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Hello I’m Serpent. I’m basically a nobody right now as I have barely posted on the forums and am most active in the discord. If anyone has any stories to recommend, tips on writing, just want to chat feel free to DM me. Also if anyone needs any proofreading I’m down. Though I’m not the best I can look at it through an objective lense


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A quiz for Potterheads! What is Ron's middle name? What's Dumbledore's full one? Which was the second Horcrux destroyed?

Don't say 'good for a first game.' It's not a game. it's a quiz. Please spare my sanity.

I know a 50-question quiz is kinda scary, but you can get 500/500 if you're a real Potterhead! (Or if you cheat, you scum!)

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Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story on 5/25/2019 12:34:40 AM

Cameron's family was very traditional. They had a list of rules that must be followed, or punishment would ensue. These punishments ranged from the softest punishment, being grounded for a month, to the most severe, getting disowned. An example of the former being talking back, an example of the latter would be have sex before marriage.


He had one sister, though used to have two before one had gotten drunk with her friends and got a DUI. After that his parents had disowned her, and the family was down to two. His father was a priest, and his mother organized all the church activities. These ranged from mission trips, to where the donations were spent. His one sister is twelve years old and is very shy. She looks up to her brother, because in the household he is the only one she can talk to about her life.


Cameron himself was sixteen, and stayed away from the house as much as possible. When they could Cameron would take his sister, Alexandra, to a spot in an old abandoned junk yard. Here they would talk and complain. They would laugh and cry. They were closer than most siblings, and though they fought that bound pressed on through the hardest times.


Cameron also did not have many friends, using most of his time out of school reading or studying. When he was not doing that he was with his sister. His parents were very strict on them not having any “vile” technology. This meant not TV, no computer, and he did not get a phone until he was fifteen. He was only allowed to call and text on his phone. Anything else was unexceptable.


Though he did not have any friends at first, at the beginning of his sophomore year he met Lily. They talked and learned they shared many common interests, mainly reading. She came from a non-religious family and was surprised at many of his stories, such as the time they locked him in the “cleansing closet” for twenty four hours, because he was found masterbating. It was a dark closet with no light and three times a day they pushed a loaf of bread and two bottles of water through a locked slot.


One day he took her to meet his sister in their hangout spot. His sister had been teasing him about it the day before when he told her about it, so he nervous she would embarrass him. Thankfully when they walked up she just laughed. After he scolded her, Lily started talking to his sister about rules in the house. After told Alexandra her that makeup was outlawed, Lily looked shocked. She went to her car and took out her makeup bag. She then proceeded to give Lily the first bottle of lipstick she had ever owned. She asked if Alexandra wanted more but she declined the offer.


It’s hard to express the joy Alexandra felt as that lipstick had been handed to her. Even though the punishment was being grounded to the house for six months, she would happily take the risk if it meant she could be normal for a change. Even if it is only by herself. After they headed back home and Lily got in her car Alexandra whispered in his ear, “Keep this one for me.”


A few weeks after this happens Cameron and Lily are officially together. Of course Cameron doesn’t tell his parents this. They would definitely reject, especially due to the fact she was not religious. Nevertheless they celebrated at the junkyard when it happened. Alexandra even on her precious lipstick for the occasion.


By the time their relationship had hit three months they hung out at the junkyard around four to five times a week. Eventually things progressed and Cameron was giving permission to go over to his, "friend's" house to study


While Cameron did go over to her house they did very little studying. They talked and watched TV. This is significant, for Cameron is not allowed TV at all so he has had very little experience with this vast new world. After awhile they got bored and started to make out.


After they finished Cameron backed away blushing and Lily sat there with a stupid grin on her face, "You know this is my first time every kissing anybody, right?" Cameron said shyly.


"What?! That's why you're so embarrassed!"


"Ya and what if I am?" He retorted.


"Don't get so worked up about it! I think it's cute."


His pride damaged he turned his head, " Okay… well I… need to get home!"


She laughed and said, "Alright, this was fun… WIMP! With that she burst out laughing, as he says nothing and leaves.


Thinking about it while driving home, he realizes that this was one of the best events of his life. Not only did he get to watch TV for the first time, he also made out with a girl for the first time. Not only that, but he got to spend an afternoon with one of his two favorite people. Besides his sister, she meant more than anyone else to him. It also might have to do with the fact that his parents would flip their shit if they knew he not only had a girlfriend, but made out with her too. The thought amused him so greatly he pondered it for a moment, for if they ever did find out he had no idea what would happen. They would not disown him, but it would be disastrous. He must keep it a secret at all costs.


Once he got home his mother were in the living room waiting for him. As he walked through the door she scowled at him.


'What is it mother? I am two minutes before my curfew."


"Well you sure did cut it close. Anyway disregarding that your father wishes for you to see him in his office. We are not pleased with you."


Confused he walked downstairs to his father's office. He had no idea what was going on, though it could not be good. He enters the room and takes a seat.


"So son, what do you have to say for yourself?' He crosses his arms matter of factly.


"I have no idea what you mean? Did I do something wrong?"


"What do you mean 'did you do something wrong'?! You have a B in physics! A B! All your life you have excelled! You have been enrolled in the highest level classes your grade offers, and you bring home a B! That's it, you will be confined to your room besides school. You will have food brought to you and have a package if water bottles to drink. This will happen for one year. Though if you get a B again… I'll make you wish you were never born! Now leave me!"


Cameron walks out of the room stunned. He had been focusing on Lily so much that his grades slipped without him knowing. He was still studying, but instead of averaging six hours on school days and ten on non school days he let them both drop to around four hours and six hours. Still respectable but enough for physics, his worst subject, to fall to a 89.3. Now he could not even be around his sister, much less Lily. Whatever is he to do about this situation.


He is in his room studying when his first story window started making noise. At first he ignored it till he realized it was Lily banging on his window.


In a frantic panic he opens it and hisses, "What are you doing here?! I told you what happened!."


"Ya I know but if we get back before dawn you can get back before they wake up. We need to show them that they can't control your life!"


"What are you suggesting?"


She smiles as she she says, "You know what I'm suggesting. Protected of course… but do you want to."


Shocked by the weight of the choice he miles it over, 'Fine, but before dawn okay?"


'Before dawn," she repeats.


The next morning they wake up to an alarm. It's still dark outside, and its four o'clock. Plenty if time to make it back. He goes out through her window, as she follows him. They go back in her car so she can drop him off and he can get back. As he climbs through his window, he notices that his light is on. He doesn't remember turning it on but turns it off, and sleeps.


The next morning at nine he wake up and he sees a note on the door. It reads "Come to the living room at ten o'clock." He thinks nothing of it and reads. When his alarm for ten goes off he enters the room to see his mom and dad on the couch, with his sister crying.


As he looks around he says, "What is going on?"


His mother shakes her head as her voice cracks, "Where were you last night. You better not lie to us, because if you do I'm going to disown you here and now!"


While it would be smarter to lie, his instincts get the better of him, "I was over at my friend Lily's house. I'm so sorry, but I just wanted to hang out." He is sounding desperate.


"What relationship do you have with this girl?"


"She is my… um… girlfriend. But we didn't do anything, I swear!"


"Okay then, we are going there now, me and you alone. Head to the car now!"


As he pulled into their driveway, he tries to calm himself down. Not even her parents know what happened last night. He is safe.

When they walked in Lily's parents were confused but Cameron's mom explained everything.


Then in the middle of it all Lily's dad bursts into anger,"So that is why we found a condom rapper in the trash! Lily you are grounded for a month. As for Cameron's mom, I am very sorry I let this happen. I will see to it Lily gets punished, as I hope you see to it that Cameron gets his." With that he and his mom walk out of the house.


It has been one month since they had their little sleepover. The process has been filled out. Cameron is no longer their son, and has been taken in by the nearest orphanage. While they are responsible for his well being he can pretty much do as he pleases, and he does such. After Lily is ungrounded he goes and sees her and apologizes to her parents, and explaining his situation to them. They sympathize with him.


"Want to know the funniest thing Lily?"




"What they thought was the ultimate punishment, was the ultimate freedom."

What are some of the best games on the site? on 5/23/2019 2:08:15 PM

I never said she didn’t and did you just waste a post correcting my grammar? 

What are some of the best games on the site? on 5/23/2019 2:06:59 PM

Well I mean inkeeper came first. While I have never read them when I read death song I was glad I read necro first. The payoff was much bigger 

What are some of the best games on the site? on 5/23/2019 2:04:20 PM

I knew you were about to come in with your Paradise violated

What are some of the best games on the site? on 5/23/2019 2:03:18 PM

Though inkeeper is a prequel to rouges so would it not bet better to start with it? Anyway necromancer is amazing as well. Read it before death song.

CYS Biographies on 5/23/2019 1:01:03 AM

Intro: Cricket is a very active site member. She is known for many things, most noteworthy of which is being EndMasters “daughter” of sorts. After her dethroning of TharaApples she has gone on to be a very active advocate for EndMasters stories. One of her most famous quotes is “Read Paradise Violated.” This is a story made by EndMaster. She also actively rates many stories, leading to her getting the very coveted role on Mizal’s discord.


Speaking of Mizal’s discord, she is very active in there constantly helping new players and harassing them to read EndMaster’s stories. Most notably Paradise Violated. While not the most active writer when she does write she can produce amazing products, as evidenced by her one story game that is up, “Sir Osis.” She is undoubtedly one of the most active reviewers as of date., with 56 commendations and 18 featured comments, she is doing better than a lot of active members.


Humble beginnings:

She has said that she had been interested in the CYOA style ever since she had found out about it though at first did not find a decent platform to read it on.


Then through a site called “TV Tropes” she found the storygame “Price of Freedom: Innocents Lost” and read a few more stories before reading Inkeeper or Ground Zero, and while she can not remember which she knows one of them set off the smoldering passion for EndMasters stories.


To quote her from a interview with EndMaster, “The way you branch your stories with each choice leading to a different path was different and way cooler than anything else I had read to that point. I found that choices I thought would kill me lead to whole new stories just as long as my first choice, and I was hooked.”


After that she spent their next few years dedicating a week or two every few months just for coming on the site and reading a couple of stories. Then in 2018 she finally made an account.


She had been active for a few months, chatting on the forum and reading enteral. After school was let out she stayed away from the site for lack of a computer, though thankfully she came back in December and saw the Mizal’s discord. With that we gained a valuable member to the site.


Reviews: One of Cricket’s more positive traits is her desire to take her time and write detailed reviews on story games. She has 18 featured reviews on several storygames. Out of everyone on the sites commendations she is ranked 20th on the site. Her reviews tend to be very detailed and thought out. As of the time of writing she has a goal to write 100 reviews by the end of the year.


EndMaster: While she may write good reviews she is most known for being EndMaster’s daughter, and loyal advocate. Giving her behavior it seems her primary purpose is to make people read EndMaster’s stories.


Even though she loves all of them with a passion she does have a few favorites. Here is a personal quote from Cricket herself when asked about her favorite EndMaster stories, “Ground Zero --Because it is awesome and one of the biggest reasons I am here today

Paradise Violated --One of a rather small number of sci-fi stories in space that I really like.  I have read it several times, (probably more than any other story on the site) and it never gets old.  

Necromancer and Death Song --I consider these two probably the best stories on the site.”


Discord: Mizal’s discord is a place where you can almost always find Cricket. She never sleeps so don’t worry about missing her. She is easy to get along with if you don’t act like too much of a retard. She can often be found placing emojis under people’s messages and can be found in most conversations with some kind of comment.


Backstory: While this is not something that has been discussed, Cricket’s past is something that has had many theories revolving around it. I’m here with my very own.


You see Cricket lived in a dense are full of things that stretched fall above her height. They were almost like giant green towers. Her family also lived by a giant yellow sweet thing they used to feed off of. It has this creamy type filling in the middle.


Everyone in the neighborhood shared this thing as their primary food source, until one day a giant’s hand swooped in and carries the yellow thing away, killing a lot of Crickets friends. She was devastated. Not only were her closest friends dead she was going hungry. One day in the middle of the day, when her parents were sleeping she left without a sound. She was out on her own, she was going to find her own food.


Though sadly this was tough. She was going hungry when one day she saw a light. It was inside a giant wooden barrier. She went inside for it to shut behind her. She was trapped. As she spent her days eating scraps she was satisfied.


Though one day she heard the sound of blades chopping down the green towers. She peered through the doors to see them all gone. She survived for where she love but just saw cut strips. Flooded with hatred she summoned all her will power and looked at the child above her. Their minds merged as Cricket took control.


Now it is said she can not even remember her days as a Cricket. Though she always be one at heart.


Conclusion: They say no matter how good a writer you are it is just as important to read and review others work to improve your own and help others improve. Cricket shows this perfectly, with her willingness to help and the effort she puts in to help others is astounding. Even though she may have not wrote very many stories, she is serving an equally important service. She is improving herself, and helping others at the same time.


IM GONNA MCFRICKEN DUNK YA on 5/22/2019 7:02:37 PM

If you don’t believe I lost WiFi I did, though I will admit I should have done it before 

IM GONNA MCFRICKEN DUNK YA on 5/22/2019 6:51:44 PM

While assume you are referring to me, I lost WiFi again after my last message yesterday. I assume I was kicked because I did not do the task and was going to do that and the other one today.

Duel! Kind of! on 5/21/2019 9:27:14 AM

Wow, chicken. I’m in the same thing. It’s 500 words. No more than an hour of your time or two if your super slow

Dystopia on 5/21/2019 9:25:19 AM

Rank them