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Larimar’s scaly daddy.

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De Milite Inprudenti

Do you know what happens to knights who dare oppose me? They’re soundly beaten, torn to shreds, reduced to mere ashes, utterly and completely obliterated. No one can defeat the great and mighty (and—dare I say—quite handsome) Knarr'ator. I’m the best, most awesomest dragon there ever is, was, and will be. And yet here you stand, just a character in my story, challenging me like the fool you are. If you think you stand a chance against me, you’ve got another think coming.

But by all means, go ahead and try.

Slaying Song

It seems you’ve found yourself within
The troublesome affair
Of trekking through the timberland
To slay the dragon there.

They claim it a ferocious fiend;
However will you fare?

My entry for the December 2016 Ballad Contest.

Illustration: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen by Ludwig Richter

___ ______ ____!

___ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ _______. _____ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ ____ _ ____ _________ ____ ___ _____. _ ____ ______ ____ _ ___ __ _______, ___ ___'_ ___ ___ ___ ____ __ ___ ______ ______ _____! ___ __? _____? __, _____ ____.. _____ ____, ____ ____ ___ ____!


De Labyrintho Draconis

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, iudico mucius praesent eu vim. Cu has indoctum maiestatis referrentur. Vix eu omnes explicari, unum tacimates has et. Mei cu recteque hendrerit, an esse voluptua nam.

Te per impedit percipit consetetur, mel cu quaeque convenire. Liber utinam probatus cu eam. Id vulputate voluptatum sed. Mentitum adipisci postulant no mel. Esse omnis quaestio et eos.

Vides meam barbam, et amas eam!

Image by Acrid.


Stop; I can only get so everted.

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The Rustier Crab Serpents
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Really? I’ve never heard of a name like... like nothing! Just tell me your name!

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Formatting Poll on 9/20/2018 6:20:51 PM

There is a CSS property for indentation, though you'd need to put it on a parent element and wrap each paragraph in





User of a Username: Inspiration on 9/18/2018 8:50:46 PM


User of a Username: Inspiration on 9/18/2018 6:57:42 PM

Obviously, I wanted a username that could be initialized to "BD" and Dvorak is the most phonetically pred of the keyboard layouts.

CYS Dev Stuff and Fixing this stinkin' site on 9/17/2018 5:19:55 PM

Oh yeah, it only checks the once. I couldn't stop the original check that happens every five seconds and I didn't want to add more requests to that.

But I guess it wouldn't be a big deal if I added more requests if they were more sparse.

CYS Dev Stuff and Fixing this stinkin' site on 9/14/2018 10:55:25 PM

Hmm. Maybe it has to do with the type of notification.

CYS Dev Stuff and Fixing this stinkin' site on 9/11/2018 10:08:33 PM

I see what happened. There's an option that hides that banner (Recieve Alerts (sic)) and it's considered "off" when not explicitly set. I'll tweak the option a little and add the badge notifications to the default theme maybe?

New Tags on 9/10/2018 8:36:48 PM

Glad you all like it!

CYS Dev Stuff and Fixing this stinkin' site on 9/2/2018 3:58:33 AM

Well, patching the My overhaul was simple and converting the themes’ image replacements was a pain, but both those features are now back in. Plus, I realized there was a bug that made every image change cursor when hovered over (making them appear like they were hyperlinked) because I was duuumb and used a really fuzzy CSS selector. So that’s gone now. Was part of an incomplete feature anyway.

CYSFFE 0.1.1

CYS Dev Stuff and Fixing this stinkin' site on 9/1/2018 6:09:26 PM

I got a Firefox version of the extension packed, though it has fewer features because of slight incompatibilities with Chrome (no custom images or My Stuff overhaul). Probably a bad idea to be jumbling the Chrome version's code around before it's even finished, but whatever. Now at least those who predominantly use Firefox or Firefox-based browsers (like me) can have a lesser version of the add-on instead of nothing?


What am I doing wrong? on 7/24/2018 8:49:22 AM

Understandable. Wasn't sure; erred.