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I've been here since I was a young man. 

Based on the comments about the item in Mommy:

The item in Mommy did, in fact, have value when the story was updated. Finding all the pieces, and then examining the item, gave one a sort of password. There were clues on my profile page which led to a website I'd created. On that website were further clues, which could be combined with the key found on the item in Mommy. That combination would lead one to a sequel story.

In this sequel was an entirely different universe with striking parallels to the events that took place in Mommy.

Within that story there was a way to reach into the Mommy story and alter events. Together, these two stories formed the full story. Unfortunately, no one ever figured out the clues or found the website, and life eventually got in the way. I had also started my doctorate and moved to California, so abandoned the sequel.

-Disestablishmentarian Minister of Propaganda

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A Day in Hell

This story revolves around Matt, a man living under the yoke of his female roommate.

[EDIT: 2014: I wrote this story to test the functionality of the basic editor, way back when I first joined in 2003. So take it for what it is. My humor runs toward the dark and the black, so you may not find it as amusing as I. At the time, I had been in my late 20's, living with the most irritating person in the entire world. So, so, so irritating. This story was a way for me to sublimate my understandable urges to kill her into a socially acceptable outlet. The parts of the story which are true include her complaining that the smell of bacon and the sight of grease was the same as "boiling animal fat and toxic fumes," all the while attempting to make subtle advances and holding the fact that she was my landlord over my head. The situation ended badly, but not as badly as in the story.


I'd suggest killing anyone that annoys you, but do what you have to. You will only be able to leave comments if you reach one of the endings. I had to do this, as many people with IQs less than 90 were giving this story 1's. Thanks!

v 1.0 Published story, 2003.

v 2.0 Updated some things, fixed a broken link, added a bit of content, probably created discrepancies.


Featured Story Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

v. 1.3

The path cannot be found, exactly. But it does change the story. You cannot accept this, yet.

v. 1.2

- Entire new story line added, with secret items to be found throughout story. The items portend a sequel which is only obliquely related to this one, and without these items one cannot logically progress.

- Fixed major bug allowing readers to exploit statistics. Thanks those who PM'd me after reading that I'd prefer that than posting on the main forums.

- Fixed multiple typos/variable issues/grammatical errors.

- Minor updates to items and setting to reflect current societal technology.

- Fixed multiple instances where traits could be used when user did not have them or stats were not high enough.

- Incorporated new spacing bugs into story, unfortunately. Probably updated Firefox and new HTML, uncertain. Don't have time to go through and delete every new

 so ignore any new spacing issues although drives me insane if it makes you feel better.

- With any update comes new bugs. If you find some, please PM me.


You were a good boy. But then you turned bad. Drug addict, cop-killer, manipulator; These are all names you could be called. But Leon helped you hide the evidence, and you were never caught for your crimes.

You, who were once so far gone yourself, now help others. You take care of them when no one else will. And yet that creature who first strayed from the path of righteousness has not disappeared. It is still part of you, a dark psychosis threatening to get out. You sometimes hear its voice at night, whispering while you try to fall asleep. An eternal battle between the dark and the light rages within your mind.

To which side will you listen during this most crucial of days?


This is an advanced game where you create a character, choosing four of seven unique traits and distributing 100 points between your three stats however you see fit. These stats and traits make for a different experience every time you adventure through the story. Stats have a direct effect on how useful each trait is in various situations, so choose a wise combination! The back-end is extremely complex, with nearly one hundred variables and over thirty unique scripts which track and update your progress, viewable on your character sheet. This sheet lists and keeps track of accomplishments you have made throughout the story, as well as updating your health, score, and any information you might find. The story also boasts twenty-three items, most useable in more ways than one, and over twenty-five distinct endings, each crowning the player with a unique title, although only three allow completion of the story. Every item's graphic has been put through Photoshop, and photos have been placed strategically throughout the 400 pages and 600 links to augment the setting, realism, and mood. Readers will rarely be prompted to use an item; rather, they will have to reason and analyze to determine the appropriate point at which to do so. Finally, if a particular reader gains special accomplishments, they will be in bold on the character sheet, and that reader will gain extra points! Try to get 1000!

Good luck, and enjoy!

CAVEAT: This story contains graphic violence, sexual images, adult situations, and drug use. If you are too young to handle this sort of thing, please do not read the story.

*Thank you for the feedback about bugs/errors/grammatical mistakes/typos. I have fixed the majority of them. Please PM me if you find any further bugs, rather than mentioning them in comments or on the forum.

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How to Co-Author a Story
Want to write a story with another author? Need someone to edit or test your creation? Co-Authoring may be for you. This article details what to expect when choosing to add a co-author or become one yourself.

The Ranking System
There is a ranking system in place! If you are new to, I suggest you first read Fleshnblood_78's article entitled, "What are EXP points?" before continuing with this article.

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AI lifts a bunch of stories from this site on 1/23/2020 1:56:27 PM

Oh - how cool. I didn't even see that. I'm waaaaaaaaaaay behind the curve. Thanks!

Update Windows 10: Actually IRL Important on 1/23/2020 1:30:32 PM

I knew about this and told everyone to update. Most everyone ignored me. That's good work posting it on here. 

AI lifts a bunch of stories from this site on 1/23/2020 1:25:49 PM

I'm trying to find where one can actually "play." In the Ars article, they show entire paragraphs spit out by the AI, purportedly from stories on this site. The researchers evidently found the AI so convincing that they held back releasing it.

The Ars people got to play and it turned into a surreal Infocom-like adventure, using words that had been written by authors here. I'm surprised more of the community aren't tearing off their eyelids in response.

Here's an example of the output:

AI lifts a bunch of stories from this site on 1/20/2020 7:17:21 PM

Sure. Was cool to find my old stomping grounds listed in a major publication like Ars, even if they casually mention plagiarizing everything.

AI lifts a bunch of stories from this site on 1/20/2020 4:39:51 PM

Was reading the news, today, and came upon this egregious theft in the name of science. Hilarious. Enjoy.

strange symbol in mommy on 1/20/2020 4:38:32 PM

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed. I would suspect the Wal-Mart game is THE hardest game, but that's just what I remember from years back. The boxcutter, if I recall correctly, can only be used on it once some other thing is used on it. Otherwise there's just a big fat mop head flapping about, getting in the way of the stabbing.

Tender Dating App on 2/23/2019 8:45:22 PM

I think I find this sort of stuff so interesting because I tried to do it with my talisman in Mommy. But no one ever figured it out and I eventually gave up. 

I'm looking at the answers/spoilers so far, and how they arrive at the right pages, videos, phone calls, etc, is completely, ludicrously complex.

Tender Dating App on 2/23/2019 6:15:40 PM

Have you guys seen this?

It is obviously not a real dating site. Instead, it appears to be some sort of online multimedia adventure/puzzle game. It appears one needs a Paradox gaming account, and from what I could find online, it may be a prelude to a Vampire RPG sequel. Vampire, for those of you too young to remember, was first something akin to D&D in the 90's, then quickly got translated into The Masquerade and Bloodlines on PC. 

Thus far, I've completed my "dating" profile, received strange emails, found links to Twitch, watched hypnotic videos, answered riddles, and basically mentally flailed about. 

I've not searched Google to try to determine what exactly this creation is because I am enjoying experiencing it.

Thought you all might find it engaging or at least mildly entertaining.

Bad Bad Tobaccy on 5/31/2018 12:34:05 AM

The white stuff is crack.

Bad Bad Tobaccy on 5/19/2018 12:17:45 AM

Basically, the goal should be not to get addicted to everything. All of them creep up. Nicotine just grabs on like crack or the potent opiates/opioids. It alternates between 1-3 on level of most addictive substances known to man. Crack usually wins, suprisingly.