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Zdrastvuyte! Just your friendly neighborhood American friend! Also, I don't know about you but Putin seems good leader compared to current candidate. Or any, for that matter.



This is done. This is over. You've already lost, you filthy Architects. Barely crawling out of your detskaya krovatka, you come to this world in search of dark magic. While you may be few in number, you are powerful, and we respect that. But you have one fault: we are thousand in number.

I am Prophet Jarius of the Sages, and I proclaimed war in this ancient text:

Hail Sages Forever. The Motherland has officially called upon me to activate a to rid the world of the filthy architects. For years the architects have walked among us, and we've called their people our own! Blasphemy! I have been given a prophetic vision of me, along my brethren, marching across the dunes of the Lounge to face our enemies. I am Prophet Jarius, and I have come to free my people from your dark ways! Today I will mark the beginning of the architect Purge!

"A piece of writing is like a piece of magic. You create something out of nothing." - Susanna Clarke Prophet Jarius, Sage Chant


Many of you also know me as a general in the Brennon war and leader of the Mason vs Kiel war.

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Green: A Mario Fanfic
unpublished , coauthor

Three months after Luigi was brutally killed and eaten by King Bowser, Mario wears green as a reminder of his brother lived and died for.

Hotel CYStia: Welcome to CYS!
unpublished , coauthor

For many, CYStia is a place where people can travel to in order to achieve enlightenment in writing. For the less, CYStia is a prison. But you, my friend, have been here for more than two seconds, so I present to you the great and noble HOTEL CYSTIA! Please, take your room key and call room service. They will tell you everything you need to know. Thanks for staying at Hotel CYStia!


Testing place for combat scripts.

Mother Russia Never Falls

Edutainment game based in a World War 2 scenario.


You are Kamenshchik Entoni, proud captain of the Red Army. War is natural, you admit, but you feel less for it than your comrades. Thinking has always been a main part of life to you, and you stay strong to it. But the Germans have betrayed us. Launching Operation Barbarosa, they've launched millions of troops to the front lines of Russia, a betrayal disgusting the Motherland. Make them bleed, for Mother Russia will never fall.

Operation: Rising Dust

Humanity has spread and leapt across the stars, spreading their powerful reign as far as they dare. The Supreme Emperor and his armada were swept away from Terra Prime's grasp. Now that they've evolved and adapted in this strange new galaxy, scientists are wondering what happened to the old civilization. Now a smuggler living on the fringe of Terra Alpha's reign must put together a team to explore the remains of Terra Prime's old empire.....and they discover a much greater secret.

Powered Up
unpublished , coauthor

Play as fifteen year old, Tyler Michaels. Tyler was suddenly caught in the middle of a freak car accident, and not only did he miraculously escape death, he somehow gained superpowers! Will you be one of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen, or will you bring on doom and destruction?


Quarantined- Hopeful Gloom
unpublished , coauthor

You play as a teenager named, Nick Harris. Do your best to survive in a chaotic, and mutant filled quarantined area.



The Ballad of Mason

A short, adventurous story for the Winter 2017 story contest.


This story is centered around a murder on the mean streets of CYS, and a man on the run who needs help.

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Writing Prompts: Thanksgiving on 11/22/2017 4:01:58 AM

Lol no. Tempting, but life has cut my knees and left me weak. Now that football is over I might. I don’t know I’m still a shit writer ??

Writing Prompts: Thanksgiving on 11/21/2017 10:48:12 PM


Writing Prompts: Thanksgiving on 11/21/2017 10:40:03 PM

Huh. Didn’t think you’d tag me.

April 22nd on 4/22/2017 1:49:49 AM

From: cysid
To: MasonJarGuzzi
Date: 4/22/2017 1:01:57 AM

Hey MasonJarGuzzi, 

Looks like today is the "big day" for you, turning 17 and all. 

As a small birthday treat, enjoy 15 "Experience Points" on me! 

Best Wishes, 
Cysid, the Ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventurer

The worst thing is the 22nd isn't until tomorrow and that's not my correct age ;_;

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 12:56:32 PM

Steven you're a fucking prick who gets butt hurt when an insult hits him.

But you're really fun to talk to. You have an amazing imagination and strive to be the best, and you've shown that with stories and with words. Your story, Achilles, was the reason I signed up for this site. Continue to be the best, Steve.

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 2:29:42 AM

I always thought rogue one as a separate, non trilogy type, but it's behind 5 and 6 but above 4

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 1:46:02 AM

I don't want to be depressed.

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 1:40:19 AM

1. I consider myself right.

2. Hey, condoms break sometimes.

3. 2. I believe something created us, we should respect it, but we shouldn't waste valuable time that we could be spending on work that helps continue the lives that our creator gave us and worship is stupid.

4. Homosexuality is wrong to me, but if you like putting dicks in asses or putting a dick up your ass then that's fine with me.

5. Don't really care, same with homosexuality.

7. I believe there should be a lot less immigrants (I go to a school with 7% white kids and 86% Hispanic) but a few illegals I have come to know as my friend.

8. 5. He is an arrogant idiot and I can't wait for his next stupid act.

9. I don't care, it's just another religion. One of my best friends is a Muslim. 

10. I, II, III, IV, V, VI

11. America (despite stupidity and declination she is my homeland), Russia (because cool guns and biggest land military), Germany (the original source of white power), England (original cool military that traveled across the world with big navy), and Ireland (because leprechauns).

12. Yes. Rape and mass murder.

13. Yes. My family owns a big armory, with some guns dating back to my great great grandfathers time in WWII). Registration checks and such though should only be for people with little to no crime record. And cops are stupid.

14. Yes.


Moral Quandaries on 4/15/2017 11:17:00 PM

I'll save you now, I guess. Now that our home is burned, though, we can make a small little shack and use Sent's burnt body as firewood.

I'm sorry sent :(

Moral Quandaries on 4/15/2017 11:10:50 PM