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Choices on 10/12/2018 9:36:54 AM

You said yourself the werewolf sequences aren't going to take too long, so it should be alright to keep it that way. At least for me.

If you still feel it's too linear, you could make fighting choices or make the PC choose different options for the evil shit that happens.

Men Can't Be Artists on 10/12/2018 1:53:10 AM

Pfft, mine was clearly the most accurate there.

iOS or Android? on 10/12/2018 1:09:04 AM

AFAIK Android offers much more possibilities in regards to customization. Launchers, root, bootloaders...

Bought a Moto G5S last year and i don't plan on replacing it anytime soon. Nice screen, decent camera, runs whatever games i download well and plenty of free shit to pass the time.

Fiddling, Diddling and Supreme Court twiddling on 10/10/2018 10:23:42 PM

Yeah, it's a possibility. Victim said it wasn't. I was arguing with him. I was right. You've wasted my time by arguing about this shit when you had no point to make. You just wasted your own time in a pathetic attempt to argue when you had no point that you were making. 

So i wasted my time because i didn't follow some kind of obscure, arbitrary rule you've set up for your imaginary debates? Sounds legit.

Never said i was in Victim or your side, i added that the whole discussion was pointless because it wouldn't lead anywhere. To Victim, it isn't possible, to you it is. Congratulations, in your imaginary world it all works, in his version it doesn't. So you basically wasted everyone's time to "win" over a technicallity.

And i'm the pathetic one here. Sure, Steve, sure.

Because rape can be traumatic, and you're concerned about yourself right after. Because there's a difference between a dude getting away with a crime he would've almost definitely got away with otherwise and someone saying nothing while the person they know did awful things becomes a supreme court judge.

So you're concerned with yourself first and leaves a rapist to roam the land, raping people and doing whatever, but when he gets a promotion to a symbolic and powerful position you're suddenly the model of civic duty and lose all sense of self-preservation you previously had? To me, that's suspicious and unlikely.

Here's my version: She wanted attention and opposed Kavanaugh's political alignment (or whatever else), so she created a false rape story to appeal to the left wing, capitalizing on an already existing social and political conflict that regarding rape and the demonification of men. Conflict which didn't exist before more recent times and was created by and in favour of left-wing "social justice" groups.

There, we disagree and neither of us can prove shit. Case closed.

Seriously, whining about personal attacks when you made them many times tonight already? God, you're such a pussy.

By your logic, if someone punches you out of nowhere and you punch back you can't really complain about being punched for no reason in the first place. You attacked me first with no reason, at all.

Point out to me a single instance where i insulted you or attacked you personally before you started acting like a moron. Show me, please.

Now quiet down, let people speak their opinions. I mean, their actual opinions, not what they make up to win imaginary debates.

I've been raped and sexually assaulted before, sure. I don't have proof and didn't report it. This is common news that you're behind on.

Hmm, that surely excuses you acting like a moron all of a sudden. "lulz i was raped before, i can really speak about everyone's reaction in regards to rape because i really know how you'd act hurr durr, i was raped so it gives me the right to start calling you names all of a sudden"

Stop claiming the moral high ground when you act like a moron yourself.

Chase? Are we doing a weird bit here or were you planning to skip to a point? Either way, I think we both know that you're pathetic, and you know that you're an unhappy little fuck. Let's not waste time and pretend otherwise when it's clearly true, you weak little faggot.

Aww, little Steve can't really get jokes. He's so mad he needs to use swear words to confirm his false sense of superiority. How sad, this little narcisist.

Yes, someone committing perjury doesn't make them a rapist. God, you're such a pathetic fuck you just have to get the last word in rather than admitting I'm right. Yes, perjury is bad and Kavanaugh shouldn't be on the Supreme Court. Glad I've twisted that out of you.

"God, you're such a pathetic fuck you just have to get the last word in rather than admitting I'm right."

Zoom in there, great, now keep still. Keep it there.

So you're just complaining about something you've just done?

Like, how hypocritical of you. I've tried to end things in an agree to disagree note and you attacked me out of nowhere for this exact same reason, and now you pull the "You're so pathetic, you needed to have the last word" card? Wow, Hypocriteve, you're really consistent.

Consistent in being contradictory, i mean.

I can accept that you view the situation differently from me. But when you start insulting and doing personal attacks because you can't really let a discussion end in a civil tone or a fundamentally irreconciliable disagreement and have to "win" to feed your ego, it just shows to me and people your answers aren't credible at all.

You want to "win" and not find solutions or, really, information, which is the fundamental reason discussions and debate exist. You got to the point, Steve, where you shut down people whom you disagree with and mock them publicly in a sign of disrespect (as in, lack of civility, not admiration), which shows how intolerant and not morally right you are. You're a wolf disguised as sheep.

To end it all, let's take a moment of silence for Steve's braincells. They all died in the valiant effort to make him stop twisting people's arguments to fit his own narrative and agenda so he could have actual, fulfilling and nice civil discussions. I am certainly not wasting any more of my time with this dude, but you can if you really want to.


Fiddling, Diddling and Supreme Court twiddling on 10/10/2018 5:03:55 PM

1. I think it's you who's wasting people's times here. Congratulations, it's a possibility, so what? It's possible that you're gay, does bungee jump, that the universe is a minor part of something bigger, that aliens are watching you and laughing right now, that god is real, that you're a toon in a videogame... Doesn't mean it's true.

Also, where did i say i am wrong on something or that i was backing up Victim? It's you who's jumping to conclusions here (or rather, deliberately twisting things to fit your narrative). Also, thanks for showing that you don't know what is a civil discussion.

Also², it's funny because the last thing you mentioned could be applied to you.


Because if you know a rapist is going to become the highest judge in the country, a man responsible for national justice, that's a disgrace. How is that so hard to be explained to you? That if a man was appointed to be appointed as a member of the supreme court and you knew he did awful things, you'd have to speak up?

If you're pulling the justice card, why not accuse him at the time? Is it truly that brave to wait thirty years to make justice? His position changes nothing on the moral aspect, if he was responsible of rape, she should've accused him earlier.

Instead, she waits thirty years and sees the dude ascending to the Supreme Court, and only then decides to take action? Why is it that it is her civic duty to accuse him when he's in a higher position, and not as soon as she discovered his "true nature", since that would prevent further victims? That's double standards, Steve Wonder.

Again, what is YOUR point here? I've already said my piece about it and why i can't believe this civic duty tale, but you clearly can't accept that people think differently than you, considering how much you say the same thing over and over again.

But no, I doubt you'd report in either case, since you're a little bitch. Reporting takes a hell of a lot of strength, and you're lacking. Sorry I'm ruining your chance to act the big man because of how you'd act in a hypothetical you've never been in, you faggot.

Oy, look, it's me who can't add anything new to the conversation and resorts to personal attacks. - Steve, 2018.

Apparently, you've already been raped. So please tell me about your experience with rape and how strong you was when you reported it.  I bet the experience truly scarred you for life, Steve. If you could upload proof about it, we could all share with people how you're such a strong person.

Or maybe you're a hypocrite because you've never been raped either, and can't say shit about how you would act in this situation by your own standards? Because that's what it's looking like here.

Either possibility doesn't change that you're being a moron right now. But i suppose i don't need to tell you that.

In addition, i think i know more about myself than you, Chase.

Yes, perjury is different that sexual assault. Thanks for clarifying. It is true, clearly. There's been evidence show throughout the thread.

If the perjury is real, then we are in agreement as to his position on the Supreme Court. It doesn't mean that he's guilty of rape, though.

Fiddling, Diddling and Supreme Court twiddling on 10/10/2018 4:00:07 PM

Before anything, calm your tits. No need to get up in arms at all

1. I literally just elaborated on what i said in my first response to you. In fact, you said before that if they admit to lying in the first one and accuse him of bribing they'd effectively mean that the second is true and that Kavanaugh is by extension a rapist.

Well, for starters, lying the first time doesn't exclude the possibility of the second being a lie too. The opposition could simply point out that and ask for solid proof. Since Ford's friends credibility would already be harmed, it'd be much more difficult to get out of that one and Kavanaugh would have the advantage.

You replied saying: "Yeah, they could just find some conversations, payment proof, etc" to which i could say "Well, you might as well say that you believe they're being bribed right now instead of relying on hypotheticals".

The thing is, it's a possibility. You believe that's what's happening and i bet Victim don't. No one here can really prove shit. In Victim's world, he's right, in your world, you're right. I don't think he (or anyone) really wants to discuss alternate universes here, so it's a moot point.

2. Again, i just really told you that's a possibility, and presented the reasons why i don't believe it. Timing being the first one.

Can't say i really understand why the hell would you let a rapist go if he's a random dude and report him (and attract media attention) if he gets a higher position. If he dealt with rape, maybe, but i don't think he'll be dealing with that on the Supreme Court, unless i'm missing something about american politicians.

Honestly, i'd just report him on the act or some time after the occurrence. There's a lot of people who do or would do that, why exactly is Ford different?

3. That's a different offense, but if what you're saying is true then he shouldn't be part of Supreme Court. Of course, this should go the same way for both sides of the political spectrum.

Again, if that's true. If it isn't then there's no reason at all why this circus should go ahead. If an accuser can't back up their claims, then the defendant should be released as innocent. This goes for everyone, it's the absolute basis of modern legal practices: "Innocent until proven guilty".

This goes (or should go) for rape too.


Fiddling, Diddling and Supreme Court twiddling on 10/10/2018 2:40:05 PM

Yeah, hypothetically. But many things can happen hypothetically, and it's a moot point because we can't really know these things.

But i'm just really saying here that admitting into a lie harms your overall credibility. If they decide to change their position into accusing Kavanaugh of bribing them, they'll have to present solid (if not decisive depending on things) proof, otherwise the other side can just say they're lying for some reason. It wouldn't be the first time.

Sure, that's plausible story, but it's the time here that counts. If it was a week, a month, or a year, it would make sense that the victim's feelings would get in the way, maybe i would believe if things happened a decade ago, but if we're talking twenty, maybe thirty years, etc, things get a different tone. Why would she bring up this accusation after so many years, with apparently no external motivation aside from a promotion to the accused? This is quite suspicious to me.

From what i've seen, she doesn't have proof to back up her claims, the FBI organized several investigations and nothing to back up her claim showed up.

I'm okay if you believe she's saying the truth, that's also a possibility. But if you have no way to prove it, then it's only fair that Kavanaugh continues in his way to the Supreme Court and the accusation is dropped.

EDIT: Maybe several investigations is pushing it, but i can tell the FBI already investigated and no decisive or solid evidence showed up. Otherwise i guess i'd already have seen it somewhere.

EDIT²: Yeah, definitely jumped the gun there with the several, not easy to filter what is exaggerated or what meaning things take when i read about the case and what isn't. But as far as i've seen into the accusation, it still doesn't seem to me that her case should go forward or that she's speaking the truth about it. And i should really find a way to lower my text walls.

Still, personal beliefs aside, if she doesn't present a single narrative backed by proof and circumstances, Kavanaugh might as well be declared innocent. Thinking someone did it and proving it are different things, and the burden of the proof lies with the accuser.

Fiddling, Diddling and Supreme Court twiddling on 10/10/2018 1:44:11 PM

What is there to say that the opposition didn't bribe them now? Admitting to lie the first time is throwing your credibility out of the window.

Besides, where's the money? Can you actually present solid proof that they bribed you, or just circumstantial bullshit?

Not saying i would support him if he was an actual rapist (and that would be seriously wrong), but i believe this accusation is a load of bs that has surfaced as a political move (or any other reason, really) rather than an actual desire for justice.

Why would she bring up this case now? It's suspicious at best.

User of a Username: Inspiration on 9/18/2018 4:05:36 PM


User of a Username: Inspiration on 9/17/2018 9:37:09 PM

I probably thought of zebras and then things got messed up somewhere along the way and...

Well, i just typed something random that looked like a name.