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My story writing focus is mainly on horror and action/adventure.  

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The Deluded

A man with a very strange obsession, an infatuation some may even call it, lives out his urges to find the so called love of his life.

Some would do anything for their love, kill, steal, lie in the name of their lover.

Some take things a little too far....

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Tumble the Bounty Hunter Part Two on 3/15/2018 11:04:59 AM


And Tumblr grumbled.

"How dare you assume my gender!?"

Pick a scenario! on 3/14/2018 3:37:46 PM

Thank you, I enjoyed the watch.  Kind of messed up that after all that, some jolly ass pilot took down the heroes (at least I think they were) in two seconds xD

Tumble the Bounty Hunter Part Two on 3/14/2018 3:30:36 PM

In opposition to the simple style of the city, the castle interior is lavish.  Silver framed paintings line the walls, golden brackets hold up the torches.  The attendants, servants, and civil courtiers wear only the finest robes and jewelry.

Ahead sits Lord Far'Wey, appearing bored upon his throne chair.  He seems young, in his mid-twenties.  Far'Wey wears a fancy black, purple, and silver robes and a fur topped cape.  A fancy but practical sword hangs at his side.  

Standing next to him is a friendly looking man almost twice his age.  His curly blonde hair starting to grey, his blue eyes appearing friendly yet alert.

Far'Wey wipes a hand through his black curly hair, regarding Tumble with some interest.  All of the servants and civil courtiers stare at him.

"Hello Traveler, my name is Lord Far'Wey, and this here is my trusted friend and bodyguard, Sir Tovius."

Far'Wey gestures at the blonde haired man.  Before he is about to speak, a lightly armored woman enters the room.  She bears a simple steel sword at her hip.  Her tattoos and runes on her arms and face indicate her as a member of one of the barbarian tribes.  

"Ah, and this here is Lady Bavery," Far'Wey says,"my friend, bodyguard, and house mage.  Slayer of the Seven Brogs, and Barbarian Queen of the Three Civilized Tribes."

"He exaggerates," she says,"I am no queen.  Merely a servant of his Lordship."

"Oh Bavery, you're too humbl-"

Tumble grunts loudly, cutting off Lord Far'Wey.  Most of the civil courtiers glare daggers, but Far'Wey waves them off.

"Where are my manners? Our visitor must have important business to discuss.  Speak now traveler."

"I am Tumble, Bounty Hunter, Hero of the War of the Scourge.  I am simply here to lend my hammer to Lord Far'Wey."

"Pssh, insolent orc," one of the courtiers scoffs,"you walk in here, interrupt our Lordship, and then demand work?  Tall orders coming from a common convict who happened to be at the right place at the right time."

Tumble takes a step toward the courtier, but Gauf holds him back with his poleaxe.

"Alright, easy everybody," Far'Wey says,"go back to your business.  Our esteemed guest simply wants to get down to business. Sir Tovius, show him the bounty board.  Everybody else go back to your duties."

The courtiers mumble to each other as they slowly shift off to continue their work.  Tovius approaches Tumble, placing a hand on his shoulder.  As they start walking Gauf bows in front of Far'Wey, probably to give his report.

"Many of your type have passed through here recently.  With all the Rattar raids, it's been hard dealing with the local scum.  Here is the County Bounty Board."

Tovius gestures to the board filled with bounty notices and odd jobs.

One is for Feris, one of the Rattar Warlords.  The Rattar are a race that are half human, and half rat.  Although from the drawing, Feris appears a bit more human than rat.

Tumble ignores the previous notice, although he suspects he'll return for it.  

Another is for a local necromancer, apparently the bastard son of some great conqueror and cult leader.  While the report indicates he is largely harmless at the moment, his undead servants grow steadily by the day.

"A real bastard that one," Tovius nods at the necromancers bounty.

"He'll wait for my men to fall in battle with the Rattar.  Then he'll raise both men and rat alike as zombies and revenants.  Such filth." Tovius spits on the ground.

Tumble grunts his acknowledgement.

"The dead should stay as they are."

He stops to stare at a familiar face on the bounty board.

Grolig the Red Handed, once a proud warrior and member of Tumble's tribe.  Now an outlaw and scumbag.  Murdering, raping, and stealing with his bandit gang.

Normally Tumble is indifferent to these things, but he's broken various laws of the tribe.  Even so far as to run and elder through with his sword.  Besides, someone with a spree such as his deserves to meet their end.

"I'll take this one," Tumble says.

"Grolog the Red Handed, huh?" Tovius says.

"Yes, his violence will come to an end." 

"I though orcs loved violence and warfare?" Tovius asks.

"There's a difference in fighting for your people's survival, or glory, or to make peace.  Raping and pillaging is something else."

Tovius nods and hands Tumble a copy of the bounty.  

"I'll be honest, I didn't think there was such thing as an honorable orc."

"I didn't think there was such thing as a brave human, until I fought them."

"Well, it seems like we both have a lot to learn about each other." Tovius says.


Tumble and Tovius walk back into the throne room.

"I'll be after Grolig the Red Handed," Tumble says.

"Hmm, a bold one you are," Far'Wey says,"do you realize he's killed twenty four of the soldiers, noblemen, and bounty hunters we've sent after him, and that's not even including his actual victims.  I don't want you to become another notch on his axe blade."

"Tell me where he is," Tumble says,"and he'll be dead by noon tomorrow."

Lord Far'Wey raises and eyebrow.

"Very well, you should find him operating from Northman's Watch.  It's an abandoned soldiers outpost.  If you'd like to stay at the local inn free of charge, Tovius can hand you a receipt."

Tovius hands Tumble the receipt, and alone the bounty hunter finds the inn.


Tumble the Bounty Hunter Part One on 3/14/2018 2:39:22 PM

Lol interesting theory, and yes you'll just have to see what Tumble is all about.  Thanks for reading :)

Pick a scenario! on 3/14/2018 2:26:33 PM

Hunter. Option One.

EndMaster’s Romance Story Contest on 3/11/2018 2:39:38 PM

I was away without internet for a whole week, will probably finish and publish story just for the fun of it.  Any ways guess I'll have to unshame myself in the next contest.

EndMaster’s Romance Story Contest on 3/3/2018 5:54:21 PM

You've already entered.....your soul doesn't belong to you anymore.

Tumble the Bounty Hunter Part One on 3/3/2018 5:10:55 PM

Power went out due to a storm, and wrote this out of boredom.  Figure I'll post the first part of it here, hope you all enjoy.  Part Two will come soon.

In the land of Velis Brum, there lived many races of people; humans. dwarves, orcs, elves, and other.  There were dragons, Mols, witches, hagravens, giant bears, wolves, Lizars, Rattars, Lycans, Vampires, and many more.

It was a land of knights, damsels, Peace Keepers, Bandits, Legions, Necromancers, Outlaws, and Mercenaries.

This story focuses on one of the most notorious professions.  Whether they work for better or ill, good or wicked....few would want to cross paths with the Bounty Hunters!

It was a hot summers day when he rode into the hold of Berkon.  Perhaps his reputation preceded him, maybe it was the armor that he wore or the hammer at his saddle, but villagers all around exchanged nervous whispers and glances.  Guards stared him down while their hands found the hilts of their blades.  Others hefted their claymores or war hammers onto their shoulders.

It was clear that if anyone was looking for trouble, they'd be foolish to start it here.  

The massive orc kept a face of indifference as the town guards eyed him.  He kept on riding down the road a ways, when a heavily armored man stands in the way, a hefty poleaxe rests in hand.  Two nervous looking men with longbows flank him.

"Stop traveler!  I am Captain Gauf the Crusader.  Who are you?  And what business do you have here?" He boldly shouts.

The orc eyes the three men, straightening up and mightily roaring.  

"I am Tumble, Bounty Hunter, Hero of the War of Scourge.  I'm here to lend my hammer to Lord Far'Wey."

"I've heard of you," Gauf says," You personally defeated Scourge himself.  An impressive feat."

The Captain thinks for a moment.

"Alright, we'll escort you to Lord Far'Wey.  Once we reach the city walls you'll have to surrender your weapons, security first."

"Fine," Tumble grunts.

Gauf and his men find their horses.  The Crusader leads the way, followed by Tumble.  The two longbow men take the rear, no doubt to shoot Tumble dead if he makes the wrong move.

It doesn't bother the battle hardened orc, his line of work has put him in danger countless times.  Besides, most guards wouldn't bother someone of Tumble's repute without provocation.

Who knows, if he lives long enough he may even take up work as a town guard some day.  

The ride is mostly silent while Tumble muses about his future.

The group eventually comes up to massive stone walls, while guards patrol the top and stand in large watch towers.  Some towns people and guards watch the group from the stone works outside of the city.  

Soon they cross a bridge flanked by trenches and stone walls, they are mostly empty but would be heavily occupied if the city came under siege.

Gauf signals the group to stop, and several guards come out of one of the outer stone watch towers.  

"Who is this?" Their apparent leader asks.

"Tumble the Bounty Hunter," Gauf replies,"here to see Lord Far'Wey."

"Very well, we need to confiscate his weapons."

"I've informed him, carry on." Gauf says.

Three of the guards approach Tumble.  He slowly hands his war hammer to the weakest one, watching in amusement as he struggles to bring it into the tower.  Next he unclips his sword sheath and hands it to the next guard.  The third takes the initiative and unstraps the bow and quiver from the back of the saddle. The Lead Guard writes and inventory of all Tumble's things.  

"All set to go." He says.

As the gates open and the group rides on, Tumble slightly grins.  They never found the dagger in his boot.

The streets and markets are crowded today, as merchants and travelers from all over trade their goods.  A few rough looking men and a Lizar (humanoid lizard) stand scowling around one merchants stand.  Hired protection it looks like, or he's being extorted, either way it's no business of Tumbles.

Once the group passes the market area the crowd thins out dramatically.  It doesn't take long before they cross a stone walkway and arrive at the castle gates.  They dismount their horses and embark up the large stone steps.  At the entryway are two guards, and three armed with bows on what appears to be a balcony above them.

One of the guards at the door exchanges nods with Gauf before opening the door.

Religion. on 3/1/2018 10:28:58 PM

Hmm, maybe mix Buddhism and Taoism and call it a day.

EndMaster’s Romance Story Contest on 3/1/2018 10:24:16 PM

Didn't you know? Lesbians often fight to the death for EndMaster's amusement.