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Monster Bridge

In a world of dragons and knights, between the town of Tyllia and the village of Ryphis, a magic bridge allows the exchange of goods and people. This bridge is the key to the survival of both settlements: the expansion of farming land and the food that comes with it is necessary for the growing city of Tyllia, while the soldiers garrisoning this town are the only disciplined force your tiny village can call.

The bridge was taken by storm by an evil presence, not long ago. The link between the two cities has been lost and their collapse made near inevitable.

Today, you have been summoned by the mayor. You are to retake the bridge, armed with a sword and a shield.

What happens now is up to you.

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Great job Paris! on 4/16/2019 4:09:31 PM

I'm too busy trying to write an edgy adventure storygame. It will be most likely the lowest rated CYOA on this site and I just lost an entire page because of an error at the editor.

Therefore, I shall refrain from giving in to temptation and post on the forums unnecessarily until I finish it. Starting now.

Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/13/2019 12:53:04 PM

Nah, I searched for it on google and got the same result when I tried to enter the site. It might be it's either down now or something in my side which probably takes more to fix than the article's worth.

Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/13/2019 12:26:45 PM


Too bad, I thought I had found something to read and laugh at.

What is this: YOUR DOOM! on 4/10/2019 11:47:07 AM

If you can't even do that, you're an useless slave. I hope you enjoy your time in Bannedland.

What is this: YOUR DOOM! on 4/10/2019 11:42:10 AM

That didn't sound heartfelt. Try harder.

What is this: YOUR DOOM! on 4/10/2019 11:38:06 AM

Can't edit after answers arrive. Try begging and promising your eternal loyalty and maybe he'll be slightly merciful. Maybe.

What is this: YOUR DOOM! on 4/10/2019 11:33:17 AM

You should take a look at other threads where people did what you just did. Maybe if you edit it quickly he won't notice.

What is this: YOUR DOOM! on 4/10/2019 11:28:12 AM

You should probably end your friendship, or be more cautious in the future.

Magium on 4/8/2019 3:48:34 PM

Michael Bay approves this post.

Slice of Life on 4/2/2019 7:57:55 AM

Usually it's just mundane stuff but sometimes a conflict appears (most of the time romance).

There's a few interesting slice of life, like Barakamon, that aren't outright moebait garbage. I can't remember them because of their stupidly huge names.

SOURCE: I watch weeb shit.