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Tally Ho, Chapter Four on 10/2/2019 5:36:26 AM

Option 1, we still have some... "business" with Rory and Frankincense's relationship.

Tally Ho, Chapter Four on 10/2/2019 5:35:32 AM

Ah, thank you. I'll make sure to join once I remember to blow the dust off my age-old steam account.

Tally Ho, Chapter Four on 10/1/2019 10:24:57 AM

Option 2 feels like it'll yield the best result, 3 is basically dipping in and out of the pool which usually doesn't go well. Just caught up on the story, really liking it so far Gower, maybe I'll even purchase the game sometime if I have the money. 600,000 words is very impressive but very daunting, so I want to make sure I'm up for reading all of it.

Singer in Black on 9/29/2019 1:37:20 PM

Is this any better? I tried to follow your criteria, let me know how it works out.

Singer in Black
There once lived a man who sung songs in dark hues.
He preached his own pain, and the listeners wept,
They yearned for his life, their flame burning his fuse,
So he burned it all down, as his silence soon crept.
With a crowd below him and a rod in his hand,
Soon he joined a league of names engraved in stone.
When he sung time stopped its shifting sands,
Though he whistled to many, he still stood alone,
Played a grave little tune as his fists shoveled bone.

Singer in Black on 9/29/2019 12:22:50 PM

Noted, thank you, the feedback is greatly appreciated. Will make adjustments and try to improve it in a bit, when I have a little more free time. 

Singer in Black on 9/29/2019 9:59:52 AM

I see, thank you. Maybe it would fit into that, but I'd have to adjust it a bit considering it's pretty grim as is. But thanks for the suggestion.

Singer in Black on 9/29/2019 7:36:52 AM

Short poem I put together, curious as to what people think. I know poetry isn't supposed to be a treasure hunt as some people tend to make it out to be, but I tried to make every line work towards a common meaning, and wondering how it worked out. Criticism of any kind of is welcome.

Singer in Black
There once lived a man who sung songs in dark hues,
With many a tear shed over his pain, 
Yet none wished to walk in his shoes,
All knew of the troubles he could not explain.
With a crowd below him and a rod in his hand,
Joins a league of names engraved in stone,
When he sings time stops its shifting sands,
He whistles to many, yet still stands alone,
Sings a grave little tune as his fists shovel bone.

Now THAT'S Funny! on 9/29/2019 7:17:31 AM

I commented on this on the Discord server already, but the concept of a "Funny Thread" already strikes me as a pretty Orwellian concept. I know people tend to use that as a buzzword for anything vaguely authoritarian they disagree with, but in this case, it really does seem like the "Funny Thread" is the first in a series of emotional quarantines with its sister threads "Anger Thread" and "Happiness Thread". If you dare show these emotions in any other thread, you're immediately excommunicated.

Greetings on 9/29/2019 6:22:01 AM

I guess I can see why you think that? It was mostly meant to be a general warning of potential inactivity, considering, from lurking, I've gathered that the community tends to encourage consistent activity from its members. Apologies for the confusion, I suppose?

Greetings on 9/26/2019 3:39:44 AM

Hey, my name is TrickleJest. I've been lurking for a bit, decided to finally pull the trigger. Might not be here for too long since I'm pretty busy in general, but just wanted to greet the community while I am.