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Mère Poulard and the french Ghetto

For all times Men have been facing unemployment. The magical and mysterious world of Hogwarts doesn't make an exception. Worse than that, this world which was good living has becoming more and more the miror of the Muggle's World but with witchcraft and flying broomstick. Every inhabitant of this world could not delude their selves anymore. The spectre of the mediocrity and of the reality was eating away the world where every wizard did his first spells.

This situation forces some Hogwarts' teachers to leave their so loved home to look for some new carrier in the world of ordinariness and other platitudes. That's the case of the so-called "Mere Poulard". This magic-cooking teacher has been teaching to Hogwarts' students for more than a century.

Would she pass to teach her knowledge coming from another world, to the simple students of the Hotel Management School "Saint-Cassis" of the Strasburg's ghetto ?

The future of Mere Poulard depends on your capacity to adapt yourself into the real wolrd.