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Suzui on 3/14/2019 3:21:21 PM

Sounds pretty fair, I wrote this for a school project in one class sometime ago and I thought i'd check what actual english people thought of it.

I'm new here though, haven't read more then 2 stories and thought I'd try to join in on the fun (Didn't know I was basically writing a zombie story). Appreciate the feedback though.

Suzui on 3/14/2019 1:56:53 PM

The sun broke through the clouds and finally brought warmth to her face. The wind gently caressed her hair and brought the sound of cars on the road home.

"Your father has a bad day, go for an early nights rest honey."

The beating of wings were heard from the seagulls behind her, the screams only drowned out by the music of a passing party boat filled with students.

"What is the slut doing here? I heard she’s in a relationship with a teacher."

The music changed into whispers as the boat moved away, leaving her with the soft clatter of the wire fence.

"If you want to stay in school you will have to work for it."

She unzipped her coat and laid it next to her, a sleeve hanging from the stone edge.
She looked up at the birds that were flying by and at a trail left behind by an airplane.
A gray cloud moved in front of the sun and took the warmth and color of her face.

"Even the sun doesn't love me." she thought as she took a single step forward and the sound of the cars came closer and closer.