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corgi213 has a total of 774 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
3/20/20195Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
3/18/20191Rate Game Johnny Castaway
3/17/20193Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/16/20191Rate Game Journeyman
3/8/20191Rate Game TRASH
3/6/20191Rate Game The Zombie Survivor
2/16/20191Rate Game Friday the 13th
2/11/20191Rate Game Am I Real?
2/10/20191Rate Game
2/10/20191Rate Game Surviving Research Proposal
1/22/20191Rate Game The Mule 2
1/19/20191Rate Game A Story of Love, Death, and Eggs
1/17/20191Rate Game American Civil War- Soldier
1/17/20191Rate Game Vapula
1/17/20191Rate Game What Magic Ability Would You Have?
1/15/20191Rate Game In The Deep Of Night
1/15/20191Rate Game Attack of the dead
1/14/20191Rate Game Dragon's Creed (Part One)
1/11/20191Rate Game
1/10/20191Rate Game
1/9/20191Rate Game The Invasion of CYOA
1/9/20191Rate Game Another Damn Wolf Story
1/4/20191Rate Game Red Fools
12/27/20181Rate Game Find a Date Before it's too Late
12/27/20181Rate Game Ciara's Game
12/21/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/15/20181Rate Game
12/15/20181Rate Game Will You Juul?
12/12/20181Rate Game Demons Stole the Sky
12/9/20181Rate Game Your Choices (Really Early Beta)
12/1/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/1/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Dark Deception
12/1/20181Rate Game Dark Deception
11/17/201810Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
11/16/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
11/16/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on In the Pale Moonlight
11/6/201810Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
11/5/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
11/5/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Agent of Order
11/4/20181Rate Game Don't Hurt Me Again
11/4/20181Rate Game Night of the Wolves
11/4/20181Rate Game A Cycle of Death
11/4/20181Rate Game Hunters and the Hunted
11/4/20181Rate Game In the Pale Moonlight
11/2/20181Rate Game
11/1/2018150Admin. Bonus - Contest Bet Fulfilled
10/31/201810Publish Game The Pie
10/30/20181Rate Game Fortnite Adventure
10/29/20181Rate Game Agent of Order
10/22/20181Rate Game The Animal
10/20/20181Rate Game
10/13/201810Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
10/12/20181Rate Game The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables
10/12/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/7/20181Rate Game How Gender Affects Your Life
10/6/20181Rate Game The Climate Lobby
10/6/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/1/2018-125Admin. Penalty - Contest Bet
10/1/20185Win Duel RPS
10/1/201810Win Duel RPS
10/1/2018-5Duel Escrow RPS
10/1/2018-5Lose Duel RPS
10/1/201810Win Duel RPS
10/1/2018-5Duel Escrow RPS
9/30/2018150Admin. Bonus - Second place in the EPIC contest
9/26/20181Duel Refund RPS
9/23/2018300Admin. Bonus - Contest Entry Fee Refund
9/22/201810Publish Game The Last Chieftain
9/22/2018-1Duel Escrow RPS
9/17/20181Rate Game
9/12/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
9/8/2018-10Admin. Penalty - i hate dogs
8/22/20181Rate Game Average day.
8/12/20181Rate Game Why I left you
8/12/20181Rate Game Gay and Depressed
8/12/20181Rate Game Vindicta
8/11/20181Rate Game Dilemma
8/9/20181Rate Game The Wild Adventurers
8/2/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
8/2/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Rogues
7/25/20181Rate Game THE SEA TRIP
7/19/20181Rate Game Facts About the Planet and the Solar System
7/19/20181Rate Game Hungry
7/18/20181Rate Game Dawnwood
7/10/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
6/22/20181Rate Game It's Raining Again
6/21/20181Rate Game Unfamiliar
6/19/20181Rate Game Rogues
6/8/2018-300Admin. Penalty - Contest Entry Fee
6/6/20181Rate Game CURSED OR BLESS
6/5/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
6/5/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Right Way
6/2/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
6/2/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Cottage
6/1/20181Rate Game Lone Star
6/1/20181Rate Game Ancient Heart
6/1/20181Rate Game Ineptitude
5/31/20181Rate Game A Stack of Cats
5/31/20181Rate Game The Right Way
5/31/20181Rate Game Z is for Zombies
5/31/20181Rate Game The Cottage
5/31/20181Rate Game APUSH Choose Your Own Adventure
5/30/20181Rate Game Life Or Death, Live or Die... Kill or Be Killed.
5/30/20181Rate Game A Day in Hell
5/13/2018-5Admin. Penalty - BS fORUM pOAR
5/2/20181Rate Game Manske's Island
5/1/20181Rate Game Now You Gotta Deal With This S***
5/1/20181Rate Game Runes of Yeu
5/1/20181Rate Game Survive The Apocalypse
4/29/20181Rate Game Love is for the Birds
4/28/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/27/20185Duel Refund RPS
4/27/2018-5Duel Escrow RPS
4/26/20181Rate Game The Lost Caves
4/26/201810Publish Game Eternal Combat
4/26/20181Rate Game Crash Landing
4/26/20181Rate Game The Unwritten Jedi
4/26/20181Rate Game Apocalypse Then
4/26/20181Rate Game HIGHWAYS to HELL
4/24/20181Rate Game Night in the Woods
4/21/20181Rate Game Isotope 239
4/18/20181Rate Game Find Coco the Elephant!
4/18/20181Rate Game Zombies Ate My Face!
4/17/20181Rate Game Doolittle Raid
4/11/20181Rate Game The Vampire Hunter
4/9/201810Win Duel RPS
4/8/2018-5Duel Escrow RPS
4/8/20185Win Duel RPS
4/8/20181Rate Game
4/7/20181Rate Game Dark Nights
4/3/20181Rate Game The King's Successor
4/1/20181Rate Game About Darius and the Desert God
3/30/20181Rate Game Leech: The initiation
3/11/20181Rate Game The Lost Realm
3/3/20181Rate Game De Milite Inprudenti
3/3/201810Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
3/2/20183Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/2/20182Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Roamers, Part 1: The Road to Safety
3/2/20181Rate Game Roamers, Part 1: The Road to Safety
2/24/20181Rate Game Prophecy
2/19/20181Rate Game HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start
2/18/20181Rate Game From A Great Height
2/18/20181Rate Game Homo Perfectus 3
2/17/20181Rate Game Extinct
2/17/20181Rate Game Dragon Tale
2/17/20181Rate Game ENG4U1 Seminar Game
2/17/20181Rate Game Blue Light Saga
2/16/20181Rate Game Mors Vincit Omnia
2/13/20181Rate Game TechNOIR
2/11/20181Rate Game Cheetah quiz
2/11/20181Rate Game The Cries of Caracas
2/10/20181Rate Game The Ghost People
2/5/20181Rate Game The Hound of the Timkervilles
2/3/20181Rate Game Phoenix the Magic-cat
2/2/20181Rate Game Broken Chains: Blood on the Marble
2/2/20181Rate Game Silver Horn, Silver Hooves
2/2/20181Rate Game 4-Simplex
2/2/20181Rate Game Hard Night: A Question Fanfiction
1/27/20181Rate Game Songs to Say Goodbye
1/26/20181Rate Game Miracle and the Christmas Kitten
1/21/20181Rate Game Read My Stories or Die!
1/21/20181Rate Game A Witch's Inheritance
1/19/20181Rate Game Saoirse
1/16/20181Rate Game Kirthia: Foundations
1/15/20181Rate Game Experiment Gone Wrong?
1/15/20181Rate Game Strategy Simulator
1/15/20181Rate Game Adventures of a Normal Man
1/15/20181Rate Game Scum
1/15/20181Rate Game Sword arena
12/14/20171Rate Game My Apocalypse: On The Road Again (First Entry)
12/14/20171Rate Game After the End
12/14/20171Rate Game 90 Minute Storygame: Prepare To Die
12/14/20171Rate Game Clones Trapped (version 2.0)
12/12/20171Rate Game Warped
11/26/20171Rate Game Waiting for the (Trump) Train
11/13/20171Rate Game Prometheus Academy
11/13/20171Rate Game That One Dream Again
11/12/20171Duel Refund Toggle
11/9/20171Rate Game Avoiding Termination
11/9/20173Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
11/8/2017-1Duel Escrow Toggle
11/8/20171Rate Game Suzy's Strange Saga
11/7/20171Rate Game Inseparable
11/4/20171Rate Game Celestial Lies: Chapter Two
11/3/20171Rate Game The Ancient Island of Z's
11/1/20171Rate Game The Nightmare Realm
11/1/20171Rate Game Freedom Awaits (Zombie Survival)
10/30/20171Rate Game Tales From The Basement
10/30/20171Rate Game A Tale of War: Thragnazil
10/29/20171Rate Game
10/26/20171Rate Game No Man`s Land (Zombie Survival)
10/15/20171Rate Game Vengeance
10/15/20171Rate Game The Wal*Mart Game!
10/15/20171Rate Game Terror on the 95th Floor
10/15/20171Rate Game A Chosen Hero
10/14/20171Rate Game Antedilluvia
10/13/20171Rate Game Spy Mission
10/12/20171Rate Game Vampirium: The Count
10/12/20171Rate Game Tower of Doom
10/12/20171Rate Game Awakening of the Tower (Roguelike RPG)
10/11/20171Rate Game Storm the school.
10/11/20171Rate Game
10/9/20171Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chatper Four
10/9/20171Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter Three
10/9/20171Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter Two
10/9/20171Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter One
10/9/20171Rate Game Nen Personality Test
10/8/20171Rate Game 5 Floors
10/8/20171Rate Game Behemoth
10/1/20171Rate Game Surviving Pre-School
10/1/20171Rate Game Delve!
10/1/20171Rate Game The Wasteland Chronicles: The Story of Aether Frost
10/1/20171Rate Game Post-Apocalyptic Empire
9/20/20171Rate Game Frameshift
9/16/20171Rate Game The Exploits of Fail-Man
9/3/20171Rate Game Blooded
9/2/20171Rate Game Don't Get Date Raped!
9/1/20171Rate Game A Soldier's Wish
9/1/20171Rate Game YOUR story (of how you died)
8/26/20171Rate Game Don't Be Broke
8/26/20171Rate Game The Tower
8/24/20171Rate Game Star Wars, a new Galaxy
8/18/20171Rate Game Choose Your Disease
8/18/20171Rate Game
8/17/20171Rate Game Broken Chains
8/17/20171Rate Game The Only Lights in the Darkness are Flames
8/17/20171Rate Game Fear the Psyker
8/13/20171Rate Game Metamorphosis
8/13/20171Rate Game Cannibals Roam
8/12/20171Rate Game Grounded!
8/10/20171Rate Game 8 goals, 28 rolls
8/10/20171Rate Game Dead Man Walking (Zombie Survival)
8/8/20171Rate Game The Outbreak: Early Stages
4/8/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
4/4/20171Rate Game The Watch of Time
1/24/20171Rate Game Natures Great Void
12/20/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
12/16/20161Rate Game America: Made Apocalyptic
12/16/20161Rate Game Among the Trees
11/2/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
8/1/20161Rate Game The Multiverse Chalkboard
5/28/20161Rate Game Peak: Winds of the Forgotten
5/28/20161Rate Game Powerful
5/28/20161Rate Game
5/28/20161Rate Game Enter The Midverse: Into The Unknown
5/28/20161Rate Game Magellan 1: Race into the Great Unknown
5/21/2016-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/21/2016-3Lose Duel RPS
4/29/20161Rate Game No Mans Land
4/28/20161Daily Point
4/22/20161Rate Game Lol derp
4/22/20161Rate Game
4/21/20161Rate Game Marvel Universe: Fallen
4/8/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
2/14/20161Rate Game Second World #1
2/13/20161Rate Game The faery, the toller and the rusty door
2/13/20161Rate Game Eternal
2/13/20161Rate Game Bloody Story
2/11/20161Rate Game The Path of Death
2/6/20161Rate Game
2/6/20161Rate Game One single outcome?
2/6/20161Rate Game The death of Michael Walker
1/18/20161Rate Game If You're Bored
1/18/20161Rate Game A Sick Day
1/18/20161Rate Game Abduction Escape
1/1/20161Rate Game The Upgrade
1/1/20161Rate Game The Paper
1/1/20161Rate Game Setinel
1/1/20161Rate Game Revolt
1/1/20161Rate Game Mind Games
1/1/20161Rate Game Mechanised Assault Unit
12/31/20151Rate Game The business game
12/31/20151Rate Game The Gauntlet II: Returning Home
12/31/20151Rate Game The Gauntlet
12/31/20151Rate Game Mazkil
12/31/20151Rate Game OUTBREAK: Chapter 1
12/31/20151Rate Game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: the Stirring of the Legendaries - Part I: The Beginning
12/31/20151Rate Game What if
12/28/20151Rate Game Fallout Chapter 1: The Vault
12/19/20151Rate Game Back To The Pass!
12/19/20151Rate Game The Golden Relic
12/19/20151Daily Point
12/18/20151Daily Point
12/18/2015-1Duel Escrow RPS
12/18/2015-1Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
12/18/20152Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
12/18/2015-1Duel Escrow Toggle
12/17/20151Rate Game Z Day
12/17/20151Rate Game The Title Has Been Abducted by Aliens
12/17/20151Rate Game Achilles II: The Chykri
12/15/20151Rate Game Achilles
12/14/20151Rate Game
12/14/20151Rate Game
12/14/20151Rate Game Shopping for Life
12/14/20151Rate Game DeathSentence
12/13/20151Rate Game Hostage Rescue 1- Past transgressions
12/13/20151Rate Game Dugeon master
12/13/20151Rate Game
12/3/20151Rate Game Trouble in paradise part two
11/22/20151Rate Game
11/22/20151Rate Game Trouble in paradise part one
11/22/20151Rate Game Mission X-17
11/20/20151Rate Game
11/20/20151Rate Game
11/20/20151Rate Game
11/20/20151Rate Game Without Saving
11/19/20151Rate Game Sleepless Passion
11/14/20151Rate Game ChooseYourLife
11/14/20151Rate Game A Long Walk Home
11/13/20151Rate Game The Unfortunate
11/12/20151Rate Game The Adventures of Rory Thorn in Math Class
11/12/20151Rate Game N.A.S.A.
11/12/20151Rate Game
11/12/20151Rate Game The Bedroom
11/9/20151Rate Game Fireteam
11/9/20151Rate Game The Delaying Action
11/8/20151Rate Game A Very Special Choose Your Story
11/8/20151Rate Game Dog Captivity
11/8/20151Rate Game
11/7/20151Rate Game Everlasting Darkness
11/7/20151Rate Game Dear Santa
11/6/20151Rate Game Positive or Negative?
11/6/20151Rate Game AQW: Prologue
11/6/20151Rate Game Cyrus the Great Beast Hunter
11/5/20151Rate Game Dead Space: The Virus Awakens Part 1
11/5/20151Rate Game Journey to the Center of the Sun
11/5/20151Rate Game Escape The Room!
11/3/20151Rate Game A Day in the Life of a Flocktown Student
11/3/20151Rate Game On The Road...
10/30/20151Rate Game Coffee Break
10/30/20151Rate Game Medieval Magic
10/29/20151Rate Game Ducky Park
10/18/20151Rate Game The Zombies Are Coming Part 1
10/18/20151Rate Game Zombie Story
10/18/20151Rate Game Zombie Flesh Riot
10/18/20151Rate Game Cat Box Hero
10/17/20151Rate Game Eating some bacon
10/17/20151Rate Game Being alive V2.0 tester
10/17/20151Rate Game Adventures in the Sahel
10/17/20151Rate Game The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero
10/17/20151Rate Game High School! Update 1.0.
10/17/20151Rate Game Who is your demi-god parent?
10/17/20151Rate Game Flight of the boobook owl
10/17/20151Rate Game the mansion escape
10/17/20151Rate Game
10/12/20151Rate Game Bacon Wars
10/12/20151Rate Game Randomness
10/12/20151Rate Game A.M.I.E. (1.1)
10/12/20151Rate Game Abducted
10/11/20151Rate Game A Magical Tale
10/11/20151Rate Game A Jail Cell
10/3/20151Rate Game 4 Little Mice
9/26/20151Rate Game The Fox and The Fawn
9/26/20151Rate Game
9/23/20151Rate Game Escaping Dystopia
9/20/20151Rate Game An Escape from Ruin
9/20/20151Rate Game Heroes Save Us
9/20/20151Daily Point
9/20/20151Rate Game Reunion
9/20/20151Rate Game A World War
9/20/20151Rate Game Substitute Teacher
9/20/20151Rate Game Weirdos from Another Planet 2: The goons are here!
9/20/20151Rate Game You'd better hide...
9/20/20151Rate Game Forest of Darkness
9/20/20151Rate Game Can Anybody Escape?
9/19/20151Rate Game Minutes To Midnight
9/19/20151Rate Game Bloodlines
9/19/20151Rate Game Project Origin: Atrophy (Part 2)
9/19/20151Rate Game Project Origin: The Unraveling (part 1)
9/19/20151Rate Game The Secret of Daphne
9/19/20151Rate Game The Road: Carrying the Fire
9/18/20151Rate Game Minecraft Online
9/18/20151Rate Game The Wolves
9/18/20151Rate Game Kill that Spider!
9/18/20151Rate Game The Right Side of the Bed
9/18/20151Rate Game Finding the Muse
9/18/20151Rate Game Control Your: Pack
9/12/20151Rate Game The Poison Toilet
9/12/20151Rate Game Before Midnight
9/12/20151Rate Game Strangely High school
9/12/20151Rate Game Into The Wilderness
9/12/20151Rate Game Hive Mind
9/12/20151Rate Game The Road to Glasgow.
9/11/20151Rate Game Attack of the Grue
9/7/20151Daily Point
9/7/20151Rate Game Curse of the De'meir (Part 1)
9/7/20151Rate Game trapped in school 2: Master's Degree
9/7/20151Rate Game I want to have money and financial stability
9/7/20151Rate Game Faithful or not?
9/3/20151Rate Game Dragon Rider - Lost Memory
9/3/20151Rate Game Surviving The Black Plague
9/1/20151Rate Game Alone in the Forest
9/1/20151Rate Game Action Research
9/1/20151Rate Game HAUNTED HOUR!!!!
8/31/20151Rate Game Blackbirds
8/31/20151Rate Game Mercenary Queen (Part 3): The Hemlock Band
8/30/20151Rate Game a girl who you do not know lives in your house
8/30/20151Rate Game A Crazy Dimension Called Life
8/30/20151Rate Game A Day In The Life of A Slice of Bread
8/29/20151Rate Game The Shortcut Home
8/29/20151Rate Game How to make a story game
8/29/20151Rate Game Rise of a Hero
8/29/20151Rate Game A Mutt's Purpose
8/28/20151Rate Game A Hero's Odyssey
8/26/20151Rate Game The Murdering Midget!!
8/26/20151Rate Game Last Scream Before You Die
8/26/20151Rate Game Adventures In Skyrim
8/26/20151Rate Game
8/26/20151Rate Game A Web of Dreams
8/26/20151Rate Game Hey Look, It's a Zombie Apocalypse
8/26/20151Rate Game Genesis
8/26/20151Rate Game Extra Terrestrial
8/25/20151Rate Game Evolve (1.2)
8/25/20151Rate Game Children of the Plague
8/24/20151Rate Game Different Universe
8/23/20151Rate Game Hunted down
8/23/20151Rate Game death alley
8/23/20151Rate Game Dispiteous
8/23/20151Rate Game Atramentous
8/23/20151Rate Game
8/23/20151Rate Game Any reasone?
8/23/20151Rate Game Dad's Birthday Adventure
8/23/20151Rate Game Restart (SOA)
8/23/20151Rate Game
8/22/20151Rate Game ULYSSES: The Pegasi Incident
8/22/20151Rate Game The Object
8/21/20151Rate Game Mercenary Queen (Part 1): Escape from Essitrea
8/21/20151Rate Game Escape the Snow Cave
8/21/20151Rate Game Zombie Survival Guide Game Part 1: Weapons
8/21/20151Rate Game Obsessive Love!
8/20/20151Rate Game WarGames
8/20/20151Rate Game Pushing A Desert Army: The Castle
8/20/20151Rate Game Pushing A Desert Army
8/20/20151Rate Game
8/20/20151Rate Game Choose Your Own
8/20/20151Rate Game Failing
8/19/201510Publish Game
8/19/20151Rate Game A UFO at School
8/18/20151Rate Game Don't click on this game! (Do it. Do it.)
8/18/20151Rate Game Go Get The Mail!
8/18/20151Rate Game Survivors
8/17/20151Rate Game You V.S Zombies
8/14/20151Rate Game *Insert Title Here*
7/10/20151Rate Game Zombie Kill Squad 2
7/10/20151Rate Game Zombie Kill Squad
6/27/20151Rate Game The Devil's Fire
6/25/20154Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
6/25/2015-2Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
6/25/2015-1Duel Escrow Toggle
6/25/20151Win Duel RPS
6/25/20151Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
6/24/20151Rate Game Necromancer
6/16/20151Rate Game The Search For The Craxil
5/11/20151Rate Game Archangel
5/9/20153Create Game
5/9/20153Create Game
4/25/20153Create Game Walking in the Shadow of Death
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