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I am a mother, a daughter, a student, a teacher, a victim, a villain, an angel, and a demon.  I use my artistic side to explore these aspects of myself and many others.  I attempt to convey the ideas in a way that the reader can explore these aspects of themselves as well.  Life is a journey meant to teach in my view. The being that we are all a part of in my opinion, is learning about itself thru itself as we are the extensions of this being. I am in what some call the dark night of the soul.  However, in my case, I am not certain my dark night will ever end.  In the meantime, I try to translate my experiences to the outside world thru writing, painting, dance, and song to name a few.  It is my intent to produce writing that the readers enjoys, that I enjoyed writing, and that I am proud of.  Your honesty in criticism, will always be appreciated. 



Darkness within

We all have duality to our souls. It is necessary and natural.

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Hello! Again. wups. on 10/29/2019 4:24:32 AM

Welcome back. I think your art work is interesting.  Your style is very cool. Your talented. I have some art on deviant, but not near as blessed as you are.  I apologize, but I often don't understand some of the humor of this generation. The authors here work hard to produce the work published to this sight.  Their annoyance I think is more about respect and treating the tasks required here as a  game.  Which technically I suppose it is a game. End and his group, demand more out of you.  They demand it and expect the best from you or be shamed. These people offer lessons that are important to your survival  believe it or not. I, myself, am on the shit list as I have done exactly as you did. Minus the ragexit?  I digress.  I was caught up in myself and did not set aside time as I should have to complete the tasks I committed to. I harm no one but myself, but it is offensive to those that work hard at their craft.  Some come by it easier than others grant it. What I  am getting at, I am not going to make excuses. I suck donkey balls. I will work on my stories quietly now, and prove that I deserve to be here.  We are glad your back I assure you. At the moment everyone might be skeptical until they see your follow thru on things.  This is how I imagine I may be viewed.  Or I may be viewed in a harsher light. I am unsure. It doesn't matter. What is done is done. My name is Oracle by the way. I look forward to reading you work. 


Ideas and Thoughts on Theme and Subject on 10/29/2019 2:47:38 AM

that will suffice. thank you for offering your experience. It is appreciated. 


Ideas and Thoughts on Theme and Subject on 10/29/2019 2:46:59 AM

yes they did. However their back story was not detailed or of much interest. I intend to expand upon them. 

to another subject.  I have info on a competition for interactive fiction. is alright if I share the details for others to try and enter?

Ideas and Thoughts on Theme and Subject on 10/27/2019 5:26:59 AM

Hello family, 

Hello lovely souls. i hope your well this evening. I have missed everyone. I apologize for being absent.  I was wondering if anyone here had seen the 13 ghosts. If so, I am working on writing about  each ghosts back stories.  I thought I would suggest it as a possible challenge. I am unable to guarantee meeting deadline with all that is going on in my world these days, but still thought I would suggest it if anyone was interested.

Also, I read Tarot Cards. I was wondering if anyone had written anything using Tarot as a map of the story? Such as the archetypes for example? If so, what did you write on?  I want to use them to write but a bit overwhelmed on where to begin.  An issue with sensory input as usual. Those who know me, know that is common for me. I digress.  I would love suggestions on the tarot cards.  I think with my background I can come up with something that will be of interest. 


The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/18/2019 1:17:41 AM


Agreed. She may very well be up there on a dragon. 

The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/18/2019 1:16:42 AM


No, I don't study the bible. I don't even know bible versus. I went to church a few times as a kid, but had bad experiences.  Yes, I have been told that as well, but I think it maybe a war within myself more than anything. I am trying to warn myself of something maybe. I hope that it is not biblical, because that would mean we are all really screwed.  John said the war would last for 30 years and that the 6th would open the sky with thunder. whatever that means. John was the man that stands next to me in the dream. The 6th and thunder is new. I am thinking a date or it was suggested he means the seal, as in 7 seals.  If that is the case it maybe just power of suggestion that caused me to dream that part. 


The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/18/2019 1:12:52 AM

I can think of a few actually. Agreed.


The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/18/2019 1:12:27 AM


That is excellent advice. Thank you. It is nice to see a logical interpretation, and good advice for resolution.  


The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/18/2019 1:10:46 AM

Well come interpretations, say that yes. It adds to it since I predicted the El Paso shootings and Ohio the day before. Two more are coming.  I also predicted pink's helicopter crash the day before.  I was called the death angel the other day. Oh well, not such a bad title I suppose. I think we can all predict these things to be honest.  In today's age it isn't hard to guess sometimes. 


The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/18/2019 1:07:17 AM


Yes, yellow. Sorry It didn't have black in the dream.