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A Late Introduction Thread on 4/20/2017 9:33:56 PM

I just realized I never introduced myself to the forums. I kinda just jumped in, and I now know that's probably why I had points deducted from me on my first (and worst) account for shitposting. 

Anyway, I've found my comfort spot here and I guess maybe you don't hate me as much as before? This might be my last post on the forums for a while, before I take a temporary break and focus on my storygame and commendations.

Farewell, my friends.

Chaos Contest on 4/20/2017 5:29:48 PM

I wasn't going to.

Chaos Contest on 4/20/2017 5:18:39 PM

Would it be cruel if someone made an account with the username "permanentaccount", just to take it away from temporaryaccount?

Chaos Contest on 4/19/2017 11:23:33 PM
"And get banned before Ford? Nah, I ain't stooping that low in the SHAME well."

Chaos Contest on 4/19/2017 11:20:17 PM
@march5th00 Another one gone, but the site still stands strong. Thanks for everything.

Chaos Contest on 4/19/2017 11:17:08 PM
That sucks. I had faith he would at least put up something.

Steve demands attention! on 4/19/2017 10:48:32 PM
That's true, but I was just bringing that to your attention because you stated that sin is not an action, when it indeed is. Edit: Damn, you edited it right before I replied and now it looks weird.

Steve demands attention! on 4/19/2017 10:45:57 PM
Sin is an action as well.

Steve demands attention! on 4/19/2017 9:27:41 PM
I very much doubt that.

Steve demands attention! on 4/19/2017 9:12:26 PM
I'd rather not.