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Just an ordinary student from the deep southern depths of The Netherlands. Well apart from saying that I write really really slowly and that I often have loads of ideas for stories, but I then abandon them for a couple of months/years, there is nothing else I can think of to write here.

Oh, and I am always happy to help out with something, just send me a message.

P.S Since you have time to read my profile page, why not read (and of course rate and comment on) one of my stories. ;)


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Featured Story A Hero's Odyssey

A great war is about to erupt, the greatest  the world has ever seen since the Trojan war. As the Greek city states are about to be engulfed in civil war, one man has to undertake a great journey. A dangerous road lies ahead, but you must take it, for the odyssey of one will decide the fate of many. This story is loosely based on the famous Greek epic: the Odyssey, by Homer.

Note that this is more of a story than a game. Depending on your choices, it can be either pretty long, or very short.


Rise of a Hero

The people of Azrya live in fear. An evil group of wizards, that call themselves The Black Veil, hold the country in an iron grip. Their leader: Sarces, singlehandedly killed the previous king and his royal guards. When all hope is lost, a small light appears in the darkness. A hero is born ...


I know that this isn't a masterpiece, but this just my first story and I'm not a native speaker of English so advice or comments are welcomed.

TBLHQ: Round 2

The sequel to my first quiz. Welcome back to the Big Little History Quiz! After ending at the Middle Ages last time, we now focus on the time between approximately the 14th and 16th century in a few, short questions. 

In this instalment, I've added a wildcard system, that let's you continue after a wrong answer, and a scoring system. Though I guess you'll notice when you get a question wrong, 850 means you have answered everything correctly. You can view your score after you comment ;)

The Big Little History Quiz

Welcome to the Big Little History Quiz, the best quiz about history from all over the world! This first part mainly focuses on ancient history of European and Middle-Eastern civilization, but later parts will discuss later historical era's and other parts of the world.

Edited 17-07, added some more historical info and corrected some spelling errors.

Featured Story The Raven

Inspired by the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe, 'The Raven' tells the sad and dreadful tale of a man torn apart by his love for his lost love. However, the past does not rest easily and the arrival of a shadowy messenger unlocks memories the heart desperately tries to forget.


The Thief and the Crown Puzzle

The fate of a nation lies on your shoulders. You have infiltrated the royal palace of Arkhendale to recover the most priceless object in the realm. After fighting your way to the treasury, you are but five locks away from your prize. However, time is short as guards are coming your way. Will you be able to solve the puzzle in time?

I made this short game as a test of a puzzle type that I might implement in a future game. It also functions as a teaser of a story that I'm thinking of writing.

And His Name Was War

From Out the Verdant Sea

It's the middle of the 19th century: Napoleon is rotting in his tomb, industrialisation is speeding up, and the Great Powers of Europe are scrambling to colonise the furthest reaches of the Earth. In the far East, on the tropical islands of Southeast Asia, tales are emerging of immense riches: temples to deities long forgotten, filled to the brim with treasure. It only takes the conquest of the untamed jungle for any dedicated adventurer to earn wealth and fame for all eternity. 

The Ghost of Pembroke Hall

"Dear Watson, you do not really believe in ghosts, do you? No, I believe that we are dealing with a mere mortal man."

When the jewels of the dowager Duchess Marbrough go missing and mysterious deaths shake up the town of Brightmore, Holmes and Watson are called in to crack their hardest case yet.

The Last Days of Winter

The Panopticon

"...A huge, grey monolith, towering above the run-down tenements arrayed in a circle around it. Its smooth surface broken only by a thousand mirrored windows, giving it the impression of being a restless giant. Never was one certain if he was being watched. Even within the 'privacy' of one's home, one could feel the eyes of the Party prying into them, looking for the slightest hint of deviancy."

Welcome to Whynaere, the marvel of the modern world. A society under the watchful eyes of the Party, where crime is non-existent, and the people prosper. Follow John Blair, as he delves beneath the surface of this so-called utopia. Would you sacrifice the safe status-quo, for the promise of freedom? Risk breaking down the pillars of society, to pursue a dream for a better future? For when the day is done, what is freedom compared to security?

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Steve demands attention! on 4/22/2017 3:41:38 AM

I'm actually curious, how do you combine radical Marxism-Leninism with religion? Cause, you know, opiate of the masses and all that.

The passing of a member on 4/20/2017 4:47:31 PM

I'm still in favour of maintaining the ban on post-ban alts, or enforcing a cooldown period before readmission to Cystia.

It's all been leading up to this! on 4/20/2017 1:45:07 PM

Wait, so you're live-cys'ing your lunch? I'd say randomly typing on your phone will probably trigger her 

The passing of a member on 4/20/2017 6:52:03 AM

Congrats. I'd say the only reasonable thing to do with your rare commendation points is to bet those in the contest as well...

Oh, and such a shame temporaryaccount is gone and all that. Yadayadayada.

Chaos Contest on 4/18/2017 6:27:27 PM

I was actually wondering, does the whole 'making an alt after you get banned earns you an auto-ban' rule apply here? You know, when talking about raising stakes and all that. 

Steve demands attention! on 4/18/2017 6:25:08 PM

How high were you when you wrote this?

Steve demands attention! on 4/18/2017 6:12:26 AM

To be fair, your question said 'nation', not 'state' or 'country'. I can't help it you don't know how to make unambiguous questionnaires. 

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 5:50:45 PM

1. Left(-leaning). I'm pretty much in favour of an extensive welfare state and such, and reducing income inequality. So according to US standards, I'd probably be burned on the stake for being a commie. 

2. Pretty much in favour. I do think it should be a well-thought through choice, but it's ultimately the parents' own choice.

3. I'd say about 0,5.

4. Don't see any reason to be against it. Í'm currently in a room. 

5. Same as 4, let people do what they feel right. I would however, rather not have intercourse with Caitlyn Jenner. 

6. Can't come up with a question, but don't really have respect for myself, so I guess I'll just don't ask a question, but fill in something?

7. I'm in favour of more lenient immigration laws, with regards to for example work visas and asylum applications. If anything, strict laws often lead to more people hiring people smugglers and the like, or entering a country in other illegal/undocumented ways, which makes governmental oversight even more difficult. I'm (thankfully) not from the US by the way. 

8. He started out as a four, but is moving towards a three after recent developments. He's definitely not Satan (yet), but Bush (Jr.) is starting to look good. 

9. I don't mind religion in general, and I think many religions (Islam included) have a core message that's basically good. It's radicalism that's dangerous, both for Islam and other religions, and for pretty much life philosophy in general. Like in question 7, I'm still not American, and am still not religious either.

10. 5,4,6,R1,7,3,2,1.

11. Norway (but only the Svalbard part), North South Korea, the jungles of French Guyana, Antarctica, and North Dakota.

12. I'm against the death penalty. 

13. I'm also against the right to bear arms. Gun ranges and such are fine, but outside those, the monopoly on violence should lie with the state.

14. I support euthanasia. It of course depends on the individual circumstances, and is too debatable for a short questionnaire, but if someone wants to die, and made a conscious choice to do so (without the prospect of improvement) they'll try to commit suicide anyway. It's better to do it humanely.   

Writing Prompts Week #13 on 4/11/2017 9:50:14 AM

Prompt 2: 

There was not much comforting about David Estrada’s hospice room. The nuns who built the place centuries ago believed that those on the way to the afterlife should have as few distractions as possible, while praying for their immortal souls. Though the hospice had long since passed into (nominally) secular hands, the décor (rickety metal bed, plywood night stand and closet, empty grey walls) hadn’t changed much.

However, it wasn’t the emptiness of the place that unsettled David. It was the silence. Were it not for the whispered murmur from the nurses’ station down the hall – interspersed with the slowing staccato of an optimistic heart monitor - one could imagine being buried already.

A soft breeze made its way through the half-opened window, though it did little to expel the sweltering summer heat. A sliver of moonlight entered through the rustling blinds. For just a moment, David could make out the gaunt, claw-like hand – faintly resembling his own – that lay besides him. A plastic tube disappeared inside it, a clear fluid steadily dripped through.

Scarlet sputum bubbled up through David’s parched lips and dribbled onto his chin, but he couldn’t find the strength to wipe it off. The nurse would get it in the morning. Besides, nobody would see him like this anyway, nor any time soon. His son called last Sunday that he was too caught up in work to visit any time soon, but he wished him well. He’d call again soon. And dear Isabella… he should visit her grave again sometimes. Bring some carnations, she always loved those.

As tears started to well up behind them, David breathed deeply, and closed his eyes. The conversation in the hallway had since ended, and the wind outside died down. Even the beeping monitor beside him, and his softly dripping IV bag, seemed to slow down. Soft tears ran down his face. The silence of the grave returned to David’s room.

Suddenly, slowly, the faint sound of drums crept into the room, emanating from all directions at once. Trumpets sounded in the distance, sliding upwards as they strengthened. Before long, guitars and violins, pianos and tubas, and all the ringing plates of a xylophone, rushed into David’s room like a cacophonous whirlwind of life. Rock and jazz, classical and samba, gentle and raucous, all clashed, melodiously, filling David’s ears with an ocean of music. And when he barely could contain it all, David opened his eyes.

The light was blinding, yet David could not close his eyes. In front of him, from within the warm glow, a woman stepped forward. Her smooth skin seemed to shine brightly in the warm light, and her white dress appeared to shimmer with a thousand colours, swirling around in a waltz of life. Yet David did not feel frightened. Despite the skull-like mask the woman wore, despite the scythe she clutched in her hand, a feeling of peace, of comfort washed over him. As the woman beckoned him slowly, the music swelled to a crescendo.


Mary was almost done with her shift when she heard the alarm bells ring on the heart monitor in Mister Estrada’s room. Though she rushed there, she already knew what she would find. Though she had worked in the hospice for a few years now, Mary was still somewhat hesitant to enter Mister Estrada’s room. Not much was left of the man that was wheeled into the building those months earlier. His cheeks were sunken, and beneath his gown, the sharp contours of his ribs poked through his skin. But as Mary turned the heart monitor off, she could not help but notice his peacefully closed eyes, and the smile on his lips.  

CYS Hunger Games (The Real Chaos Contest) on 4/7/2017 5:41:28 PM