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Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood gnome! I keep watch at night, scare small children, and look creepily into your bedroom when your not watching. But don’t worry, gnomes are great role models and something you should always aspire to be. JK

But actually, I’m keebo885. I’m an egotistical ma- I mean adorable puppy that loves to read stories on this website. I have to say, my top three favorites were Eternal, Order of the Midnight Sun, and Prophecy. My top 3 favorite authors are Endmaster(of course), JJJ-Banisher, and Steve-insert random combination of numbers here-. Achilles is also a pretty cool CYS.

Anyway, I have been writing short stories for fun lately and I thought I might start one on this website. It’s called A legend called Galen(I know it’s a cheesy name). I hope to one day make it on the pantheon of CYS writers. See y’all in the forums.

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The story of Galen

Mothers tell their children many stories, from classic tales to adventures that only exist in the land imagination. But one story all humans of the United Nations of Earth tell their children is the story of Galen, an ordinary and average man, who rose to become humanity’s savior/scourge. This is tale of action, science, and epic ness on unimaginable proportions. Play as Galen, an ordinary engineer working on an obscure and poorly funded nano-technology project in the United States. Note: This is more story than game, so prepare to read lots. There are however, two main endings with two epilogues. I hope you enjoy, this is my first story game.

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