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I am the victim.


No. Rather, YOU are the victim.

That link is one of two inspirations for my username. The other being my abuse at the hands of horrible, power-hunrgy, trigger-happy mods.


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A Whirlwind Tale of Time Travel

You find a machine in your garage, and it seems intricately linked to your destiny.

Eternal Ruler
You find yourself the ruler of a newly born nation and must make choices that will decide the fate of your country.

History of the Internet

Test Game 2

A place where I test technical stuff

The Story of Creation

White House Simulator: President Richard Nixon
Ahh, number 37. Your presidency is destined for trouble. Will you do better than the real Nixon, or will you be executed for treason?

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A. Sleep in a stable

How long can this chain go on?

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A. Look For Another Inn

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A. Ask For a Room

Let me guess. This loops back to me being in a dark room.

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This is really linear...

A. Book an Inn

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A. Move to Bethlehem

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Link to the current pit of shame.

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A. Christmas!

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A. What is normal?

That I died again?

The Dark Room on 2/10/2019 3:41:18 PM

B. My Finger Is Normal