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A comic-loving space pirate with pep in their step and a story in mind. I'm never sleeping, and working with all my soul energy on game development. Switch or die! Sweat is the nosebleed of the heart!

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Nen Personality Test

  Nen! It's the energy of life! You've trained for years and finally it's time for your super awesome Water Divination Hatsu test! Find out your Hatsu and make Sensei proud, kiddo.

karate kid+++

  For those of you who don't know, Hatsu and Nen and all that are from this great thing called Hunter X Hunter. You don't have to know HXH stuff to play, but just say'n. Also, this is my first story game (not counting that middle finger to WC a while back) and I wanted to make a cool personality test. You may have multiple paths, so feel free to do whatever. I think martial arts look cool. Have fun!

deep deep

Goodness, It seems like I'm actually doing something, huh? I'm so terribly busy but I hope this will turn out nice. It will be some time, though.

dont worry please.JPG

  I can remember it all. I'll lay down and feel the boards creak below me, feel the dust settles on my worn out face, the the heaviness of some unseen thing. It's time to sew all the pictures back together.

  I can remember sand getting up my nose as my parents car revved and turned into a speck in the distance.

  I can remember my brother squeezing my hand, grinning as hard as he could.

  I can remember the unseen thing, and what it wanted.


probs gonna be a long form not unlike this: http://chooseyourstory.com/forums/creative-corner/message/25153

its all in google docs for spellcheck proper, you fools!

endmaster x mizal gaem xdxdxdx

dont like dont read xdxdxdxdx

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Wtf is wrong with you? on 6/25/2019 1:41:59 PM

"No point dwelling on the bad when you can still do good in the world."

I will take that to heart!

Wtf is wrong with you? on 6/25/2019 1:40:27 PM


Wtf is wrong with you? on 6/25/2019 1:38:08 PM

Ooh, are we doing more documentation stuff? How about we have a race war on here or something? That would be really cool, like, we could all be playfully racist and find our genetic brethren on this cold and lonely slice of the net. Like instead of architects and marauders it could be Latinas and South Pacific Asians and stuff! And because there are different cultures within cultures, think of all the in fighting! Anyways!

Nationality: I'm half Arabic! My aunt Debbie once said Muslims worship meteorites, but i couldn't tell her to Fuck Off because I'd missed my cue and was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon under the table.

Orientation: I'm completely frigid! I want to play video games and eat sandwiches! Sex is not something I think about, or have ever thought about.

Disorders: I have anxiety, but I actually manage everything pretty well! I'm just always on the go! So I never rest, and I end up leaving my brains and bones vulnerable to the chillies and the shakies and the stone-throat! Also depression  but I've lived 20 years with it, so going another week or so is no problem! ( ouo)b*

Trauma: I had a childhood straight out of one of those silly mellodramatic movies with the Tragic Backstory and Batman Guys! Nothing you haven't seen or heard of before! I'm doing well for myself, but sometimes there is a stale feeling of something that can't be tossed away. I can do as I please now, and I'm thankful for it! My independence has gotten me far. I am going to become strong enough to take care of my sister as soon as she graduates. I can't wait!

Ah, how unfair Mizal! You should do it too, since you posted this here! Otherwise I really will start a race riot!

IM GONNA MCFRICKEN DUNK YA on 5/20/2019 3:47:09 PM

I just typed uwu instead of owo, got insta blocked. I'm cold, lonely, broken, my heart is palpitating, my lungs are collapsing, I fell out of my seat and my dad pulled out the belt because he heard me and we can't afford the gigs right now. 10/10, would do uwu again.

Just Another Day In HELL on 5/2/2019 9:18:19 PM


( 0 c 0) =3

Just Another Banning LOL on 5/2/2019 7:14:22 PM

He bashed on you for calling him faggot, and then called you faggot? He kinda sounds like the incel forums a bit in the end there.

People need to stop freaking out about being called faggot. Faggot is the best word ever. You should be honored to be graced with such a title!

CYS History (Sorta) on 5/2/2019 1:15:56 PM

"Grifter Mod Seth"? Now that you mention i, I don't think I've seen anybody of the Seth sort in quite a long time. I'm only reminded of his existence through the "Seth approves" comments on various older stories. Could somebody tell me what happened with him?

Gay Furry Enlists Trap Loli To Abuse Feminist on 5/1/2019 10:55:02 PM

Everything was on fire. Figuratively speaking.

Our game was 20 minutes from the build limit and all uva sudden, every random problem under the sun decided to pop up for no other reason than Unity, What In The Goddam Shit. I had done my part. It was time to wait. My dearest darling programming slave was typing away so fast that I was sure his freakishly long fingers were going to disconnect and fly off into space. Weird image.

Also everything was on fire on twitter.

This image? This image right here? Do you feel it now, Mr.Krabs? Don't you feel threatened, offended, outraged? The japanime waifu is pointing a real gun with a real hand at your real head!! She's gonna tie you to the radiater and pistol whip your dog!

Basically the entire fetish obsessed degenrate dumpster fire of the internet is spamming smug anime girl Satchiko's at one another because a Mortal Kombat furry is sort of more or less about to not really be taken to court for @ing a Brit Terf lady on twitter with a trans waifu from a zombie idol show. This is the timeline we live in.

The particular gent pictured above is a pro alpha gaym3r, I think at Mortal Kombat or some terrible fighting game like that. He was first famous for coming our of nowhere, blazing through the competition, winning, and then immediately tweeting "I'm gay". Even if I'm staunchly not into the fetishes of the furry and fuzzy, he honestly seems like a pretty chill dude.

Black, gay and a furry. That guy has been dealt some serious cards.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand the incredibly generic looking humanized bread basket above is British Parliament member, Joanna Cherry. I think she's pro Brexit, but please don't quote me on that. She looks like the kinda lady who I'd be terrified to serve at a restaurant. A big ol' lesbiab. Big ol' Terf. Huhuhu.

Apparently, Bread Basket-sama tweeted some not very nice Terfy things-- To which our Darling In The Fursuit responded with that now legendary image of Lily the Loli, Trans Waifu With A Gun. Normally, I'd think that was mildly hilarious and move on with my life. But no. Nonononononoonoooooo, it gets better. 


this is the timeline we live in. this is he world we experience. this is our reality. now that we know we are being punished, we must discover our sin.

This abuse. This abuse! God forbid! A thousand dirty yiffers took up arms to rally against She Who Hath Terfed, and now she's complaining to twitter about abuse. In all honesty, it makes me think f MattPats shitty Sans Is Ness pissing session -- If you're on the internet, prepare to be shit on. Prepare to be told to fuck off. Prepare to have an army of strange fetishists spam tweet you badly drawn catboy porn scrawled in mspaint with the comic sans words UR A FAGOT barely obscuring the naughty regions. To be honest, that sounds like an incredible experience but as she is a lebian of the UltraCarb variety, I guess that doesn't suit her fancy.

I didn't come here to preach anti-Terf sentiment and beg you all to become trans, aromantic komaeda-kin demi-girls. I came here to show you a silly twitter anime meme started by a man dressed like dog getting taken to the court of the goddam law. Also Terfs are terrible. But this? This moment in internet history? Absolutely scintillating. I'm gonna go draw mspaint fanart to commemorate this Godly moment.

Our game is not on fire. Actually, there is a scene where the room is on fire, but the actual game is okay. I;m really happy with it. It was only when we all got home that my dear friend, with all the best intentions sent us a screenshot of the end scene after play testing: 

Congraddulations! You won!



Just Another Day In HELL on 5/1/2019 9:57:52 PM

So, uh, can you say "uwu" or is that also a no-no word?

Black, Female or Gay? on 5/1/2019 1:04:57 PM

I'm trying to think.... @Chanbot maybe was the one who made that particularly special video for me on the ol' CYS discord. I can't remember exactly, but it's definitely my pride and joy.