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Yo Yo what up, NiggNigg here. I highly doubt anyone is going to read this profile, because I am sure that they have a life and probably have better things to do. Or not, and maybe they just spend all their time on the internet (like me!)

But hey, It's better than facebook right.

You know, I remember in Jr. High when facebook was all the rage. The only reason why I got one was because my friend Colton begged me to get one, just so that I could join his clan on Vampire wars. Since then, for like 3 years I was totally addicted and just started adding random people as my friends so that they could join my clan. I was also one of those annoying kids who kept on sending game invites every time I gained a level. Yeah, that kid. You know the kind I'm talking about.

But, since then, I have gotten wiser and deleted my account because It wasn't cool anymore. (Actually because I almost got pedo raped by one of the guys I added, but don't tell my mom I said that!)

Oh wow, I just went off topic. Ah, oh well who cares. My life isn't super interesting anyway. All you have to know is that I really enjoy games like these. And also I'm a girl, just in case you couldn't tell by the pink (Oh, excuse me, SALMON) text. Like that matters anyway, since I'm not going to upload a profile picture. Wouldn't want that pedo rape incident happening again now would we? ;)

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