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Howdy! You found my page! If you ever need help with anything, feel free to message me... :)


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"It ain't easy being breezy." --Me

"You probably thought I wouldn't get this far, You thought I'd end up in the back of a car. You probably thought that I'd never escape; I'd be a rat in a cage, I'd be a slave to this place. You don't know how hard I fought to survive, Waking up alone when I was left to die. You don't know about this life I've led; All these roads I've walked, All these tears I've bled..." --In this Moment "Whore"

What I'm currently writing: 

1. HAVEN OR HELL? - (Partially Active) I will continue to slowly add to this story as I better my scripting skills. And yes, it is meant to be spelled this way, not a misprint. It's a OMG not another Zombie story, hehehe!

2. JUST BREEZING THROUGH- A story based loosely upon my life when I was a teenager. (Inactive)

3. SAY YOU'LL HAUNT ME- The next story I plan to write. It will be told by two different characters; one of these characters is basically stalking the other through most of this story. (Inactive)

4. BEWARE OF THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT- (Active) A story about some friends exploring a haunted theme park. Current Progress: 1/10 chapters complete.

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Monster Trivia
The ultimate monster trivia quiz! Think you know your monsters? Think again! This quiz will test your knowledge once and for all... Are you a true Horror Fanatic? Or just another scaredy cat? Find out now! MWHAHAHAHA!!! Author's Note: This quiz is quite long. It consists of 65 questions ranging in difficulty from basic to advanced. I have broken the game into three different sections: mythological monsters, horror movie trivia, and random monster madness. You won't find out your final score until the end. There are 8 different achievements you can earn. Try to collect them all! Good luck!
Site 59: No Escape
You and a group of friends decide to go camping for a week shortly after you graduate high school. Everything starts without a hitch as your adventure begins, until you arrive at the town that you will be camping on the outskirts of. Things feel off about the town, and you even get warned away by the gas station clerk, who tells of people disappearing lately. Though a little put off, your group decides to stay anyway thinking the man is just a paranoid old goat. Little do you know, there is in fact danger lurking in this little town. And one particularly evil man now has his sights squarely on you and your friends... Will you survive this trip, or will you and your friends disappear never to be seen again? WARNING: This story has some scenes that are graphic, sexual in nature, and very descriptive. It also contains language and violence some readers may not care for. Please do NOT play if you can't handle all of the above. Author's Note: Your comments and feedback are much appreciated to help me create better story games in the future. Please be honest and tell me what you really thought. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy playing! Special thanks to BradinDvorak for helping me with the scripting and answering my many questions...
Survival of the Fittest!
A sinister man, known only as "The Master," has abducted you and six other people to become the subjects of an experiment he is conducting designed to study human nature. He calls this experiment "The Challenge" and it's about to commence. Your goal is to survive The Challenge by finding all the clues hidden around the house, solving various puzzles and riddles, and passing the many tests The Master has devised as part of his experiment. Do you have what it takes to survive? Or will your nature get the better of you, causing you to fail? Find out in Survival of the Fittest! Let the games begin... Author's Note:Please message me with any problems you may find or view the walk-through HERE! I hope you enjoy my first published storygame; made for the Puzzles & Riddles Contest 2016 where it received an Honorable Mention. I updated the game to make it easier to play, but I have decided not to keep it published. You can still play it, though, if you wish.

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Comment for deletion: It was an awesome game. I loved it, it was very challenging..... Monster Trivia breezy134 (Score of 189) 9/28/2016 10:31:56 AM I let a friend play my game on my phone and he left a comment. I didn't think about it still being logged in as me. Please delete this. Sorry.
Co-Author Spooky Contest: Story Development Thread on 9/28/2016 12:25:06 AM
Trick or treat, Kids are sweet. They are so fun to torture and eat. If one happens across my lair, they will be in for quite a scare. I know I will make them scream, before I put their head on my ice cream. Oh please let just one wander into my sight, I cannot wait for Halloween night...
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Untitled By: Breezy134 and TheNewIAP You and two friends get stuck babysitting on Halloween night. What a bummer. Especially as most of your classmates are enjoying a massive Halloween party without you. The group of children you are watching grow bored of trick or treating within the first hour. They decide to play a prank. They suddenly stop walking and count to three, before taking off running in all directions. You must find them before it's too late. After all, it's Halloween night, when all the monsters and boogymen come out to play...
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Keep it going! Each page gets you closer to completion!
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Definitely interested. Thanks for the tag. Don't know who would want to partner with me, though...
AMERICA DAY! (AKA: Yearly 4th of July Thread) on 7/5/2016 12:59:07 AM
Well, I hope it gets better for you. I can't wait for back to school to be over, because I'm going to be transferred to the front of the store and most likely promoted. I can't wait.... Two of my departments were super busy today... Ugh.
AMERICA DAY! (AKA: Yearly 4th of July Thread) on 7/5/2016 12:50:37 AM
Aww, don't say that.... I have been trying to work at Kroger for awhile now. The only reason I even went to Wal-Mart is because the pay is better. I would so rather working at a grocery store.
AMERICA DAY! (AKA: Yearly 4th of July Thread) on 7/5/2016 12:40:12 AM
It pays pretty good, but yeah it's definitely a stressful job. I am the only associate for three different departments. I basically run back and forth across the store all day... Trying unsuccessfully to keep customers happy after they usually have to wait for me to get there from the other side of the store. It sucks.... Lol
AMERICA DAY! (AKA: Yearly 4th of July Thread) on 7/4/2016 9:21:43 PM
Happy 4th, y'all! P.S. Working at Wal-Mart sucks!! (Too many ppl in the store, geesh...)
Hey all on 6/24/2016 1:06:20 AM
Glad I havent missed much then lol. And I know what you mean about ever decreasing free time. I hardly get five minutes to sit down and relax anymore... I hope you find free time soon, though. I'm really looking forward to reading Rogues when you do finish.