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Vive L'Empereur

From the cries of the people for freedom and equality to the militaristic empire, the revolution has won a pyrrhic victory at best.

The year is 1836, and the French Empire stays strong in it's own ways. Following negotiations in regards to the Frankfurt Proposals, France has managed to extract itself from the war at a heavy cost: The loss of their territories in Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

The continent is now locked in a dangerous balance, as the United Kingdom and Prussia wait for an opportunity to rob the empire of their territories in Belgium and the western bank of the Rhine. Both Austria and Russia, however, much prefer the weakened state of Prussia and are eager to maintain the status quo.

In Spain and Portugal, the ideals of the revolution grow among the population as a rebellious population looks at their own monarchs and their weakness. Much emboldened by the revolutionary France and the economical support they provide.

In Italy, a nationalist movement takes roots in Piedmont and austrian territories, threatening to destroy the balance of power forever and throw the world in the chaos of war.

In the middle of this fragile peace lies an army officer: You.


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Is this idea too...faggy? (Yes) on 2/22/2019 7:50:34 PM

You should repent for your sins.

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/18/2019 4:55:54 PM

Or maybe I felt being forced to work on shit instead of learning and doing it for fun.

Where did I say I wouldn't review storygames? All I said was people always say what I honestly thought first so why bother repeating? For a few points and some empty "productive member" mutual masturbation? 

Don't know where you got this one of the short story. I wrote one for the CC and also a bunch of flash fics (tho I supposed those are considered easy and don't count). If you mean a game, I have no hope of even learning to code on the default editor so I use the special one with the weird spacing. And then I've moved, travelled, and am currently operating with mobile internet (or whatever you yanks call it). No internet on PC, so no five hours spent on trying to learn what the fuck I should do or how variables and shit go on my story. But hey, I guess I'm just a lazy brazillian dude who spends the entire day shitposting on Zag's discord, eh?

I have no idea where the fascist thing came from. All I said was that harsher prisons were the way here lol.

As for my supposed work schedule (as I'm apparently your employee now): I have an actual life outside here, am currently operating on mobile internet that ends after two half an hour videos on ytb, moved, my PC is broken and I don't know how to code or *gasp* how to write decently (and that quickly, as I took an afternoon and several cups of coffee "just" to write the Tavern story) as I've half-explained on my introduction post. And also in this same post, earlier.

By the way, trying to guilt trip a brazillian doesn't work.



Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/14/2019 10:55:33 AM

Got another outburst. You are thus named outburstley.

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/13/2019 9:21:22 PM

I suppose the correct form is individual liberty? I mean, there's probably a difference between the two but the translation is roughly the same so I don't know.

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/13/2019 9:15:02 PM

Ah, so we're in that situation where you act like sarcasm is really easy to get and convey through text.

Well, in that case, this was all a big joke and you both didn't grasp my obvious sarcasm. People these days can't get jokes, pfft. This was all part of my master plan to troll you all along.

Aside from that, I'd like to ask forgiveness for misinterpreting an easily misleading conversation, but you probably don't care. So you can just go to your daily circlejerks at discord, I don't care.

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/13/2019 10:08:36 AM

I just said something to Lar about prefering medieval to wild west and you were all like "Now you pissed me off!"

I'm not upset about your joke, but mizal started with the snide remarks and I answered in kind. You should know these things become flame wars quickly.

I have no idea what I did that was unsporting. And I'm not sure how displeasing you somehow justifies a big review about something you dislike, or a hate bandwagon.

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/13/2019 8:37:16 AM

I'm not the one bringing it back tho.

Poll:Should CoG mods(except Gower)be guillotined? on 1/8/2019 1:26:32 PM

She also talked about CYS. Big Brother Jason is watching.

What kind of god would you be? on 1/8/2019 11:06:03 AM

"This is outrageous! It's unfair. How can you be on the trolling council and not be a Chad?" - Zassuen

"Take a shower, young Memewalker."  - EndMaster denying the rank of Chadgod.

Wait, would that mean Steve is Palpatine?

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/8/2019 1:25:55 AM

TL; DR: I asked to be banned when I discovered Zag's discord.

As for this little feud, Angryley got pissed off at something I said in CYS discord and wanted to force me to write a 1000 word Review (that she had to approve, important detail) about an old wild west movie. I disliked ww and she liked the genre, so I complained about it. The answer was a circlejerk from mizal & co about wild west movies and then other things I don't recall.

Since I knew that shit was rigged off against me and I wasn't willing to waste that much time after writing a short story on the Creative Corner, and especially having no reason to be there at all, I killed time on hell until Karstark showed me Zag's discord. So after I joined, I told mizal she could ban me if she wanted to, and here we are.