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Nancy Drew, I Hate You

You, as super-sleuth Nancy Drew, must investigate a murder at the Rahne Inn. The masquerade ball is where it all happens. A very serious game. Rated for violence.

The White Face

You have America's future in your hand. You are a brave indian warrior. Little Sparrow is your friend, a girl who wants to save the village from pale faces. She will befriend a brave pale face. She'll help you on your journey too. You must stop the war. Will you fail or suceed? It's your choice. Free the land and win a war, or will you spy on the pale faces? will you have a certain death, or a certain sucess find out in THE WHITE FACE.

Maze Craze

After breaking the 500-year-old painting of a Greek god, you are sent to a Greek labyrinth to die in. People cheer in happyness hoping you are going to die in the labyrinth. Can you prove the people wrong by getting to the end of the maze and killing a Greek monster?