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The Outsiders

11 days ago

Has anyone read the outsiders by S.E Hinton great book I recommend  to all. It is about a boy growing up in a bad neighborhood always looking out for his family. It's a classic for the whole family.

The Outsiders

2 days ago

I liked it. I remember S.E. Hinton got really mad about fanfic writers though, tweeting or someth'n about how "I'm a straight writer and I write about straight people RAAAH!!" or something along those lines. Haha, S.E. Hinton, trying to stop tumblr.

All her other books are pretty similar: Boys boys boys, dreamy kid dies (Or gets a bad acid trip, maybe). Super fun. Ooh! UNCUT version of the Outsiders movie is superior, just say'n. There's just something fun about 1960's shiny-haired hoodlum youth, knifing up entire neighborhoods that really stick with ya. Sounds kinda cynical, but it was great.