts, it just ended up becoming an after thought that you would casually remember from time to time.

All the memories that you had made with your Grandpa all at the same time flooded back into your thoughts on this day, in which his passing finally came. When you first heard the news you felt your grief in many ways, first anger, then guilt and finally depression.The giant ball of guilt hurt you the most, you blamed yourself for not visiting him more after grandma had died, just imagining him alone in that farmhouse made your heart ache as if it had been torn. You couldn't even remember what you even did the last day that you saw him, let alone the last words he said to you.

Your eyes burn with tears as you watch him be lowered into the depths of his designated grave site by your dad and the rest of your relatives who were handling his coffin.

Such a shitty day.

Ban me please on 3/22/2019 7:45:29 PM

Can someone help me download new Minecraft shader packs please? 

Tender Dating App on 2/23/2019 11:03:26 PM

Sounds fun, I'll check it out

Valentine's Day on 2/13/2019 9:28:18 PM

Who catfished you?

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She’s only had 13 years to try everything give her a break smh