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My hope is that these eventually become obsolete.

CYSCE (CYS Chrome Extension)

CYSFFE 0.4.7 (CYS Firefox Extension)

CYSFiddle (page script testing environment)

CYSugar (syntactic sugar for CYS Script)

But, uh, totally go ahead and use them in the meantime.

art by Ambathy

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De Milite Inprudenti

Do you know what happens to knights who dare oppose me? They’re soundly beaten, torn to shreds, reduced to mere ashes, utterly and completely obliterated. No one can defeat the great and mighty (and—dare I say—quite handsome) Knarr'ator. I’m the best, most awesomest dragon there ever is, was, and will be. And yet here you stand, just a character in my story, challenging me like the fool you are. If you think you stand a chance against me, you’ve got another think coming.

But by all means, go ahead and try.

Slaying Song

It seems you’ve found yourself within
The troublesome affair
Of trekking through the timberland
To slay the dragon there.

They claim it a ferocious fiend;
However will you fare?

My entry for the December 2016 Ballad Contest.

Illustration: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen by Ludwig Richter

___ ______ ____!

___ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ _______. _____ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ ____ _ ____ _________ ____ ___ _____. _ ____ ______ ____ _ ___ __ _______, ___ ___'_ ___ ___ ___ ____ __ ___ ______ ______ _____! ___ __? _____? __, _____ ____.. _____ ____, ____ ____ ___ ____!


De Labyrintho Draconis

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, iudico mucius praesent eu vim. Cu has indoctum maiestatis referrentur. Vix eu omnes explicari, unum tacimates has et. Mei cu recteque hendrerit, an esse voluptua nam.

Te per impedit percipit consetetur, mel cu quaeque convenire. Liber utinam probatus cu eam. Id vulputate voluptatum sed. Mentitum adipisci postulant no mel. Esse omnis quaestio et eos.

Vides meam barbam, et amas eam!

Image by Acrid.


Dvořák? Check.

Dragon? ...Check.

Kobold? Chick.

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Who Admins the Admins? on 8/12/2019 7:14:03 PM

Admin admins admin admins admin admin admin admins admin admins admin.

Stuk with a script on 7/31/2019 5:06:32 PM

All of those characters should have names (like ¿ for ¿), so you might be able to enter them in a slightly more readable way by running them through this site with the "allow named character references" option checked.

Code in page script on 7/17/2019 6:11:25 PM

Yeah, though it needs a bit of setup. It requires a global page script and a page for the player to enter their name.

Global Page Script

This script sets it up so that the name is at max 12 letters long; can only contain letters, accented letters, dashes, and apostrophes; is automatically capitalized; and replaces every instance of $$NAME$$ on the page.


Name Input Page

All this page needs in its HTML is an input element with the appropriate id.

What is your name?

The page also needs a single "accept/continue" link with a link script to prevent the player from continuing with an empty name.


On any following page, you just put "$$NAME$$" wherever you want the name to appear.

vertices on 7/15/2019 6:43:13 PM

H-hewwo >﹏<

How do you code "between"? on 6/30/2019 4:58:47 PM

This, except you need to change AND to THEN.

Control font color with variable in global script? on 6/27/2019 11:48:41 PM

Oh crap, uh, just imagine a lot of negligible, strategically-placed "display: none"s.

Control font color with variable in global script? on 6/27/2019 10:56:17 PM

Ummm, ACTUALLY, the HTML5-sanctioned method of doing this is and the font tag will literally trigger your poor browser's PTHTML4D.

Wtf is wrong with you? on 6/24/2019 11:07:59 PM

what up gamers

My name is Tony, and I go by the online handle of NeuronPrison. I live in California, and I’m currently 17, but I turn 18 on the 8th of August, so hooray for me. At this point I've lost count of how long I've been lurking on this site, and, well, a proper introduction is far behind schedule. The basic overview is that I listen heavy music, play fast-paced shooters, and basically anything that is HIGHLY ENERGETIC. I also like furry art (usually of the not-so safe for work variety) and eccentric, avant-garde films. Of late, I have also had an unusual and unexplainable affinity for children’s shows and Japanese animation, which are two media that I have until now long had nothing but disdain for.

Music is easily my largest hobby. I've been a metalhead since I was young, since my father typically listened to metal and ended up getting me into it. My first and foremost musical encounters were Megadeth, Iron Maiden, White Zombie, Pantera, Anthrax, Sick of it All, Lamb of God, Black Sabbath, and Slayer. I remember when I would sit in my room, listening to Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark on a old CD player, along with Slayer's Walk and Lamb of God’s Black Label.

Since then, I have developed my tastes in heavy metal, and explored other genres, such as electronic music and hip-hop. As of now, my favorite genres are groove and thrash metal, progressive metal and rock, technical death metal, deathcore, djent, hardcore punk/crossover thrash, doom metal, experimental hip-hop, and digital hardcore. Some of my favorite bands and artists, in no particular order, include Animals As Leaders, Gojira, Dream Theater, Sick of it All, High On Fire, Infant Annihilator, Pantera, Tool, Atari Teenage Riot, Gwar, Igorrr, Tyler the Creator, Death, Black Flag, Cattle Decapitation, Voivod, MF DOOM, Rabbit Junk, Slayer, DOWN, Hella, Strapping Young Lad, Lamb of God, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Meshuggah, Death Grips, and more.

I’ll be splitting this up into numerous paragraphs because I’m gonna be typing a lot, so please dont ban me for spam thanx

pt. 2: why im such a big gay

I got into furry stuff in general when I was about 13 or 14, when I started playing Pokemon for the first time. My first Pokemon game was Diamond, and is still my personal favorite. Since then, I have also played Y and Alpha Sapphire, but never went further than that, as I feel the games are incredibly easy, tedious, and overall, boring. Irregardless, Pokemon had aided in developing my affinity for dragons (and not only in a sexual way either).

I also began watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic about 3 or 4 years ago, since it was recommended by a friend of mine. I initially shuddered at the idea of actually enjoying the show, but I soon came to accept it. I never really cared all that much for the equines, but I did quite enjoy characters like Spike, Discord, and a few others. (also, fizzle is best derg don’t @ me) Honestly, I just wish I discovered the show sooner, since it has greatly helped to influence my life up to this moment.

pt. 3: the end, I guess

To end this introduction that's looking to be wordier than the majority of what everyon's written here already, I’m just going to come out and say that I think I’d like to get to know some of the peeps on the site, since I've felt left out of most convos since I'm not really familiar with anyone here. Perhaps I should read the introductions others have made? If anyone wants to talk, get to know me, or anyting else, feel free to shoot me a PM. I’m lurking around most days.

Uploading Pictures on 6/9/2019 11:40:44 PM

Also make sure it’s under 100 kB (or 97 to be safe). If it’s over you might have to resize or compress further.

German letters on 6/5/2019 3:42:21 PM

First things first, turn off the Rich Text Editor. It’s in your profile options. It might look simpler without it, but you actually get a lot more freedom this way.

You’ll be able to enter these characters with what’re known as HTML entities (e.g. ä for ä). Here is the list of the entities you would need:

Ä ä ← Ä ä
Ö ö ← Ö ö
Ü ü ← Ü ü
ß ← ß

Edit: This will not work in the story title field, though. Looks like you have already, but you will have to make do with ae, oe, ue, and ss there.