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Fresh Meat: Baiting and Hooking Thread on 4/16/2019 3:03:59 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll be sure to just stick with the real story next time. The other story was just a poor attempt at being clever while walking home from work. I really have to stop trying to be clever.

Fresh Meat: Baiting and Hooking Thread on 4/16/2019 2:24:32 PM

I was but a lowly turnip serf living under the tyrannical rule of the Beetsheviks. Fed up with the injustices brought upon the turnip people of my homeland, I escaped our meager farm and began to attack Beetshevik convoys wherever I found them, returning stolen goods to the people. The authorities began hunting for me, calling me a turnip bandit. It is a title said in whispered voices by my enemies, and with reverent praise by my supporters. Holy Farmer willing, the Beetsheviks will be driven out of our lands and peace will return to the land. But until then I continue on. For with the Holy Farmers support we will be victorious and be one step closer to the embrace of the One Who Tills.

Nah, I just came up with that story on the spot. To be honest its a much more mundane story than that. I was waiting for a train and an old woman dropped her bag of vegetables. When I went to help her pick them up she started screaming "Turnip bandit" over and over and my squad mates (and little sister) never let me live it down. I figured it was as good a username as any.

Understanding manga on 4/16/2019 1:51:24 PM

Are you making sure to read it from right to left?

How do I exist? on 4/15/2019 6:35:22 PM

Well you can always start off by reading, rating, and commenting on some of the stories on the site. The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost is one of the newer big stories and a good place to start. Pretty much anything by EndMaster is a safe bet as well. Eternal is one of my favorites and I've heard great things about Rouges and Necromancer as well.

You could also play around with making your own story. If you want help with that I'd look around the Advanced Editor Forum, Writing Workshop, and maybe even the Creative Corner.

Lastly you could lurk around the forums a bit. There are plenty of good threads and good examples of how not to act, so it should help you in avoiding a ban. 

Have fun and welcome to the community.

Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 5:49:30 PM

Thats pretty much always the plan to be honest. I've been called to numerous construction sites and renovations that catch fire. They are a mess to try to put out. Especially very old buildings. And 90% of the time they're caused by human error. Human stupidity is hard to plan for.

Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 5:39:16 PM

There really wasn't a whole lot more they could have done. The structure itself appeared mostly to be held up or at least reinforced by scaffolding which severely limits their options. Add its age, location, and the materials it was built from and this was a nightmare for any firefighter to deal with. Honestly I'm surprised they saved as much as they did. And to be honest, plans for stuff like this tend to fall through rather quickly. But the fact that nobody died and the relics were saved shows that they did have some plan in place. 

Great job Paris! on 4/15/2019 4:39:30 PM

That is extremely sad to see, and on the week of Easter no less. I hope they are able to get at least some of the relics housed in the cathedral out. Luckily, the bronze statues of the apostles were already out of the building so at least some of the historical pieces are safe. What a tragedy.

Edit: It would appear that many of the relics including the Crown of Thorns and Piece of the True Cross were indeed saved according to RT. That is a relief to hear.

Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/13/2019 12:36:18 PM

Sorry if I messed something up. You could always just search "PSA: Roofies still in the hiz-ouse" and it should be the first link. Apologies again if I screwed something up.

Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/13/2019 5:20:07 AM

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post the link. Plus I figured you would have all been tired of me cluttering up Avery's thread by now. Here's a link to all his articles. I'm sure I'll mess up the link so you might have to copy and paste. Sorry. Crazy what a reverse image search will find you. He has some funny Yelp reviews too. Like the one where a Russian mover cursed at his wife and destroyed his floor so the business owner flagged his review for slander. Drama seems to follow him.



Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/12/2019 3:27:07 PM

Perhaps Jason should have stuck with writing articles for that online fashion magazine like he used to. His articles had such lovely titles like "PSA: Roofies still in the hiz-ouse", and "How To: Not Get Laid". Oh well.