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CYS Dev Thread on 2/26/2021 4:54:58 AM
I did this while drunk. I am still drunk.

I autistically went through and analyzed word count v commendations on storygames and found that the correlation is a 2nd degree polynomial
and that the best way to min-max is to write very little words and get the game commended
the two major outliers are both BZs games
and the top 3 outliers from the polynomial curve are BZ games
cows v aliens in particular is over-commended by like 90%
it has more comms than most 100k games yet only has 25k words. You might think the algorithm takes into account scripting but there is an abundance of evidence against that because a lot of other games have fucktons of scripting and do not deviate from their expected value in comms
I took the top 3 commendation holders from each order and recorded the word count and commendations obtained for all their commended games
"Well maybe theres more to the equation than meets the eye. It could be logarithmic or a power series"

a linear regression doesnt fit the data

exponential doesnt fit the data

and a power series strays too far
a 2nd degree polynomial fits the data best
"But you graphed on a linear scale!"
shut up its the same shit on log log

linear on log-log

exponential on log-log

power series on log-log
you might think "oh but that power series fits pretty well!"

until you see the polynomial fit
and lets be real, when 3J made the equation he wasnt going to program a power series or any of that other bs. he clearly went for a simple 2 degree polynomial.
maybe 3 degree, but even then its more simple than a power series or dealing with exponential bs

Here I've gotten rid of games over 300k words and divided wordcount by 1000 to give easier numbers
we can now see that BZ's cows v aliens game, all the way on the right, with the most comms and roughly 26k words, is so far off it's hilarious
the least comms was ogre's game which was 80 words and all scripting which gained 28 comms
which just goes to show that shorter length games, as long as they're quality enough to commend, get the biggest gains for the least effort
the difference between 0 comms and 50 comms is about 10k words. the difference between 100 comms and 150 comms is on the order of 100k words.
so you could write an epic thats super long and maybe amazing and get 200 comms
but then someone else can write a tenth of what you did spread out over many small games and get over 200 comms
or you can be BZ and write a paltry amount and somehow still get 130 comms
dungeon stompage is the 2nd furthest from the average line with 74k words and 120 comms
a normal 74k word storygame can expect to get 80 to 90 comms
over the line = over the average amount of work, and less than average comms for it.
under the line = less than average amount of work, and more than average comms for it
the values towards the bottom of the graph may be small in comms but they're also very small in word count, so they're almost all below the line by a little bit
as word count goes up it becomes harder and harder to squeeze out more commendations
a 100k game would need an additional 70k on average to gain 20 more comms
a 10k game would only need an additional 20k for the same
the sweet spot for word count seems to be 20 - 70k, with 30k and 40k being about as ideal as possible
not only are the majority of commended games in this area for word count (ie minimum words to get commended is the name of the game) but they are also mostly below the polynomial line
the best way to min-max would be to write 5k and get 40 comms at a time
however most people cant write a qualitative 5k consistently
to ensure the greatest probability (no longer looking at the frequency graph, but the distribution of comms to word count) the best play is to land a game in the 20k - 60k range
most people who CAN write 30k-40k are the kind of people who can make those 40k qualitatively worthwhile to commend
the best players in this game are those who can write 5 - 10k and get commended consistently. The best an average person can do is churn out 20-50k and get commended consistently thanks to the length making up for some of the quality.



The real question: word count v rating
it may behoove an autist like me to go through the games and graph rating versus word count
but that would be erroneous
because many of these games are old
and old games are rated higher than new ones by a fair margin. possibly +1 or even +2 to the average rating thanks to years of weak raters
it would be better to look at games made in the last 2 years, and of those, record ratings and see what readers like more.
obviously epics are going to be rated highly but the scale only goes up to 8 so it has to taper off at a particular word count
and that means theres a linear region or anchor point
and anchor point wherein there is a definitive "If you write more than this, your average rating will be 6+"
and less would be unpredictable
games like 16 words are rated very highly despite their word count due to excess quality
and gamey games are rated highly despite having no story, so the outliers will be towards the lower word counts and the average gets very wobbly in the beginning but stablizes later as word count increases
but since only people who actually write would care about this, they probably arent interested in low word count game creation
so our filter then becomes:

- published in the last 2 years
- greater than x words [some significant, but possibly arbitrary value for x]
- sufficient number of ratings [no brand new games because their ratings arent stable]
and put it on a graph and I bet you it would look like the black mesa logo reversed

DC = dont care
DNE = does not exist
the blue area is games with high word count that dont meet minimum site standards or are rated below 3/8 which basically doesnt exist
and anything with a word count less than x we dont care about because this is for authors not noobs
the high variation at the start is games with "low" word count but vary in quality a lot so the ratings are all over the place, but as word count increases that variation stabilizes and plateus

lets focus now on the part authors care about
they want at LEAST a 5/8 on their game
and they have the minimum word count to get a 5/8 just for effort (or close to it)
theres still variation because their word count is low so what they seek is a point where that variation in rating is below a threshold, in this example 10%
if we took the data of all the storygames made in the last 2 years and graphed them word count v rating we could point out where the variation is low enough (less than +-10%) we can confidently say that a certain amount of words is highly likely to get you a 6+ rating
and boom we've just solved motivation for nervous wreck writers
because we then give them a goal based on statistics that as long as they meet a certain word count with their idea, they're basically guaranteed to get a good response


I am still drunk. maybe format it better later, maybe not.

Ace is dead on 2/25/2021 10:46:15 PM
I also despise his parents for creating him.

Ace is dead on 2/25/2021 10:45:08 PM
Like a sponge dipped in lard run across a waxy railing fading into the distance

Ace is dead on 2/25/2021 9:47:04 PM
The weather that day was cloudy, with a chance of meatballs.

Ace is dead on 2/25/2021 9:32:47 PM
Sometimes I can still hear him whining. Like fingerprints on an abandoned handrail, fading into the distance...

Ace is dead on 2/25/2021 9:24:08 PM
One local news station reported on the body, mistaking it for a whale out of ignorance. The public education in Kentucky is not very good; but here's what was reported:

It had to be said the kentucky state highway division not only had a whale of a problem on its hands, it had a stinking whale of a problem. What to do with one 45-foot eight-ton whale? Dead on arrival; at a McDonalds near Central City. It had been so long since a whale had washed up in the urban area of Muhlenberg county nobody could remember how to get rid of one. In selecting its battle plan, the highway division decided the carcass couldn't be buried because it might soon be uncovered, it couldn't be cut up and then buried because nobody wanted to cut it up, and it couldn't be burned. So dynamite it was, some 20 cases or a half ton of it. The hope was that the long dead hump back whale would be almost disintegrated by the blast and that any small pieces still around after the explosion would be taken care of by pidgeons, buzzards, racoons, and coons roaming the street.

Indeed the pidgeons and buzzards had been standing nearby all day as everything was being made ready. We asked George Thornton, the highway engineer in charge of the project, for his final observation. "Well I'm confident that it'll work. The only thing is we're not sure just exactly how much explosives it'll take to disintegrate this thing, so the scavengers: pidgeons and blacks and whatnot can clean it up." he said. We asked if there was any chance it might be more than a one-day job to which he replied: "If there's any large chunks left we may have to do some other cleanup, possibly set another charge."

The dynamite was positioned primarily on the leeward side of the big mammal so as most of the remains would be blown toward the Burger King across the way. The idea being that if the McDonalds was done for, they wanted to at least take a competitor down with them. About 75 bystanders, most of them residents who had first found the whale to be an object of curiosity before they tired of its smell, were moved back a block away. The sidewalks there were covered with spectators and strong-stomach newsmen shortly to become stomached newsmen for the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.

Immediately after the blast the humor of the entire situation suddenly gave way to a run for survival as huge chunks of whale blubber fell everywhere. Pieces of meat passed high over our heads while others were falling at our feet. The sidewalks were rapidly evacuated as spectators escaped both the falling debris and the overwhelming smell. A parked car over at the Burger King was the target of one large chunk. The passenger compartment literally smashed.

Fortunately no human was hit as badly as the car, however everyone on the scene was covered with small particles of dead whale. As for the success of the effort, the buzzards who were supposed to clean things up were nowhere in sight - either scared away by the explosion or kept away by the smell. That didn't really matter as the remaining chunks were of such a size that no respectable scavenger would attempt to tackle anyway. As darkness began to set in, the highway crews were back at the rubble of the McDonalds attempting to load the remains onto a truck including a large piece of the carcass which never left the blast site.

It might be concluded that, should a whale ever wash up in Muhlenberg county again, those in charge will not only remember what to do - they'll certainly remember what not to do.

Ace is dead on 2/25/2021 8:54:05 PM
Just got the news that our beloved rotten hog foot has died of a heart attack to nobodys surprise. Good riddance.

Thread for spitting on the corpse or saying RIP if you're the brightest ray of sunshine on the planet.

Edit:: News about the state of the corpse is mixed due to the coroner needing to call in a construction crew to bring in large enough equipment for transfer/repositioning of the body. Most people agree it's a blight upon the world and should probably be incinerated. Locals are hoping it is taken care of on a windy day so that the town won't smell of rancid pork ass.

--- on 2/25/2021 9:38:00 AM
The old guru stayed in calm meditation while he listened to her story. "After that, I hurtled through space for a long time." Cricket said to him, "I was lucky enough to pass close enough to a star and absorb it. Once I had that kind of power I took the form you see now and searched for greater sources of power."

"What did you seek from this power?" he sat motionless as he spoke.

"I wanted revenge at first. Then perhaps to be as powerful as my full form in the underworld." Crickets' fiery clothing flicked the air showing her inner distrubance.

"You were unsure?"

"I was." Cricket breathed with the old man and felt weightless. It was not the weightlessness of overwhelming power, but the absence of intruding sensations and thoughts. Her mind cleared and she continued her story in meditation with him. "I desire power, this much I know."

"This troubles you?" The guru noted Crickets' flames had calmed down, and he felt the conversation become a little safer.

"It does." They both breathed slowly. "I have blocked myself from moving forward. My self-awareness only furthers my frustration. Though I possess now the strength of several stars I feel powerless and that makes me angry."

"This place has a way of bringing out the worst in all beings," the man opened his eyes revealing empty sockets. "I sought beauty beyond all else, and this place - this labyrinth - took it all away from me." Cricket frowned at the thought of losing all the power she had only recently obtained. "I probably will not live long enough to witness what my mind has long since forgotten, but I have no desire to try my luck after what I've been through."

"That's why you won't leave here?" Given the great quantity of foolish and pitiful monsters she had come across on her journey, Cricket had noted the lack of intrusion upon their conversation.

"Yes. I have not been lucky in finding safe areas. I will stay here so that I may die in peace." he closed his eyes and went back into a meditative state. Cricket took a deep breath before standing; her cloak of flames riled at the edges and along her shoulders. "Be wary on your way." he said.

"Hold out your hands." Cricket told him. She covered her hands over his, and after an initial flash of heat he felt something move.


"At least now you won't die alone." Cricket smiled with the old man. He felt his warm friend crawl up his arm. A tarantula made from divine flame made its way to the top of his head.

"The gift of a friend." The man smiled weakly, elated by a new companion. "I am sorry I could not do anything for you in return."

"Don't worry about it. It felt good to calm down and just talk, but I'm starting to get fired up again. I think I'll start by getting revenge." Crickets eyes flared with determination as she walked away.

"I thought you said the mountain woman died?" the guru tilted his head in confusion and the spider produced a flaming question mark to match.

"This revenge isn't for me." Crickets blood boiled as she looked upon the labyrinth with hatred.

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Fat Men on 2/24/2021 6:31:32 PM
Jeep owners have been waiting their whole life for this

The ClocKKK on 2/24/2021 6:29:59 PM