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The Songs of Rebellion (Book 1)

You are a young mercenary. The land you live in has been annexed by the harsh sovereign Tobias. The life of a killer is never easy, and you must choose to fight for your lawful ruler, or make a new king. Will you rely on the strength of your own skill at arms, or forge an alliance with a powerful long-forgotten race? Will you lead your company to victory or end up on the chopping-block as a traitor? In a land of warlords, criminals, and dragons, no one is safe, least of all you...

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Greetings fellow authors! on 2/4/2018 8:44:38 PM

Thanks. I’ve read some other stories on this site, and I was really inspired by them to create my own work. I hope my first release won’t take too long!

Greetings fellow authors! on 2/4/2018 8:23:14 PM

I am writing my first story, titled The Songs of Rebellion, and I hope it turns out great. I would like to hear anyone’s thoughts on how to create a believable and immersive fantasy story. Thanks, and good luck to everyone!