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The Deadly Games

Hello and welcome to my first story I hope you guys do enjoy it now there are three different modes you may do down below. anyway based on the hunger games in which I've never seen a good one based off of it so there's a whole lot of presser riding on my back for this to go well now I don't get the best grammar but I have great imagination so hopefully my Grammarly and the sites own grammar checker can help me out here. notice one you die you don't restart your game ends so based on your choices your game might end fairly quickly. so I hope you enjoy this game or story whatever you want to call it. Btw THIS GAME IS FAR FROM EASY there is no set trick of winning and there are lots of tricks I've used to get you guy's killed so yea. also, there are 4 ways you can win also below.

Game mode's

24 (medium)



Ways to win

Normal (win with a few kills)

Stealthy (stay out of conflict and kill unseen)

Peacefully (win without a single kill)

Brutally (kill everyone)

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Hi I'm new here and love choose your own path games Ive wrote them a few times on Google and i hope you can enjoy mine