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Escape School

In this story you are trapped in Clearwaters High, and must escape while getting past the evil teachers. You can also find help in certain students... good luck and remember to check all endings! (they are fun to read)

Escape School 2- Watergrove Academy

You are now Blu Carmen, grandchild of the nameless legend who escaped a second dimension of Clearwaters high in Escape School. You have just been accepted into the prestigious Watergrove academy, and already strange things start to happen. Things are unexplainable, because Blu's parents have neglected to share the story of her grandparents adventure, but with the help of SAINT she can make it through this nightmare.

(I would suggest doing Escape School first if you want to completely understand the legend and SAINT- don't worry Escape School is short)

Stuck at Montgomery Mall

Just a normal day at the mall, right? WRONG! Things quickly go wrong when a group of terrorists take over Montgomery Mall! You must save the hostages, and make history! (or as much as you can)

Can you save everybody?

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i need help on the storygame "Buried" walkthrough please?