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I own a website business and have been a sci-fi and fantast fiction fanatic. My library, the one made with paper has over 400 books. Many are the original Heinlein, Anthony, Asimov, etc.. There is a mix of non-fiction of Masonry and Martial arts of which I have become masters of each.

My background is a throwback gamer from times of dial up with NeverWinter Nights. My tendency is to avoid online gaming as it becomes an obsessive need to conquer all event. So, safer to read and try to not stay up past midnight.

We began App building and while reading Choose Your Own type stories has inspired me to being a new project of having an App that can easily be played on a phone. The uniqueness is how to inspire both the writer and reader, along with compensation to those involved.

My goal: Better understand the world in which this forum is based upon and encourage it to grow.

Finally, I am about to publish a non-fiction that has nothing to do with this forum other than inspire and appreciate the work that goes into creation of a story/game. BUT who knows if I get the urge to contribute, it may satisfy that gaming and inspiration spirit at the same time?

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Just signed up on 1/8/2021 6:39:38 PM
Hi, Finally getting back around to have open nights for reading. My novel is a non-fiction of a solo backpack hike from Western France, across Spain to the Atlantic Ocean. I did not intend to write a book, but a client of mine is a publisher and talked me into it. When I finally got to editing, then the active voice is mentioned. WOW, a big learning curve. For now, I am more of a reader then anything.

Just signed up on 12/28/2020 6:46:36 PM
Hi all, I just started checking out some Choose Your Stories as a way to read a bit more and have a little less screen time. Its been years since I have read these. I look forward to seeing and reading more and see if I am inspired to give a go at one. I am just publishing a non-fiction novel now with a publisher and truly appreciate the effort that goes into writing so much more. Thanks, Bill