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No. Rather, YOU are the victim.

That link is one of two inspirations for my username. The other being my abuse at the hands of horrible, power-hunrgy, trigger-happy mods.


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F Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on 10/28/2019 10:21:47 PM

How dare you swear at the austere religious scholar who definitely isn’t a coward?

Let me tell you how good Skybreak is on 10/14/2019 3:56:13 AM

Thanks, Sy worked.

Let me tell you how good Skybreak is on 10/12/2019 10:36:04 PM

Thanks! Let me know if you get a response.


E: As far as bugs go, one of the events (Encounter: Virtues; chose cosmopolitan) reduced my survival to -1, and then I got another event (the first Science Corp mission for the inquisitor storyline) that was supposed to increase my survival, but it was still stuck at -1.

Let me tell you how good Skybreak is on 10/12/2019 9:37:33 PM

Okay, I'm back with another technical difficulty. For one of my talents, I chose science vessel, which will occassionally give me the option to conduct a systemwide scan. The option was presented to me for the first time just now: "S) Systemwide Scan (Requires 1 Adventure Point)". However, when I typed "S", it would only give me a status report. Does anyone know how I can choose the systemwide scan option?

Insomnia on 10/11/2019 6:04:49 PM

That they are, unfortunately.

Insomnia on 10/11/2019 2:01:26 PM

In the future, you could also try different brands of sleeping pills. My mother uses sleeping pills everyday, but the only brand that works for her is a Chinese brand.

Let me tell you how good Skybreak is on 10/7/2019 8:48:42 PM

Thanks. I also had to move the .taf file out of the folder it was originally in because the file dialog couldn’t find the folder when I was trying to open it.

Let me tell you how good Skybreak is on 10/7/2019 7:49:59 PM

Do you know how to play the downloaded version? I downloaded ADRIFT, and I downloaded Skybreak, but when I tried to open Skybreak! (1.0).taf, it asked for a passcode which I don't have.

Insomnia on 10/7/2019 4:15:10 PM

Have you tried sleeping pills? When I have trouble falling asleep, 2 pills are enough to make me fall asleep within at most an hour.

Black, Female or Gay? on 10/1/2019 1:17:23 PM

Straight yellow male to straight white male. This would result in the smallest drop in IQ. As we all know, queers are mentally disabled and men are smarter then women. However, white people are only slightly dumber than East Asians.