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Going for ASc. Math -> BSE ME -> ???
I don't mind sharing my real name is Hunter. Everyone knows by now and I have 0 online and offline presence so the chance of anyone being able to doxx me based on a first name and account without any cridentials is negligible at best. Hi, my name is Hunter.

[Official CYS discord]
PM Chanbot. I'm banned and dead probably.
I have failed you, and I shall repent for the rest of my life lord March5th00. You blessed me and I gave nothing in return.

First to reach 2.5k points in a month.
First to use code to edit the HTML/CSS on my profile page.
Suggested the design for the Community Contributor trophy.
First to bet 2.9k points in a contest.
First to bet my account on winning a contest.
First to be commended by a Founder. Which was also my first commendation.
Last commendation was given by a Founder; also my favorite admin: March5th00
Personal best rank achieved: Master
Probably had the most alts. Some are still around. Last I checked 400 - 500 alts.
First to make a web bot (Chanbot) specifically geared with functions for CYS.

I achieved a lot and a lot of people knew me. Some, surprisingly, crushed on me pretty hard for a while. Some still do. Some hated me for one reason or another. Not sure why and I don't care. I saw a lot and experienced a lot as Ford "Praxibetel Ix Kappa" Prefect of CYS. I suppose it's fitting I am banned from my own sillyness.

I'll be forever salty that BZ deleted my fording posts in the great purge because he said they were "spam threads." I spent many hours on each one of those short-story writings only to have them deleted due to their nature. No apology. I have thought about writing but held back against long forum posts and participating in writing prompt threads. The reasons being that it makes my stomach ill to think about all my work being deleted without save, apology, reason, or warning as it was before and surely will be done again.

It's like a child putting their crude art on the fridge and a parent taking it down and just burning it without a word of warning or sympathy for the child. Each party understands the work was crude - but do you think that child will ever draw again? Supposing they do, will they ever show it? I understand my fording posts were crude and random but they meant a lot. They showed I could write and write competently and well. To get rid of competent (albiet random) literary works without remorse is wrong in my view. No saves. No apology. Just dread and anger and frustration. If I were a few years older I may have not been effected as much. Sad that wasn't the case.

BZ is still a good mod. All mods are good except bad mod kiel who was best mom but worst mod. Can't win em all.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

- Ford, May 2017

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had to abandon paths. In the end I just said "fuck working on these I won't finish by the deadline" so I worked on two short paths andlet them both lead to a bad ending. bad ending is based on scripting on the first page meant for rolling character stats and npc names. so essentially 60% of the writing is inaccessable.

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