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Story Maps

one year ago

No, not actual maps, because I’m crap at drawing anything. More like general directions (General mainly because my sense of direction isn’t the greatest either).

This came up recently in conversation so I’m consolidating it in case anyone was interested. Or for some strange reason wants to draw it.


It should be as follows:

Main continent: Evigrus

Quala province- Heart of the Empire

Rask province- North of Quala. (Other directions from here are mostly impassible mountains or at least to the point where you couldn't march an army over them)

Arat province- West of Quala (Closest to the Felkan Kingdom)

Delerg province- East of Quala

Going further east is deeper jungle to the point where the jungle is actually hostile and attempting to block you. There are also pygmies and stranger creatures deeper in the jungle too, Going north leads to a large body of water. Going south eventually leads to the "untamed" bit of Nalin where there are 4 warring tribes.

Nalin province- South of Quala

As already mentioned above, going east from here would lead to the untamed bit of Nalin, (Called “Naleen” in some paths) further east is an ocean. South is the Usksha desert. I never do clarify what lies west. Let's just say a large body of water.

Usksha desert- South of Nalin (Nothing here except Usksha nomads, their giant lizards, sand worms and other dangerous creatures)

Felkan Kingdom- West of Arat

The Felkan Kingdom also has three named provinces as well: Tral, Gan, and Ibim.

Tral is the heart of the Felkan Kingdom
Gan would be the closest to the Empire (The Arat province)
Ibim is the farthest west and bordering on the gnoll territory

Farther west, past the gnoll territory lies a mixture of untamed land with no major central government.

Here you find:

The Children of Tor who are a loose confederation of centaurs, minotaurs, and other beast like people who  just live off the land and are nomadic, but have a big presence.

A lot of small isolated towns and villages.

The Broki Kingdom which is more southwest when coming from the direction of Empire territory (And directly south of the Children of Tor) This is a crappy kingdom that is constantly in a state of a multiple side civil war by its barons and a king desperately trying to keep it unified. Not nearly as large, let alone as powerful as the Felkan Kingdom.

Farther south from the Broki Kingdom are a bunch of independent city states.

Further south of that is the big mountain city that the gnomes ultimately flee to in one path. (New Dessle) It’s probably the furthest point south of any major importance. Further south than that is again just ocean.

Farthest west past the Children of Tor territory is a mountain range and then the nation of Nakol which leans more towards having more land mass on the southern end rather than the northern end as well. (Certainly doesn't have anything approaching Rask latitude)

Nyttrus is a continent east of Evigrus, but given its more tropical climate, it can probably be thought of being slightly south-east of Evigrus. The Iznac live here.

Dokkrus is a continent far west of Evigrus which is the original homeland of Svelk (Dark elves).

The Island of Mortos can be thought of being somewhere north and east of Dokkrus. Its hidden and blocked by magic so you can’t get there by normal means though.

And since we’re doing that, here’s the others:

Necromancer & Death Song

(All the mentioned locations I can think of in that world)


Dross Tribes - SE of Aftermath
Brot Kingdom - E of Drozz (and a little north)
Azi Republic - N of Brot Kingdom
Dwarves Clan - N of Aftermath (and a little E)
Velzix’s Realm - N of the Dwarves Clan
Rostov’s Secret Fortress - FAR N of Velzix’s Realm. Actually its in the mountains and fairly hidden
Garwold Confederacy - N of Azi (and a little E)
Zalan Empire - N of Garwold
Retlad Province - E of Zalan Empire
Pixie Forest - N of Retlad

North of the Pixie forest is where the bard eventually heads to until the Necromancer finally gets him. In the scheme of things, he was at the farthest corner of the continent in comparison to Aftermath in the end.

Ground Zero

(All the major locations I can think of)

General Store - NW of Home
Cinderville - NW of General Store
Experimental Shelter 23 - SW of Home (The other shelters you speak to are probably further west, south or some combo there of)
Fort Justice Compound - NE of Home (Far)
Fort Pandora -NW of Fort Justice
Eden - W of Fort Pandora
Ashtown - W of Eden (and slightly N)
New Haven Shelter - W of Ashtown
Lost Springs - NE of Fort Justice (Actually fairly hidden though)

Zeropolis - SE of Home and S of Fort Justice Compound (Far from both)

However since this is in the same world, that brings us to…

Suzy’s Strange Saga

Suzy’s Small Town

The Gray Building is far east of the town

Leslie and Lilith Morningstar have their home south of the town

The Morningstar Compound is far north of the town.

The Trailer Park where Mel is located is west of the town.

Further west of the trailer park is the traveling carnival

West of the carnival is where Mel’s cousin Clem has his farm

Even farther west of the farm is a truck stop

Going even farther west is where Fort Timons is, which will get nuked into oblivion.

Security City is also located in this area which will become Zeropolis after it gets nuked.

Story Maps

one year ago
Ooh, pretty nifty! Now you can have more accurate fan-made maps haha!

Story Maps

6 months ago


Story Maps

6 months ago
If it doesn't go away on its own you should get it checked out by a doctor.