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Space Johnson
Space: the final frontier. This is the venture of one man. His five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Bucky's Jan. 2017 contest entry.

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[FORUMS] Reading Corner Deletion? on 1/20/2017 10:17:56 PM
seems active to me
Their Eyes Were Watching God on 1/20/2017 10:17:25 PM
The vernacular dialect is hard to get around, but I think the book so far is good. I've only read 10/20 chapters. Has anyone else read this book? Opinions? No late-book spoilers please.
Inauguration Day on 1/20/2017 4:54:55 PM
To quote Elon musk, "the president is the captain of a very large ship that has a tiny rudder". I am not overly worried about our new president or the direction he will take America. I've been alive for a few elections now, and remember two of them. I can already see the trend of how history rhymes just from being alive for a bit; people are either pissed or indifferent and it'll die down over time.
B-Day on 1/20/2017 10:26:47 AM
YO U LIKE JA ZZ? wrong bee day?
Hello I'm back! on 1/19/2017 9:11:44 AM
Reply to edit: He didn't bet 125 on the contest and also didn't lose 200 a few days ago. I'm well over 3k, seto is behind me.
'CYOA History' images broken on 1/18/2017 11:27:11 PM
maybe that's what they actually look like. Similar to how bigfoot is naturally blurry in real life, and it's never the photographers fault.
Hello I'm back! on 1/18/2017 11:23:03 PM
1: no he hasn't gotten more points than me | 2: I got to 2k in 4 months | 3: I've been penalized over 700 points since I made this account so actually seto is far as fuck behind me and is totally absolutely a noob. who are you again?
Hello I'm back! on 1/18/2017 11:19:57 PM
yeah. stupid noob question
Interesting comments on 1/18/2017 4:14:05 PM
on homo perfectus 8: "It is quite long and hard but not unbeatable." boy did I giggle in my immaturity.
Shiny Rating Trophy on 1/18/2017 3:20:11 PM
you're starting to look familiar like you might know your way around this site.