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a w.i.p.

have you ever woken up to a day of chaos only to find out that not everything you remember is real or in order...do you even know your name?

a work in progress lol

Tree Gaurdian

You find yourself in a dark damp forest. how did you get there? Your memory is blank, and everything around you seems dangerous...how will this end up?

Where's the pizza!?

You were never the person who had good grades at school, nor was popular at any party, nor was ever remotely noticed by anyone...ever. Let's just say your high school life was as bland as it can get.

After high school, however...everything stayed the same. Taking a year off from college turned into two...three...and so on. left with no social life whatsoever, living in the same house as you were raised in. Though, at least you have a job.

You spend your days working at a dead-end job as a pizza delivery guy. While going back and forth from the internet, sleeping(if you can).

Though, you don't seem to mind this kind of life anyway. You don't have to pay rent, and you get your meals for free. at least at home. Well the only thing that sucks, is the job where people decide to create a whole pizza right at the end of your shift.

That's when everything went wrong. there, right when you were supposed to have a day off, snuggled into your bed as you browse your laptop for some good entertainment, someone calls you in to fill in their shift. Such a horrid day...yes. you remember it clearly and wish you could forget.


My first story game.