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Kill Aman's mustache on 7/28/2018 10:11:20 PM

So how do you progress?

Dead Man Walking Route Map on 7/13/2018 10:18:35 PM

Unfortunately, I can now confirm this isn't it. The paths from leaving Jacob and continuing on foot are:

go further south ----> Banshee (Death Scene)

go further south ----> Madman ------> Commuter lot

go west -----> Veterans Bridge (optional 'search cars' scene) ---> Train Bridge ---> Veterinary Clinic 

None of these involve encountering the drooler (and that scene is referred to as a "convenience store" instead of "drug store" FWIW).

Dead Man Walking Route Map on 7/13/2018 7:00:50 PM

How is the 'chopped off leg' ending reached - the only way I've found to lose a leg is to kill the hellhound in the 'wrong' way, which automatically leads to a game over screen?

Dead Man Walking Route Map on 4/21/2017 1:31:36 AM

Where is the "talkative zombie"?

Dead Man Walking Route Map on 4/4/2017 9:56:35 PM

Is there a way to get out of the subway tunnels that doesn't involve using a ceiling hatch?