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Colored Text in new RTE on 8/26/2019 11:43:44 PM

To each their own opinion, I guess. 

For my game, having certain sections of text written in gray instead of black was an important part of the play mechanics designed to make it easier for the player to reach the true ending. 

But thanks for clarifying, anyways. 

Colored Text in new RTE on 8/26/2019 11:26:11 PM

I don't see any button for it in the new update. It seems the button for underlining text and changing the font size was also removed. 

You're able to change the colour in the new update? 

Not sure if it could be having any influence, but I'm using microsoft edge and google chrome. 

Colored Text in new RTE on 8/26/2019 11:17:58 PM

Ok, thanks 

Colored Text in new RTE on 8/26/2019 11:05:04 PM

Ok, thanks!

About how long do the updates usually take? (I don't mind if they take that long- I only asked because I noticed I can forcibly change the colour of text in my game in the preview using HTML in the source. If the updates are few and far between I could do this, but if they only take a week or so then I'd just hold off.)

Hope you have a good rest of your day. 

Colored Text in new RTE on 8/26/2019 10:43:17 PM

I don't know if this has anything to do with the new update (I'm a bit confused) but it seems like the ability to change the colour of text in my story is gone?

I'm a bit confused because when I select "preview story" the text that was previously coloured (ex. blue) is still coloured, but if I preview a page it's not coloured. Moreover, it seems I no longer have the ability to colour any of the text simply by highlighting it and choosing the colour I want. Am I missing something?