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Get out of hell

11 days ago

This is for me to get un-helled. This stories unfinished so if I get helled again I’ll continue it. Yes I know it’s most likely bad and I accept that. Please tell me how bad it was and how it could be better. 


   As Serpent walked through the gate, he could feel the negative aura surrounding him. He had no idea why he was here, nor where “here” was. All he knew was that this place felt strange. Then he heard laughter and his memories came back.


   He was a noble servant in the grand drocsid castle, walking along doing his routine

afternoon dusting, when a room appeared before him. He had never seen it before but it felt like it was calling him inside. He felt like he could hear it, though there was nobody around. As he went inside he found an empty room. Well empty except for one thing, there was a button place upon a pedestal. While that was strange enough, what was stranger was the fact it was labeled in a tongue serpent had never seen before. It said “oof.” Without thinking he pressed it, and then he was transported here.


   “Well enough of this!” he exclaimed, “I’m getting out of here, I need to get back to my duties.”


    With that he stormed off down the long hallway, until finally he reached the end. At the end of the hall was a large room, with one rusty door directly across from the entrance, and a pedestal with a cricket on it.


   As Serpent prepared to move on the cricket spoke, “Ah looks like we have a new one down here.”


   Serpent jumped as the cricket spoke to him for he thought that animals aren't sentient. He figures he must be hallucinating because that’s the only logical conclusion to go on here


  “Well someone must be frightened,” the cricket mused, “ah people down here always get scared by my sight, ah yes I’ve heard it all, though I assure you I’m no hallucination. You see this room is the last contact you will have with the outside world. From here on you will be alone, apart from the others down here. Some friendly, other not, though all fell for the same trap.”


  Still cautious Serpent spoke, “w-what trap?”


  “Oh you don’t know? Well the castle of drocsid tests those with weak wills to see if they can resist the temptation of oof or OwO. Both words are keys to magic spells that, if uttered by someone stronger than the seal, could destroy the barrier keeping the evil furry weebs at bay. You see the castle tests those who it fears might say it with a room surrounded by spells and wards to make sure it is contained. Those who fail are sent to here, where you can rot or serve your punishment.”


  “Well how do I serve my punishment then! My overseer will be enraged if I disappear. I could lose my position at the castle! I can’t take that risk, I’ve worked my whole life to become a servant at this place of gods and heroes!”


  “Now do not fear, for there is a way. It all depends on you though. For you see if you go ahead you will find what this place has decided will be punishment. If it has mercy on you it might be to replicate a painting or something of the like. Just hope you don’t have to write tomes, for if that is the case you may be stuck here a while.”


 “Oh I hope so, thanks cricket you’ve been a big help!”


 “I have a name you know!”


 “What is it?”


 “I go by Cricket.”


 “What?! Then what’s the point in- oh never mind. I don’t have time for this. Goodbye Cricket.” And with that, Serpent went through the rusty door.


 As Serpent went through the door he saw a spiral staircase. As he descended down the staircase he felt a pull of horror and death grasping at him. While the descent was what would normally be an hour, it took Serpent five. This is in large part to do with the fact that there was something about that staircase that made it extremely streanois to take even one step, so by the time he made it to the bottom he was exhausted. After a well deserved five minutes spent catching his breath, he proceeded onward to find a portal. As he looked around it seemed it was the only place to go so he went into it.


 Serpent was falling. As he was falling he noticed that he had been falling for almost two minutes. He also noted that the sky was red. By the time 3 minutes rolled around Serpent’s fear had been replaced with curiosity. At four minutes of falling he saw the ground and next he knew, he was standing up on the ground. He looked around to see a giant gate with a sign labeled “welcome to hell.”


 Serpent walked through the gate as he noted the barren landscape, and also life in general. Though he did see a giant castle with a giant gate blocking entry. Beside it was another portal with a sign above it. While it is writer in a language they did not know it seemed to share most of the basic structure as Serpent’s own. After a bit of straining he worked out that it said, “come poor souls for you have been —— on this day of —— and —- all who wish to leave will pay the price.” While he could not make out all the words he did make out that this was where he would get out from, so he entered.


 As he entered here is was a grand hallway, with a statue of a reaper on a throne at the end. He approached the statue and examined it. He thought he had seen this person before in paintings inside the castle.


As he was pondering where he was supposed to go he heard a voice come from the statue, “I am EndMaster, ruler of hell and the afterlife alike. I assume you know why you are here, so I have a few tasks if you are going to get out. Are you ready? Well I guess you don’t have much of a choice in the matter so let’s begin.”


Get out of hell

11 days ago
I approve of this story, I guess.