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Dragon's Creed (Part One)

Your a rare dragon that's born in a beautiful forest/island. Surrounded and loved by your fellow peers. That is until Humans destroy your home and kill your family,except two other siblings. Will you have a family of your own? Will you get revenge? Or will you die? There will be at least 3 parts to this or just updates if I get enough good ratings. Let me know if there's something i need to work on.



You are Kracie, a female German shepherd who desperately wants to me part of the Police K9 group (Killer K9s). Not only for her, but for a little crush. But there is one thing stopping her. Yes, she has speed, agility, and sharp teeth, but shes also overweight. To reach her dream, she must lose weight. But will she able to wake up after doing so?

The Falfa

You were in the woods with you're best friend when you are bitten by a wolf. You think of it as nothing,until you turn 16. Not only are you a werewolf, but you're also an alpha, a female one at that. Female alphas are incredibly rare, so there will be many trying to capture you for......reasons. Stay alive! there will be sequels.

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-"Gangsta"- Kehlani


The life of CUPCAKE, the killer dog (part one)

You are a killer dog named cupcake. You were born on a nice area and was well taken care of, except for that incident. Your mother, a couple siblings, and the owners were killed, only a few siblings survived. You were lucky to escape. The people who were there were cruel and murdered innocent dogs and puppies. Not to mention the nonstop breeding. One day you see something you wish you could unsee. This sight changed you and made you so angry, that you killed any seemingly mean/cruel human you could see/find. Well, if you survive of course. Will you find freedom? Or will you die like almost everyone else? There will obviously be multiple parts.

The Life Of Cupcake,The Killer Dog (part three)

Now that Cupcake escaped, she has to find her lost family. (If your brother died in the first part,then your sister will be alive plus another one) After hearing that a couple siblings were still alive. But don't get caught again,or you wont survive. On the way,you will meet a few others,but they probably wont all be dogs. Make too many mistakes,and someone you love could die. I will try to leave a decent amount of save points. This part may be the longest,if not,it will be as long as part two. Leave some suggestions for a good sequel I should make.

The Life Of Cupcake,The killer Dog (part two)

Cupcake’s life was great,until the incident. Choose which path you were on during the first part. Then continue your story. This part will probably be longer than the first. Most of your family was killed in the first part. Now you were caught while trying to run away and thrown in a pound. You must escape before you're shipped to the puppy mill. (look it up). There are potential love interests in this one as well,so that makes it better. Will you escape,die,or be shipped off to a life of endless breeding? Also,there’s may be a few scenes where the dogs are singing in the pound to keep everyone’s spirits up. Have fun! Or die! Either one works!

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Okay,can SOMEONE look at my first story? I think it looks good but it’s better to have more than one. The title sounds dumb,but it’s called,”The Life Of Cupcake,The Killer Dog Part one” It’s not very kid friendly at some parts. Just get back to me and tell me what I should add/work on. 

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