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"Tell me, O Muse, of the man of many devices, who wandered full many ways after he had sacked the sacred citadel of Troy."


Homer, Odyssey


Scholars believe the Odyssey was composed somewhere near the end of the 8th century BC. So many years after it's still one of the greatest epic poems...

Penelope is still an admired woman. 






 I am Penelope. I am here to read, waste my time and laugh at failures. :)

My favorite quote is: "Take all that cringy-ness off me" from a person related to me.

Favorite mythical creature is the sirens.

My principles are my everything.-Maybe-


I am a lurker of forums in sites some years now. I have a very good knowledge of Odyssey/Iliad/Greek Mythogy /Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Star Trek and more, trivia. Message me if you want to discuss sth of them. 



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Need story ideas on 9/21/2018 3:34:35 PM

Okay then. Nvm. 

Need story ideas on 9/21/2018 12:03:24 PM

Wait, ideas on stories or storygames ?

Uprooted - A Review on 9/17/2018 11:09:19 AM

Here's my review for a standalone novel named 'Uprooted'. Don't hesitate to add your own thoughts.

Title of Book: Uprooted

Author of Book: Naomi Novik

Publisher: Del Rey, 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Awards Won: Nebula Award for Best Novel, Lucos Award for Best Fantasy Novel, Nominee for Hugo Award

My rating: 4.5/8

Synopsis: Agnieska is a 17-year-old teenage girl living in the town of Dvernik by the Wood. But there is a terrible curse at her village and noone would go to the Wood. Luckily, a man named Dragon, who lives in a tower inside the Wood, knows how to resolve and can defeat the curse. But this has a cost. He comes to the town every ten years and takes a teenage girl with him. He keeps her in his tower for 10 years and then he lets her go. Agnieska is terrified as she had heard many rumors about Dragon. Her best friend, Casia, would be perfect for him, beautiful, smart, creative...and the time has come- they are both teenage girls.

But when Dragon comes, it is not Casia he takes...

On to the review.


Plot: Well, the plot was very predictable at the first 5 chapters. The Dragon would obviously take the protagonist with him and not whom we expected. Also, the girl's reaction when she arrives at the tower is boring and easy to predict. Later on the book, somewhere in the middle, there are a lot of plot holes. The author introduces a bunch of people that appear randomly. The protagonist's reaction when she meets them is confusing and sudden.

Also I do not like plagiarism. *spoilers*The whole 'Beauty and the Beast' thing was gross. Okay, the romance was a plot twist but either copy BatB completely or not at all. The plotting changed and changed involving more romance. Ugh.

Structure: The book's structure was sufferable. It had a setup, a conflict, a (not-so-much-for-me) resolution.

It was pretty simple, with simple chapters alltogether creating the story. The paragraphs didn't match though frequently. The author jumped from subject to subject.

Setting: The setting was in some random (non-existant) magical villages and at some random period of time. This could obviously confuse the reader because the narrator's point of view seemed to know everytging about it, while the reader did not have a clue. Especially the locations.

Author's Style of Writing: This, was surprising. At first it seems very outdated and something that could be perfect in the middle of the 19th century or something. But later on it becomes modern, like it is written in the early 2000'. For me, it becomes better, obviously. But it brings a whole new 'romance' detail and characterisms and it becomes boring again.

Detail: 448 pages (a lot of them with no reason to exist). Many unesessary paragraphs which were just blubbering. But the author did emphasise on the important parts and wrote nice descriptions so well done, bravo.

Characters: We really do not get much info about the heros nor we understand certain things about their characters. 

Dragon: Him for example. We never get to understand why he is so 'lonely' or such an idiot. A nice backstory that explained all these that evolved throughout the story would fit. Not all in once, but nicely involved. Also I didn't like him. Okay, Agnieska is a piece of shit to him but why must he do the same? He takesa beauty every ten years and *spoiler* teaches her magic, for what? To meaw and cringe all the time? Big no.

Agnieska: Ah ah ah. Agnieska. The biggest dissapointment of all. Let's take it from the beggining. She is sad, ok? Her best friend is supposed to be taken. But naw naw naw she is at the same time relieved she won't be taken instead. Wtf? Are they friends or nah?

She deserved to be taken. Let's move on. *lots of spoilers*. When she goes at the tower she acts (predictably) like a piece of shit and meaws and bitches and vomits all the time. And then the romance comes. But she continues to act like a piece of shit. And when Dragon leaves temporarily because of the Chimaera she predictably tries to run away. That bitch. She could have been described better. I generally do not like female emotional crying bitches for protagonists and she wasn't an exception.

Casia: We don't learn much about her. She had some nice moments throughout the story and was generally more sufferable than Nieska. But she managed ro stay a piece of shit in all the story so...yeah bravo Casia bravo.

Conclusion: It is a great read if you want to read something, to judge it harsh and find all the flaws. It also gives you the opportunity to make fun of the people there and I liked that. I would recommend it to waste your time. It had some nice scenes and some funny piece of magic I don't disagree. Bravo.




A Caraval Review on 9/2/2018 7:43:54 AM

Here is my review for the first book of the Caraval Series by Stephanie Garber. I am quite severe there but I hope I did my best. Feel free to add your own thoughts :)


Title of book: Caraval

Author of the book: Stephanie Garber

Genre(s): Fiction, Fantasy Fiction

Publisher: MacMillan Publishers

Awards Won: 5 times book of the year in 5 magazines.

My rating: 6/8

Summary: Scarlett and her beloved sister, Tella, have never left their home island, Trisda. They live in a castle, with a powerful but abusive father and a mother missing for years.

Scarlett's nana, always told her stories and myths about Caraval, a once-a-year magical performance where the audience participates in the show. Of course, she dreamed about it and for years wanted to experience the magic of it.

But now her father has arranged some engagements...and at the same time, the long waited invitations arrive. A mysterious sailor helps the girls arrive on the island Caraval takes place.

Before Scarlett realises it, Legend, the Mastermind Organiser of Caraval, kidnaps Tella. She is the main theme of this year's game. Will Scarlett find her sister and win the show before the time is over? Or will Tella disappear...forever?


On to my review now:

Concept / Structure / Setting: The idea behind Caraval is generally impressive. Heartbreak, Sister Love, Twists and more, all combined wonderfully in such a masterpiece. It evolves around a game, a show, which mixes the truth and the lies. The Drama and Romance might be a little too much but that doesn't bother the reader. 

The book had no structure at all. I could see from far away that Stephanie Garber was a beginner in story writing because the author didn't....analyze  it into the very depth. All she cared was about her characters emotions and her readers psychology. Let's face it, her book's structure was a chaos. (Actually, non-existant for me but whatever.)

A problem though is the setting. In the beggining, everything seems confusing and weird. Also the reader might dislike the fact that he/she has to read the whole book in order to understand it fully. It talks about colonies, empires, islands outside of this world. There isn't much of an explanation about where the hell it is taking place.


Onto the Characters:


Scarlett put above everything her sister. That was okay I guess, kinda realistic. On to my opinion now. Okay, let's deal with it, that was so awful at a point. The whole drama thing with Julian was annoying. The fact that I was trapped in her thoughts and tried to identify with her in almost every chapter beat me. She was bitching around, whining and wanted to actually do the arranged wedding. I mean, wtf? Apparently her relationship with the sailor is now a thing. That was very silly according to the ending I think.

The Sailor: That was a quite interesting character. Far more sufferable than Scarlett. His whole mysterious behavior is funny. But falling for Scarlett was kinda pathetic. Idiocity, if you ask for my opinion.

Tella: I do not want to spoil anything but we didn't learn much about her. My favorite character though. Very adventurous, extraordinary.

Scarlett's father: Oh, I am with his side! I mean, sure, he hurt his daughters but he has a tragic past. I think I can forgive him for the time. His wife disappeared, he had so much power which made him ignorant, his daughters not listening to him...


Moving on to Detail: Ugh. We could say it's fairly detailed. I mean, I bought the first English edition which is a tiny tiny book but it didn't dissapoint me. Could be more detailed at the two final chapters. She didn't describe everything but it was a nice try.


All in all it was a good read. I would definitely recommend it, although it had its problems. The feels were enjoyable as well as the conclusion. The author has potential for far more successful books.



Any thoughts on the book? Do you agree?






Ruined link when creating New Storygame on 9/2/2018 2:03:49 AM

Okay, thank you all.

Ruined link when creating New Storygame on 9/1/2018 1:08:53 PM

When you go to My Stuff > Storygames > New story, it leads to a page where you have to enter the title. Above, it has two links to two articles. When you click on: "Storygame Creating 101" it leads to a blank page.

Is this a bug? Or you deleted the article and never replaced/erased the link?

 I would really like to read the article (if it exists). If it doesn't, then I suggest erasing the link.


Forum Search Bug on 8/31/2018 10:01:24 AM

Yes I agree with Leora. If you want to generally search something use the Chrome Extension or something >which I hope you'll use.

This site is very old, do not try using those functions, simply they won't get you anywhere.


I hope you find what you want :)


Blegh on 8/24/2018 2:37:32 AM

Here you are.

There is the link button at the options above the post. Click it and paste the link there. Then click "okay".




Hello on 8/4/2018 9:05:12 AM

Aww one of my favorite threads in this site. What a hillarious story (ah maybe and "A Bantastic Thread").

Hello on 8/4/2018 3:16:41 AM

A quick summarise:

Don't be an idiot and no Warrior Cats! 

But actually yeah the pokemon avatar motivated me to welcome the person too. Are you a fan of Pokemon series? Did you get obsessed with the Pokemon GO app the last years? Or both?