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Hullo there. I'm a complete newbie to having an account here, though I've read stuff on this site for a while 3 years ago. Thinking of writing a sort of storygame, I've only a few loose ideas though...

Anyway, have a nice day.

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Hullo, I guess on 8/2/2019 8:15:37 AM

Alright. Thank you very much for these tips... I really wouldn't call myself precocious either, if I ever do come off as pretentious or anything, I'll try to correct myself.

Oh yeah, and you seem to be everywhere on this site. Everywhere. 

Hi-lo!!!! on 8/2/2019 7:11:37 AM

Hullo to you too! Mayhaps we can start our adventure on this site together *^^*

Hullo, I guess on 8/2/2019 7:08:37 AM

Well hullo there, fellow lover of storygames. I stumbled upon this gem of a website some years ago, but have only rediscovered it recently. Only now have I made an account, so yeah.

I guess this is just a post to say hi! I would also like to inquire about what you think makes a good storygame, is it good character development or creativity; vivid descriptions or a realistic world? I'm a little new to writing, having little experience outside of school, but this seems like a great place to perhaps practice.

Once again, hullo! laugh