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My hope is that these eventually become obsolete.

CYSCE (CYS Chrome Extension)

CYSFFE 0.7.0 (CYS Firefox Extension)

CYSFiddle (page script testing environment)

CYSugar (syntactic sugar for CYS Script)

But, uh, totally go ahead and use them in the meantime.

art by Bluekea

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Earning 2,000 Points Profile Innovation and excellent advanced editor forum help Rated 50.6% of all Stories Given by mizal on 10/14/2019 - For Larimar, consistent work in improving the site experience with the extension, and a constant willingness to help hopeless Luddites with techy things.


De Milite Inprudenti

Do you know what happens to knights who dare oppose me? They’re soundly beaten, torn to shreds, reduced to mere ashes, utterly and completely obliterated. No one can defeat the great and mighty (and—dare I say—quite handsome) Knarr'ator. I’m the best, most awesomest dragon there ever is, was, and will be. And yet here you stand, just a character in my story, challenging me like the fool you are. If you think you stand a chance against me, you’ve got another think coming.

But by all means, go ahead and try.

Slaying Song

It seems you’ve found yourself within
The troublesome affair
Of trekking through the timberland
To slay the dragon there.

They claim it a ferocious fiend;
However will you fare?

My entry for the December 2016 Ballad Contest.

Illustration: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen by Ludwig Richter

___ ______ ____!

___ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ _______. _____ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ ____ _ ____ _________ ____ ___ _____. _ ____ ______ ____ _ ___ __ _______, ___ ___'_ ___ ___ ___ ____ __ ___ ______ ______ _____! ___ __? _____? __, _____ ____.. _____ ____, ____ ____ ___ ____!


De Labyrintho Draconis

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, iudico mucius praesent eu vim. Cu has indoctum maiestatis referrentur. Vix eu omnes explicari, unum tacimates has et. Mei cu recteque hendrerit, an esse voluptua nam.

Te per impedit percipit consetetur, mel cu quaeque convenire. Liber utinam probatus cu eam. Id vulputate voluptatum sed. Mentitum adipisci postulant no mel. Esse omnis quaestio et eos.

Vides meam barbam, et amas eam!

Image by Acrid.

Dragon; Hide

Ngozi ya Joka?

Joka lijifichea?

Joka! Sisi jificheni!?

This is doubtlessly terrible Kiswahili.


Dvořák? Check.

Dragon? ...Check.

Kobold? Chick.

> >

Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test

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CYS Dev Thread on 11/18/2019 1:53:28 AM

The quicksaves? As it happens, all the necessary data is right there on the page, so I can just grab it and store it in the extension's local storage. To load it, the extension opens the "Save" page, injects the quicksave data into it, and clicks "Continue Without Saving."

CYS Dev Thread on 11/17/2019 10:45:47 AM

Version 0.7.0 is live! A lot of focus on the storygame viewer this time around. Click the dropdown for the changelog.

CYSCE 0.7.0 “Peruse Your Story”
  • Dark and Light storygame themes
    • Choose between serif and sans-serif versions
    • Choose between fixed character-per-line (90 or 110) and unfixed
    • Choose whether to suppress author-defined fonts and/or CSS
  • Storygame Dev Mode overhaul
    • Opens in a separate window
    • Modify the value of normal variables and $ITEMUSED variables
    • View the number of times a link has been clicked, and the history of pages visited
    • Quicksaves
      • Quickly save and restore multiple named storygame states
      • Saved locally, so unlike options they don't persist across devices
      • View/manage all quicksaves on the My/Saves page
        • Export as / import from JSON
  • Contrast enforcement for user-generated content
    • In storygames, storygame descriptions, forum posts, PMs, and user profiles
    • "span" and "font" tags are tested for contrast with their background and brightened/darkened appropriately to fit the set contrast ratio
    • Alternatively, force them to be stripped of the color change completely
  • Removed emoji
    • Since smileys were removed from the CKEditor, the relevant CSS only caused strange behavior
  • Improved image filtering in the inverted storygames themes
  • Updated CSS for the chapter selector in the Advanced Editor
  • Link buttons labeled in the Advanced Page Editor
  • Orphaned links are given the destination text "[none]" so their destinations are editable
  • The textbox in the "Add Link to New Page" dialog is autofocused
  • The broken spacer.gif (in My/Points and My/Stuff) is hidden
  • Worth algorithm changed; a score of 100 is now:
    • 3,000 points
    • 200 commendations
    • 1,000 forum posts
    • 12 storygames (featured ones count as 6)
    • 3 years active
    • 8 trophies (only member-awarded, contest, bug hunter, rater, and lucky dueler trophies count)
    • 1 article
    • Community Contributor trophy

The following text is here to illustrate the effects of the new "Text Visibility" option. Check it out with different settings!

Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Cyan Teal Blue Purple Fuchsia White Grey Black

Don’t on 11/14/2019 4:39:14 AM

It’s probably because you're using the “smart“ apostrophe (’). I’m guessing you’re on a device whose keyboard automatically substitutes them. If that’s the case, you might be able to long press the relevant key and select the regular, straight apostrophe. Those play more nicely with the system.

There’s an alternative, but it isn’t as nice to type out; in HTML, smart apostrophes can also be written as ’ (e.g. “don’t“ becomes “don’t“).

Put cursor in Create New Page box on 11/9/2019 11:47:11 PM

There's an autofocus attribute that I think would work as a server-side solution.

Hello! Again. wups. on 10/29/2019 5:03:40 AM

Yeah, scripts and CSS were taken off of profiles in an update a while ago. Sad day.

Too bad that I definitely haven't gone and found other little ways to add a bit of interactivity in there every now and then...

Hello! Again. wups. on 10/27/2019 11:26:17 PM

”Had,” for better or worse. Welcome back.

greetings to all storygamers! on 10/23/2019 7:51:14 PM

No, but adding title and alt text to those is planned for the next update.

Anyone Make Music Here? on 10/11/2019 11:59:36 PM


Anyone Make Music Here? on 10/10/2019 9:25:27 PM

I do/did, mainly with virtual instruments, and with soundtracks in mind. I've probably "finished" less than 10% of what I've started, though, so most are (and will likely remain) a few conceptual measures. Haven't really been into it recently, which sucks.

E: This one, for instance, was inspired by something drkphoenix mentioned, believe it or not

Dating Sims are weird! on 10/8/2019 10:03:29 PM

I don't know about T-rexes, but you can date dragons in Angels with Scaly Wings.