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Hi, I am Unkindcrab. I spent years teaching myself to write (because I am a crab.) I do love to write, although my crab tribe shuns me because of this. They think that writing is a waste of time and that it is better to learn how to feast on food or use our pincers right. Be warned that our master, Periculum, does not like humans and will eat them on sight. We are still not sure what he is, he looks deformed, but he is the biggest so we call him our leader.

On a serious note: I love writing and will always do it as a side interest or hobby. So far I have written 3 actual books, but cannot publish them. (Reasons.) That's all you need to know about me.

Wait, who are you? Creep! 


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Friday the 13th

Welcome to Friday The 13th. In this game YOU decide how you die, live, or get involved in your player interactions. Make sure you are ready because this is going to be one bloody ride.



*Note: language and deaths are gruesome and may not be suitable for children under the age of 13, you have been warned.*

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Need people to fill a weird list for... reasons on 8/18/2019 3:55:17 PM

Best food for combat- Stale Bread

Most aerodynamic type of bread- BaGeLs

Multiple weapons that can be formed from sausages excluding nunchucks and whips- Knives and boomerangs

Food/sauce/dipping/dressing easily applied unto the floor and easy to slip on- Soy Sauce

Best mid range food- Cheese

Best long range food- Pizza

Best short rage food- Cookies

Creative uses of cheese- Making cows and goats faint

Best throwable food- Pizza

Stalest bread of them all- The Oldest Stale Bread Ever

Crackers/cookies- OMNOMNOM

Creative uses for raisins- Fake Rabbit Poop 

Surprise me with creative uses for cutlery/cooking shticks- CHEESE WEAPONS

The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/17/2019 11:13:20 AM

This reminds me of a movie. But I don't know where from. ;__;


What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/12/2019 8:54:29 PM

I agree. His eyebrows are like Q's hair. You know its them but they will never be the same, and you will never look at them the same.

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/12/2019 7:50:51 PM

Yeah, Q is a really funny guy (especially the one where he got his hair cut) and I think that he is pretty bad at cheating. Murr is the kind of guy who lightens up everybody elses spirits. Joe is definitely the class-clown. One of Joe's greatest moments was when he sat on top of the golanda lift and started saying "suck it!' to random countries/states. I agree with your point though...

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/12/2019 6:38:39 AM

I completely agree with you on Impractical Jokers. They are pretty funny. Who's your favorite character? Mine would be Sal. 

Looking for bad pick-up lines on 3/11/2019 10:31:18 PM

Hey! I'm calling the police. *Goes into romantic whisper* Because you just stole my heart. ;)

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/11/2019 9:09:39 PM

I would love to see that but for some reason it says Error-Page not found. My device seems to not let me see website pictures. it does this with every picture I get. Dumb crab wifi. You'll never guess the password though...

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/11/2019 8:15:54 PM

Not if you can't catch me! HAHAHA. No really though, I have taught myself to type, and how to kill a human being  and to enjoy spending time with humans. They do not understand how rude it is to look at each eye over and over. Just pick one! My crab tribe will enjoy taking over continuing to spread our ever-lasting bond with the humans. We just need a sacrifice. Not asking to much. Just one soul for a pass of not getting pinched for life, St Patrick's day is coming up...

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/11/2019 4:10:39 PM

Well, I know that a lot of people may make fun of me for this, but here we go.

I can't decide on the T.V shows, so I will just choose two of my personal favorites.

-Parks and Recreation 

-The Office

Now, the movies is a hard part. If I had to choose one I would say......

Anything in the line of MCU (Marvel Cinimatic Universe) or any good 'ol horror movie.

Silence on 3/10/2019 9:55:38 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it!