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“Yes. Mustache.”



“...Fire at will.”

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De Milite Inprudenti

Do you know what happens to knights who dare oppose me? They’re soundly beaten, torn to shreds, reduced to mere ashes, utterly and completely obliterated. No one can defeat the great and mighty (and—dare I say—quite handsome) Knarr'ator. I’m the best, most awesomest dragon there ever is, was, and will be. And yet here you stand, just a character in my story, challenging me like the fool you are. If you think you stand a chance against me, you’ve got another think coming.

But by all means, go ahead and try.

Slaying Song

It seems you’ve found yourself within
The troublesome affair
Of trekking through the timberland
To slay the dragon there.

They claim it a ferocious fiend;
However will you fare?

My entry for the December 2016 Ballad Contest.

Illustration: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen by Ludwig Richter

De Labyrintho Draconis

Hey, girl.

You come around here ofttimes? ...No? Cool. Swell. Me neither.

Wanna refresh your cache? It’s really quite incomplex. Just press Ctrl + F5, Cmd + Shift + R, or Shift + Reload on the title page.

And don’t think I didn’t catch you diggin’ this sweet beard, either. It’s distracting you from reading the text, isn’t it?

Image © Isvoc and Tarkustralszar. Utilized sans approbation; mea culpa.

I, My Focal

No dragons. Like, at all.



Dvořák? Check.

Dragon? ...Check.

Kobold? Chick.

You’re Kolo, a kobold dreadfully sick of your monotonous subterranean life. Your heart sings for adventure! ...Unsubterranean adventure! Now, your tribemates all laugh and call you stupid for this, but really, all that tells you is that they’re just close-minded sons-of-cloacae. Who needs ’em when you’ve got adventure?!

> >

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Scripting this time! on 8/16/2017 7:23:36 PM
IF (-1 <= %Z1) = (%Z1 <= 1) THEN
 %Z1 := 1
 %A1 := %A1 + 1

IF %A1 = 1 THEN IF %Z1 <= 1 THEN
 %Z1 := 2

Test whether %Z1 is greater than or equal to -1, then test whether it's less than or equal to 1. Both return a TRUE/FALSE value, and if both are equal, set %Z1 to 1; otherwise set %A1 to itself plus one. Afterwards, if %A1 is 1 and then if %Z1 is less than or equal to 1, set %Z1 to 2.

Normally, you'd use the AND operator with these, but it doesn't work properly with greater/less thans. In the first IF, you can cheat by replacing the AND with an equals sign (since both will never be simultaneously false), and in the second, you have to nest another IF within it.

Sound on 8/15/2017 8:03:40 AM

Go to My Stuff > Account & Profile. You can toggle its use there.

Walkthrough for The Poem on 8/13/2017 5:17:21 AM

So, none of the lines in the top poem rhyme at all. Therefore, trying to apply a "rhyme scheme" to the 26-line poem would just get you the letters A through Z, all in a row. The intent was that you'd then go through each line in the bottom poem and see which line rhymes with which from the top poem. The bottom's first line rhymes with the top's twelfth (the "L" of the rhyme scheme), and so on.

Sound on 8/13/2017 4:31:36 AM

If you have a link to the audio source (MP3 files are the most supported, then WAV, then OGG), you can use the HTML audio tag:

<audio src='' controls>audio>

I only put the "controls" attribute in there—very useful as otherwise you can't manually play/pause the sound, but there are other useful attributes you could add after "controls", namely "autoplay" and "loop". You can also embed a YouTube player (though sometimes there are restrictions on devices or songs that'll prevent playback):

<iframe width='560' height='315' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen>iframe>

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

You can paste the HTML right into a page if you have the rich-text editor disabled, or you can use a page script and put the HTML inside this snippet: $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "HTML GOES HERE" (after changing all double quotes in the HTML to single quotes).

Grammar in Story Types on 7/31/2017 5:40:06 PM

It's wrong like that in any storygame whose category begins with a vowel sound—i.e., every edutainment and every everything else.

Preview bug on 7/30/2017 6:50:49 PM

Funnily enough, this is the only way to access the story.

E: nvm works too.

Blurb Background Image on 7/29/2017 10:27:16 PM

That'll do it, and yeah, the tab key's got its own function in browsers, but it is still possible to paste a tab in there.

Blurb Background Image on 7/29/2017 9:50:50 PM

Might've been a tab character in there? Strings allow any ASCII printable character—plus both line feed and carriage return newline characters—except for double quotes.

Blurb Background Image on 7/28/2017 4:50:17 PM

Remember that an absolutely positioned element's position is based on the earliest ancestor that's also positioned. So if you're still having trouble, give the container element a position: relative; and the absolute element inside will align to it.

Blurb Background Image on 7/28/2017 4:41:12 PM

What? Definitely newline. CYS Script is one of those languages that actually allows newlines in strings so there's less reason to minify it all unless you're overly obsessed with minor performance impact (like I used to be, tbf).