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Name: Zephyrme2847
Nicknames: Zeph, Phyrme. 
Commonly Used Nickname: Zephy
Location: Probably Traveling
Category of Choice: Edutainment (although I don't have any published stories in that yet)
Overall Personality: Neutral/Random

Yay, I'm back. Damn, that was a long hiatus...

EDIT: Now, I'm really back.

EDIT 2: Now I'm reallyreally back, I hope.

The storygames/workshop (Bold means published):

Kittens of FAT: Well, this one is my first storygame and takes a long time to win. There are many items, cheesy parts, and parts which make next to no sense. Geared for children (and for extremists who try to win!)! You people, try to get ending 6! It's so hard that you'll say, "What the HEDGE?"

Fan Fiction:
Companion of Isildur: The Rise of Sauron: This will be one of my prized storygames. It's difficult to write, however... (discontinued, because I need to read the Silmarillion again)

Something big in progress.

Modern Adventure:
There is a pending idea for something about 'angkots' which is based on my experience in Bandung, Indonesia.

Everything Else:
The toxic side of me has come up with something evil to ward off those users who read storygames only for the point at the end! No more useless clicking! You really need to win to win.

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Kittens of FAT

One day, your friends dare you to sleep in a haunted house. The thing is, when you wake up, you're not in the haunted house! You're not even in the human world!
You-are-in-a-world-of-KITTENS! Too bad that the kittens share a world with these giant, green, mean, sharp toothed lizards called Beasts.
You must find out how to get back to your human world, stop those lizards, and find out why you turned into a kitten in the first place! Well? Can you do it? You think you can?
Explore Kitten Village, the Mitten Factory, Brian's hardware store, Kitty City, and even the Tower of Beasts! Get a lesson from Noodle at the Archery Arena, kick butt with Inspector Waldo, and shoot lasers with Lena! Go on, play and find all six ways to win! Good luck! Welcome to Kitten World.
This game my brother and I made is so extensive that that there are over 26 items, at least one for each letter of the alphabet! (Yes starting with, Z, Y, X, and Q included.) Collect all six profile stickers and claim yourself as the champion of the Kittens of FAT (It's unlikely you'll ever make it that far :Þ). So the fun doesn't end (until you become champion of FAT)!

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New Contest Starting Soon on 6/30/2017 10:03:22 AM

Dang, can't wait to see what this is all about. It's been the 30th for 21 hours here in GMT + 7. Not sure if I'm gonna write on this one or not, hehehe...

What have I missed on CYS? on 6/30/2017 8:47:39 AM

Dang, man. Lemme hop into that boat with the two of you. I've been back after a few years as well. Kiel was like this big momma to everyone. Seems like he went batshit crazy. Weird what time does to people, eh?

What have I missed on CYS? on 6/30/2017 4:23:35 AM

Make a story about it, End. :P

Perhaps it would be interesting to see something like that unfold in that dark storyteller mind of yours.

The Grand Return on 6/30/2017 2:38:59 AM

Hiya, BZ! Is Aman's mustache still relevant?

(Did anyone find Killa's toaster?)

What have I missed on CYS? on 6/30/2017 2:27:27 AM

Ford, is that really you?

The Grand Return on 6/29/2017 10:04:47 AM

Nah, actually, I'm too lazy to write anything grand. But, huzzah, I'm back! (Probably)

I doubt that very many of you remember me, but tis I, Zephyrme, the Neutral King of Random. I came back after I remembered the site existed after remembering that my strange Kittens of FAT storygame existed. That's one of summer's many side effects...

Seems like bunches of stuff have changed. There are these orders and whatnot... Randomly Walk doesn't exist anymore for some reason (it was my favorite storygame, :(, hahaha) And tons of new users! I'd like to say hi to y'all new guys.

And that proposal for a new site design still hasn't come into effect, eh?


Well, in short:

Yo, I'm back!

Worst book ever? on 2/22/2015 2:50:25 AM

Darn, somebody beat me to it...

Nikola Tesla and Wardenclyffe Tower on 2/22/2015 12:30:03 AM

Yep. So insane that he fell in love with a pigeon himself.

Nikola Tesla and Wardenclyffe Tower on 2/21/2015 7:25:11 PM

Biographies (too lazy to list them), the Tesla museum, Tesla's actual quotes, and also the actual site where Wardenclyffe used to be.

Nikola Tesla and Wardenclyffe Tower on 2/21/2015 10:08:07 AM

Anyone here know of a Serbian-American GENIUS named Nikola Tesla? Well, this certain inventor found the key solutions to alternating current, invented wireless lightbulbs, and other amazing things not to mention radio (no, Marconi's patents on that were given the Tesla after it was proved that Tesla discovered it first) and x-ray (nope, not Roentgent, who found it by accident).

  Anyway, he was apparently building this massive thing called the Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island which could apparently shake the Earth or whatnot and send electricity through the Earth as well as through the ionosphere above us. That would mean that sticking cables into the ground would actually work to charge things (as the electricity would be harmless to humans). However, the investor douchebag named J.P. Morgan, that's right. THE J.P. Morgan, realized that it wouldn't make a single cent because this was free electricity and free communication wirelessly and worldwide. So then, Morgan stopped the financing of the tower, which stopped one of the soon-to-be greatest inventions from being finalized. Poor Tesla. POOR US. We could apparently see anything that was going on in the world (such as the speech of a President or of a priest at church or even lectures of a professor) from some kind of device or whatnot that would connect to the world web. We could see people, like our crush or something, doing... things... Never mind.

  Anyway, this stuff will probably not happen in the future due to the fact that humans are even more bloated and greedy than before, and that douchebaggery has been pioneered by us for years after Wardenclyffe. Poor Tesla died alone in a hotel room, with no friends except for pigeons in his dying days, alone and penniless. Is it possible that we can continue the work of this great man? We may have to obtain around fifty or so documents from the FBI and the Department of Alien Property if we want to, or maybe even go to Russia and ask for the results of Tesla's Death Ray experiment that Soviet Russia bought for 15,000 dollars. Is there a possibility that we can do it?