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Guide to NANO

This is a guide to my NANO game I thought it would be easier to open both games at the same time and if you have a question then you can just open this game up. It will be coming out with the NANO game so it won't cause confusion




This is a multiple adventure story, where there are several main characters, and you can be any one of them[Except you can only be the bad guy if you become Bryan] if you think I could improve it somehow, feel free to comment!

Basicaly, there's an evil organization trying to take over the world with robots[Yes this sounds like star wars, but to be fair, I was in 4th grade when I wrote this]Then there is another organization who tries to stop them. There is magic and Tech mixed together so I think it would be a fun story for this website. The game takes place in 3126 after a nuclear war. You don't usually go from 100 to 0 health in one page, so if it says "Everything goes black..." You might not be dead so click on the link anyway. A more story than game, and This is my first book and it is part of a series. My friend and I are creating the series and this is the second book in the series. There are 4 different books, one from Bryan's view, , one from Billy's, one from Kai's [as a child], and one from Griffin's. (He isn't in this version) I think that mostly sums up the story, so have fun and save the world! (Or don't)


P.S[This is the one i told you to read!] If you want to see the guide to this story, it is on my profile. If you want to read it[Which is recommended] Then do so. If you don't feel like it, then Read on.

P.P.S The guide is VERY long and it is on one page. Just scroll down to the parts you care about. The guide contains stats for good guys, the chosen, Bad guys, and a Kat[Not really] Have fun!

P.P.P.S The guide is horiibly formated so sorry

I decided to remove Bryan and Ferrus from the story because of them being almost not related for at least half the story