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I have good ideas but I don't always use 'em.

I like to call myself a Master in Theory, Novice in App(lication).


You Do As They Say

As Lieutenant of Exo Squad 1, your job is to maintain order between your modified soldiers and follow orders from above no matter what. You sometimes think maybe the higher-ups are wrong or harsh....Do you dare question them?

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Hi on 5/13/2019 10:07:02 AM

Thank you, I'm sure I will.

Hi on 5/12/2019 8:36:48 AM

Hahaha, thanks for the welcome duel :D. You wrote a great story!

Hi on 5/11/2019 9:25:38 AM

Thank you :)

And, well, yeah. I'm a shy guy. I was disputing with myself whether I should bother posting when I first started, not knowing if anyone would reply, but I saw that this site had an active and welcoming community so I decided, "Why not?"

Glad I reached out and said hello :D

Hi on 5/11/2019 8:47:24 AM

Hi, everyone. I'm a little late in posting this since I joined several days ago, but whatever...:P

I really like the community and the stories I found here, so I'll be employing my time on this website for a while. :D

Although I've never created a text adventure / CYS, I do have some ideas and I'll try my best to make a good one. (I might be a long time in making it though.....)