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Hi, my name's Mathieu. I'm a high schooler... I'm trying to practice my writing so I hope I make a story soon.

Also I'm learning how to make pixel art and I'm hoping to incorporate it to my story... Also since most of my images can't upload because they can't reach past 200 kb and pixel art is simple enough to be uploaded onto here. :)

Thanks for checking this profile out!

Also, I've been gone lately only because school's getting tougher, so I gotta buckle down and get stuff done. I'll be back hopefully soon.


Fight on, Hero!!

It's just your typical video game adventure. I'll expand it soon.

The Gunslinger

This story is about the Wild West and I don't know if this is serious or not


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How can I put on an image to a story I'm making? on 5/3/2018 10:55:11 AM

What is RTE exactly? Also the pictures I use are png ones, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

How can I put on an image to a story I'm making? on 5/1/2018 1:50:12 PM

I'm planning to put a picture in this story I'm making but why doesn't it stay? Every time I upload it, the image is gone again. At first I thought it was because I didn't set the width and length properly by clicking it but now it's just bugging me and I need help.