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G'day. I am a big fan of CYOA and interactive fiction.


"Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom." - Terry Pratchett.

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You Are Fake News (End of Year Contest) on 12/7/2019 5:53:43 AM

Second weekly reminder.

You Are Fake News (End of Year Contest) on 12/6/2019 6:22:25 AM

First weekly reminder of my entry into the contest.

I am thinking I will make a sad storygame with an optional funny playthrough, an urban fantasy roughly 30,000 words in length. Maybe. We'll see, I might grow bored of it and change it into something different.

I'll also be working on a few storygames that won't be used as contest-fodder. These projects admittedly will take some time before they are ready for publishing.

Now I'm going to read those helpful guides so I don't end up being a complete failure.

Stay tuned for the second update.


Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II on 11/30/2019 1:11:36 PM

30) For the bold - a story that will make Mizal cry.

Critique my storygame on 9/4/2019 1:17:43 PM

Good story, you should give it a brief summary. I'll also reiterate what other people have said: Expand on it more and get a proofreader.

Introduction. on 9/3/2019 3:11:08 AM

Sup Ozoni, I like your poetry, always try to write every day. No, I won't be bringing that avatar back.

Introduction. on 9/3/2019 1:13:37 AM

Don't worry about it. We will blockade you if it gets worse.

Introduction. on 9/2/2019 5:31:51 PM

Thank you, EndMaster.

Introduction. on 9/2/2019 3:14:06 PM

So the Villain's Lair is a private meme/writer's group on Discord? Okay, I'll request an invite on a later date.

Introduction. on 9/2/2019 2:36:29 PM

G'day ghost11, how is life in paradise?

Introduction. on 9/2/2019 2:35:39 PM

Hey BerkaZerka, I am a big fan.