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I am a new writer and would love as much feedback on my posts as possible! I might be annoying sometimes, but I am trying, so just accept it! Just kidding, if I annoy you, inform me. 

I usually write poems and do calligraphy in my free time, so writing stories is new for me.


Bleeding Bullets

Years ago, Earth was at large; beginning societies on different planets, (due to water and food shortages) and leaving Earth for long lengths of time. Only the strongest could leave Earth and live on other planets. Your grandfather was just barely under the capabilities to leave Earth. Now, 150 years later, Earth is chaos. People roam the cracked, fallen apart, supposed to be roads, trying to find food and water. You have to do the same. Except you have a group to help you survive.

The goal of this game is to survive with your group and gain as many followers as possible. 

Each follower gained adds 5 points; each follower lost loses 5 points. You start with 25 points, and if you get to 0 points you lose.

Death To Everything, Including Earth

Hello Gorgeous


You are a punk teen that is put in many tough decisions. Peer pressure of drugs, the awkwardness of your first time having sex, and even the bore of being grounded is all included. Have fun being a good kid... Or not...

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Identity (Song by Asher Childress) on 2/21/2019 4:34:28 PM

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I got a confession, I say F suicide

Teach me a lesson, how to set my feels aside


My mind is real feeling weak

Trynna walking across the street

The pain from all my thoughts

Already rollin down my cheek


I’m in this car driving really far

Screaming with my hands on the handlebar

My mind and I decided to go to war

With no idea what I’m fighting for


I’m tryna find my identity

It’s always making my shake at my knees

When I rap about life I feel released

It’s always giving me a bit of relief


When I think hard I pay emotional fees

My mind gets all messed up

Unless you know the keys


My life is getting so bad I told my friends to leave

Told them all to flee and get away from me


I'm a bit worried about my sanity

I don’t know if it will run away

I don’t know if i can breath

I don’t know if depression is a F-ing disease


Forget all of the worst, my emotions burn

I don’t wanna get up, cuz my soul feels burnt


I smile when you give me a present

But in my head my feelings are unrecognizant

Do you you want a hint how to get to my mind

Don’t try to put my mind in a splint

That's not how I want to spend my life


You only have me an hour a week

I can barely even give you a peak

Of my negative emotions, my fury of explosions

Why in my mind, this life causes commotion


Here's another new hint

Here’s how your life should have been spent


This is an example from my own mind

These words can be fully understood

Only by those that are my same kind


Light depression on fire,

That’s my only desire

You say it’s how my brain is hard-wired

I refuse to accept it, you’re a F-ing liar

You’re telling depression that he’s already hired


Situation is not as dire as your making it required

Your so called help does not make me inspired


I point out all the faults in others

Hide the fact that I always suffer

In my life I need a buffer

Between me and my thoughts


If I were a quote I’d be “lost, not found”

All of my negative thoughts go around

In circles all the way underground


All of my thoughts are hurting

Always shaking at my knees

What does threading a post do? on 1/20/2019 2:56:11 PM

Alrighty, thank ya.

What does threading a post do? on 1/20/2019 2:01:48 PM

What does threading a post do? 

Two Faced Yet Nobody Knows;poem by Asher Childress on 1/20/2019 2:00:23 PM

I think most people can relate to this and that is one reason I am sharing this. I am also sharing this so I don't seem like a dummy kid that tried to post a story and failedcheeky Hope you guys enjoy!

Two-Faced Yet Nobody Knows

I stay in my own little world

Nobody has been here but me

It is perfect in every way

But it’s lonely

It’s my thoughts


It’s positivity

It’s negative

It’s lovely

It’s hateful


I am not happy

As I should be

And yet I know

I am happy as will ever be

Be; a Poem By Asher Childress on 1/20/2019 1:53:27 PM

This poem is about my brother. I wrote it when he was spending too much time with his friends and girlfriend. We used to spend lots of time together daily, and when I wrote this he was almost always away from the house and wouldn't even respond to my texts. 

Hope you enjoy!


He was my best friend

He was there for all of my life

He seemed like he could do anything

He looked out for me

I don’t understand

Don’t understand why he would do this to me


I know he tries

Tries to stay with me

But he has left

Left to simply be


When I see him

I see him and me

Not giving a damn

About what people see


I know I should be happy

Happy about what they are going to be

But he has left

Left to simply



Need; a poem by Asher Childress on 1/20/2019 1:44:05 PM

Thank you!laugh

Need; a poem by Asher Childress on 1/20/2019 1:43:32 PM

I like that you put your own preference into this. I kind of wanted to have a few personal recommendations about it since I might write poems some in the future for a hobby. 

When you said ¨Having it alone on a separate line does create more emphasis, I'll give you that, but then why not do the same with the final couplet?¨ I didn't really understand what you meant there. could you elaborate? 

Thank you for the comment, it'll surely help with my future writing.

Need; a poem by Asher Childress on 1/20/2019 1:37:40 PM

Thanks. I did give this poem to a girl that I loved with all my heart; though I didn't get friend zoned!cheeky

Need; a poem by Asher Childress on 1/18/2019 10:39:50 PM


When I first saw you

I saw perfection


When I got to know you

I saw pain


When I started loving you

I saw strength



All that I see... is what means everything to me.


What I have always seen

Is the strength to go on


What I have always seen

is the courage to do anything


What I have always seen

Is the love toward everyone


What I see now

Is everything I need.

Ideas, anyone? on 1/17/2019 10:56:48 PM

I need some ideas for a short read I could do. I was planning on making it horror, but I could try to make it some other category.