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The Day of Love....and Sometimes Condoms on 2/15/2019 1:41:38 PM

Sorry for the delayed reply. I was at the hospital for a check up/physical therapy visit. I work as a firefighter and I suffered some bad burns on my arm at work during one of our calls about a week or so ago. So my hand and lower arm is all wrapped up and I can't do all that much. Luckily I am ambidextrous so I can use my left hand to do things. I should be pretty much back to normal in another two weeks or so. 

The Day of Love....and Sometimes Condoms on 2/14/2019 10:31:56 PM

I spent most of it in the hospital. I got to watch some Valentine's Day themed cooking shows and a nurse gave me some candy which was nice. I'm allergic to the chocolate but the rest of the candy was good. So I'd say it was a pretty good Valentine's Day.

Poll: Swift Execution or Public Stoning? on 2/12/2019 11:35:42 PM

While I know I probably have not been a member of the forums long enough to be considered a user who matters, I hope you don't mind me giving my opinion on this.

I think the "public stoning" option is better. I'll admit that I almost always try to be nice and polite, but to be fair, this is the internet. If you put out sub par work you need to be prepared have it be torn apart. And almost everybody I saw in the comments gave advice along with criticism. That's more than most places will give you. If they are serious about improving then they will use the criticism to harden their resolve and produce better work in the future. If they aren't serious they shouldn't be putting their work on this site. And if they can't take criticism, well, maybe Choice of Games is a better fit for them. Or getting off the internet and reading a book.

Music sharing place. on 2/11/2019 5:50:14 AM

Yeah its the Russian guitar. It's a fun instrument to play but unless you play with some type of pick your finger tips will get very calloused. But it sounds much better when strummed with your fingers as opposed to using a pick so the trade off (occasional finger pain/bleeding) is worth it. At least until your finger tips develop the texture and strength of leather gloves.

Music sharing place. on 2/11/2019 5:22:05 AM

That is very cool, especially with the comparison to a more traditional way of playing it. Instruments that break the norm have always been very fascinating to me. I just play the boring balalaika though. Oh and the accordion. But that isn't any more interesting than the balalaika. 

Music sharing place. on 2/10/2019 4:15:52 PM

Yeah it's pretty much a mechanical violin shaped like a guitar. The keys on it are used to effect the strings vibration length which changes the sound. Kind of like how guitarists press down on the fret board to make the strings have different tones. We had a musician who played it in Pushkin when I was little so I got to try it out a few times. I'm glad you liked it.

Music sharing place. on 2/10/2019 1:36:25 AM

I don't know how many people have heard of an instrument called the hurdy-gurdy but its basically like a violin that uses a crank that spins a wheel which acts as the bow. I know that probably is really confusing but it really is a beautiful instrument. Anyways this guy named Andrey Vinogradov is pretty much a master at playing it and he has a Youtube channel full of songs that I think people here might enjoy. I'll link one of my favorites called "Aequilibrium" if you guys want to listen.



50 words story thread. on 2/8/2019 5:34:14 AM

I agree wholeheartedly with your criticism. The story was actually based off of one of my old journal entries and with the 50 word limit I found it difficult to balance painting a vivid picture and advancing the story. Thank you very much for the critique though. It has given me some insight into what I can work on should I give it another go.

50 words story thread. on 2/8/2019 2:40:22 AM

My apologies if I did this wrong but this seemed like fun.

A little girl cries next to her destroyed home, her parents nowhere to be found. In a wasteland she once called her town, gunshots have replaced the songs of birds. Pained screams fill the once peaceful nights. A low rumble fills the air. Machines approach. And a little girl cries.



Hello Everybody on 2/6/2019 1:43:42 PM

Ah, but that would be telling wink! But in all seriousness an old lady actually called me that after she mistook me helping her pick up her dropped groceries for stealing her turnips. My little sister told my old squad mates in the army and they started using it as my nickname. But its funny and memorable enough that I thought I might as well use it for my username here. Thank yo for the hello and funny question.