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Howdy-ho! on 3/15/2017 12:23:57 AM

Hello! *waves back* Thanks for welcoming me!



Howdy-ho! on 3/15/2017 12:16:25 AM

Thanks for the welcome! Perhaps someday I will, when I get acquainted with the way story games should be written!

Howdy-ho! on 3/15/2017 12:13:19 AM

It was my pleasure, really!

Howdy-ho! on 3/15/2017 12:13:00 AM

Hello! Thank you!

Howdy-ho! on 3/14/2017 1:39:59 AM

Thank you for the welcome! I don't have the necessary knowledge to compete with you, but if possible, introduce me to the Awesome Sarcasm Lord/Lady so I can initiate my attempts to overthrow him/her. 

Oh. What crossed out text? :)

Howdy-ho! on 3/14/2017 1:34:57 AM

Hehe, it's fine. I don't act snobbish towards the Mainstream before I actually try it. :')

Howdy-ho! on 3/14/2017 1:29:31 AM

Thank you for the confidence boost!

Haha. If I decided to write a story in Portuguese, then the question would be: are you feeling adventurous?! :')

Howdy-ho! on 3/14/2017 12:32:10 AM

I... feel... very inspired... *backing away slowly*

Thank you for the additional link, I'm sure I won't regret it!

Howdy-ho! on 3/14/2017 12:25:39 AM

Wait, isn't that yours... ooooh! Those Reverse Psychology nasty tricks!

Howdy-ho! on 3/14/2017 12:22:22 AM

Thank you for the warm welcome! So far it has been a very enjoyable experience, indeed. Who knows, maybe I'll muster up the courage to write a story in English, which would be a first. I am fairly acquainted with writing, but only in my mother language (Portuguese).