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-Insert outdated profile here-

I'm on the site frequently without contributing anything. If you send me a message I'll probably see it that same day.

I don't have any stories planned as off now. I guess that's my story here on cys. After Homo Perfectus 3 every single one of them was supposed to be "the final one" at some point. At first there was just supposed to be 3, then I got numerous requests to make a continuation about Eve so that's what I did, in doing so I introduced a bunch of characters that I wanted to keep writing about so I wrote Homo Perfectus 5, then, since I had already made 2, I might as well make Eve's story a trilogy, but during that story I grew interested in the way I was progressing Baryon, so I made a story all about him. Then after I had finished that I got an idea about a "next generation" story, so I wrote that and then much later I got hooked on the idea of the villain of Homo Perfectus: Mind Games. The point is I don't know if I'm done writing these stories so there's no point in asking. Maybe I get another idea that I absolutely fall in love with and feel a need to write, if so then I will. If not then I won't.

Also..I've apparently been made Warden Exemplar. Cool.

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Answer The Call

There are three types of people in this world;

Those that make things happen,

Those that watch things happen,

And those that ask - 'what happened?'.


The day starts badly: Late for work, you rush out the door forgetting your wallet and Smartphone.

It gets worse: Someone robs a STAPLES office supply store and you end up with the loot! - Someone else plants a bomb at a Starbucks and you’re holding the detonator!

How the day ends… is up to you.

Race against time or run for cover - the choice is yours - as you encounter COUNTDOWN TIMERS and PUZZLES along the way. 'Make Things Happen' and finish with the highest SCORE finding the Easter Eggs and hidden bonuses along the way. Do nothing and you will find the 'Watch Things Happen' ending or you might stubble upon the hidden ending that will leave you asking 'What Happened?'. Still... whatever you decide to do... don't forget... you're one click away from a BOOM!

 Answer The Call (episode1)

“Answer The Call” is a new and complete CYS game, by magcos and SindriV and will be coming soon on X-Box, PS3 and Nintendo Wii, sponsored by Jeremy Irons and...Yoda.


Homo Perfectus

You are Adam, one of two of the Homo Perfectus's, along with Eve. You two have lived on father's facility for the last fifteen years and have no knowledge of any existence beyond those metallic walls.

NOTE-Items take on the form "capabilities" in this game, which generally means super powers.

Homo Perfectus 2

As a direct continuation from the Super Heroic ending of the first game, Adam saved humanity from Pandora's Box and did so without killing Eve. She's at the hospital and Adam constantly waits for her to wake up. Things start to get complicated when a criminal empire finds the Pandora's Box virus and starts to turn it into a biological weapon, and if that wasn't enough, Adam has to face a familiar, "damaged" foe.

Again, this game has powers instead for items and you must select them, the same as you do with items, when the situation calls for it.However, there will be regular items in this game as well, if you find them.

Homo Perfectus 3

The final installment of the Homo Perfectus trilogy. Three years have passed since Adam first wore the Shade Mask and defeated Damage. He has now become a full fledged superhero within Gorgon City as Shade and has created a some kind of life with Eve there. But once again, a new threat emerges, this time in the form of the villain known only as the Grim Reaper, but his true identity remains hidden. Although this villain seems insignificant to begin with, Adam has no idea how he will become once he reaches the Apex of his power.

Once more, some items take on the form super powers in this game, and those can usually be identified as items that cannot be dropped. At the end, you unlock various different easter eggs about the makings of the Homo Perfectus trilogy, depending on how high your score is. Your score increases by doing things you don't have to do, but should, like saving people. Even if you're not interested in the easter eggs, you should still do those things to find stuff you need to get the best ending. I would also like to thank ugilick who pointed out a plot hole for me to fix, and for all of his help on the trilogy.

Homo Perfectus 4

Due to a large number of requests, I have decided to make a fourth Homo Perfectus storygame (despite my claims of Homo Perfectus 3 being the final one).

-If you haven't read the previous ones, this one contains MASSIVE spoilers-

A month has passed since the events of Homo Perfectus 3, and Eve has embraced her new role as Shade, but has detached from society as much as she possibly can. However, more genetically altered beings are being brought into this world as Michael Thorne, a former collegue of Meckard's, tries to take steps towards human perfection.

Homo Perfectus 5

A fifth installment to the Homo Perfectus series. Two years have passed since the forming of the Imperfects and Thorne's defeat at the hands of Eve. But as soon as everything appears to be returning to normal, the Imperfects discover an entirely new threat. Could it be that Meckard's legacy still survives after all this time?

This time, you play as all the Imperfects. Eve, Baryon, Freakshow, Haste and Brute, but not at the same time. Namely, when an ending is reached, you will unlock a new character to play, unless the ending involves your death, in which case, that character becomes locked again until unlocked by someone else's ending. Also, if you die at some point, you might want to consider not using the go back button (unless that character was your only unlocked character, and try playing someone else from the perspective that one of the Imperfects dies. That brings me to another thing: your actions as one character will incorporate into your other playthroughs.

By the way, there is a secret character that can join the Imperfects. That character will not be playable, but it is a character you may have seen on previous Homo Perfectus stories.

Homo Perfectus 6

Six months after the effects of Homo Perfectus 5, and Meckard's legacy finally seems to have stopped causing damage. The Imperfects have allowed the Gorgon lab to research into the works of past villains, but in return, have been given proper oversight to ensure history does not repeat itself. However, there is one vital piece of project that is out in the open, whether she realizes it or not...

Only one character is playable this time, namely Eve although I have a new system, which I call the companion system, which means you command what your allies do during missions. In addition to the secret character that could join the team in Homo Perfectus 5 (who I will not name here in case someone might be reading this before readin Homo Perfectus 5), there are two new Imperfects that have joined the team, which barely makes up for Baryon's loss.

Also, as most people seem to prefer the power system of Homo Perfectus 1-3, I have brought that back.

Featured Story Homo Perfectus 7

The title "Homo Perfectus" may not be very accurate for this story, as you do not play as a Homo Perfectus. Instead, you play as the vengeful former Imperfect Baryon, who fights against injustice, wherever he finds it, even if it includes the law.

This story is somewhat shorter than other Homo Perfectus stories, but still a vital part of the saga. 

Whether you can achieve the Super-heroic ending or not depends on choices you make in the very beginning, so if you can't seem to reach it, then it is possible that you simply made the wrong decisions.

Homo Perfectus 8

You are Eve's child. Gender and name is customizable. Go through the growing years of the new Homo Perfectus, and learn from the older Imperfects to prepare for the time when you are forced to take charge of the new generation of mutants.

Both the power and the companion systems are very similar to Homo Perfectus 6. The main difference is that the companions have health bars, and can die if used poorly.

I intend to make this the final Homo Perfectus installment, although I have said that before, so I don't know whether that will last. This story is a lot longer than any of my past stories, as it goes through many years of the main character's life, and is really Homo Perfectus 8, Homo Perfectus 9 and Homo Perfectus 10 all in one (in order to have the decisions made through one of them to affect the others without having a tedious numerical system).

Whether you can get the super heroic ending or not depends on how many team members you have, so if you can't get the best ending, that's probably the reason.

EDIT: Added a page to the story. Just a single page, that's all, but it was a story Baryon tells that I just thought of and I had to include it somewhere. This of course meant I had to unpublish and republish the story so if your save just got deleted, that would be why.

Homo Perfectus: Mind Games

"I think therefore I am."

-René Descartes.

Reanimation 2

Instead of redoing Reanimation, I'm making a new one. This is a direct continuation from the selfish ending in the previous game. You are a mercenary sent into the lab with several others to contain the situation at the lab. I try to apply all criticism I got from the first game to this one.


There has been an incident at the laboratory you work at as a security guard and a test subject highly contaminated with the Reanimator virus has escaped. It is your job to contain and destroy the virus, but your main priority is to survive.

Save Your Dragon

Your best friend, the dragon Redscale has been abducted by an unknown adversary. Get yourself a companion, find Redscale and find out who took him.

This is the remodeled version of the original. There will be more story and it is going to be longer. Some of the comments gave me an idea how to redo it.  The story has three sides to it. Thanks to the work of my Co-author, I've got a great story. For that, I thank him. 

Comments and ratings wanted to help for future stories!

Last Survivor: The Incident
unpublished , coauthor

A story of polish Major Matthew Kozucki in the alternative universe, where USSR won the second world war and USA is still isolationistic country in 2025.

Motherland is a great, civilized country, yet there are shadows of the past lurking everywhere... one man will uncover government secrets and maybe, just maybe challege the system.


* You only have two packs of gas grenades... use them sparingly!

* Use your wits! Charging in is NOT preferable solution to all problems.

* Each of three main ways complement each other! Play them all to fully understand the story.

* About twelve endings, based on primary and secondary choices. Secret and True ending incuded!

* The game get's harder in the long run.


This CYOA is second one I created. Considerable more resources and time were spent on it, so I sure hope that story of the major will be relatable to. Each 'simple' ending gives you 15 SCORE points, 'complicated' endings are worth 25 points, 'true' ending is 45 and 'secret' - 50. Also each lore you'll read will allow you to gain one more point each. Score limit is 50, so it's entirely possible to finish with true ending and have the same number points that secret one. I've done so to basically acknowledge people who haven't found the secret story, but still were reading all the stuff I created. So yeah, that's that.

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I just think any DC movie that doesn't have Superman in it is just filler, but this was a very entertaining filler.


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